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Reasons to Choose Zimbra Email Hosting for your Business

Reasons to Choose Zimbra Email Hosting for your Business

You will find that emails remain the most cost-effective forms of communication for businesses. Emails are needed for day-to-day functioning of the business and for planning purposes. For smaller businesses too, emails are valuable because they are an easy and affordable way of facilitating team work. To manage the huge volumes of emails each day, businesses opt for email hosting services. The professional email hosting servers will be responsible for receiving and sending emails to client servers. Zimbra email hosting services are chosen primarily because of the many benefits which it offers.

Zimbra email hosting services are popular because of the simplicity and flexibility that it offers to enterprises. Zimbra makes it super easy for them to manage emails, calendars and contacts, share and manage files and documents. Zimbra is also popular because of its desktop synchronization feature that gives users mobility to work on any device connected to the Internet. So, when you are looking for better functionality or higher reliability from a professional email hosting service, you should put your faith in Zimbra. Unlike other email services, you are not required to be at your desk to be able to access or edit or reply to emails. You can reply to mails and edit calendars, managed work schedules etc from even a smartphone or laptop.

Why should you choose Zimbra email hosting services?

1. Spam Control: One of the main reasons to choose Zimbra email hosting is that it will help you to stay away from spam mails. Simply sorting through bulks of emails and deleting the spam emails is a time-consuming, tedious and cumbersome task. Employees in any organization would be wasting a lot of effort and time taking care of this. To help them Zimbra email hosting offer built-in spam filters. These are designed to locate and eliminate spam emails. Users do not have to read through these emails at all, saving them a lot of time. They will only have to configure the settings of these spam filters to make sure that malicious emails do not find a way into your mailboxes.

2. Creating Calendars: All teams working on the same project should be able to communicate with one another at all times. They must be aware of appointments, project deadlines and delivery schedules. Zimbra email hosting services helps managers of projects to ensure there is better coordination amongst team members. So, managers can now create calendars and even share this with team members to make sure everyone is updated.

3. Backups: With Zimbra email hosting, you can also enjoy backups of significant emails. Without proper backup plans in place, you stand to lose valuable data whenever the system crashes. This is why Zimbra email hosting solutions allow you to enjoy their backup feature. You can talk to your Zimbra email hosting provider about this feature. You need to find out how frequently backups will be carried out and how much data can be backed up before you sign up with them.

4. Document Storage: The best part about choosing Zimbra email hosting services is that you can enjoy document storage without any limitations. You can manage documents better as a result; it is possible to access these even when you are traveling.

5. Mobile Synchronization: Zimbra email hosting provides better centralization as businesses can now share and manage calendars and tasks. The mobile synchronization feature ensures that your contacts, calendars and inboxes are always in sync with your smartphones, whether you use an iPhone or Android.

6. Local Archiving: Emails are stored locally and this allows businesses to retrieve their emails, contacts and calendars at any time from Microsoft Outlook and such other programs.

7. Affordability: Zimbra offers many benefits to businesses at affordable prices. You will not need any specialized hardware or software to enjoy Zimbra email hosting solutions.

8. No Data Loss: The backend structure is also managed efficiently and chances of data loss or email loss are low even if there is an outage. Incidentally, even if the client facility is unable to salvage the email accounts, employees can themselves do this from their mobile phones and laptops. That apart, Zimbra also makes use of enterprise-level security measures like firewalls, anti-spam and anti-virus systems and anti-phishing filters to prevent security breaches.

9. Compatibility: Another significant advantage of choosing Zimbra email hosting is that it is compatible with many browsers and devices. You will not need a particular browser for Zimbra to become functional. You can simply install the Zimbra suite without worrying whether it will be compatible with your existing browsers and devices.

These are some of the key benefits offered by Zimbra email hosting services. With Zimbra, your employees are able to manage their mailboxes far better. They save precious time and money in the process. You can even get customized services if you get in touch with your Zimbra provider.

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Key Factors to be Considered while Choosing a DR Colocation Provider

Key Factors to be Considered while Choosing a DR Colocation Provider

Just like any other service category in web hosting, selection of a colocation hosting provider for the facility of disaster recovery is an extremely overwhelming process. It is therefore essential to gain in-depth knowledge about the key parameters that are required to be fulfilled by the colocation host that is being chosen to handle disaster recovery.

Importance of DR colocation facility

General considerations about data center DR would be centered around availability of remote facilities Modern businesses are offered a wide spectrum of choice for gaining ability of Disaster Recovery including sophisticated cloud solutions, managed colocation hosting or non-hosted colocation to name a few. Ultimate selection of the option would depend upon actual capabilities and requirements of businesses.

Enabling data centers for efficient management of unexpected events is one of the most crucial and intricate aspects of planning, as far as IT infrastructure management is concerned. This encompasses protection of data centers against severe damage to facilities and colocation is found to be an ideal choice for remote replication of onsite data center resource. Such facility of DR colocation offers assured protection without disrupting ongoing operations.

One needs to take into account two vital aspects that influence choice of a DR colocation facility.

Important prerequisites of DR colocation facility

One must understand that the most significant requirement for any DR facility is its seamless availability. Other important factors include economical, political, and geological stability of the DR facility. In addition to this, you should also consider availability of proficient technical manpower by checking out number of IT institutions and overall development of IT industry in the region.

This should be supported by well-established network of utilities including power distribution companies, reliability of on-premise power generation resources, and redundancy of connectivity options among others.

Security of the DR colocation data center should be a prime consideration since the business data must be perpetually online even if the physical hardware ceases to operate. This calls for securing physical facilities of server colocation facility by implementation of adequate security measures to prevent unauthorized access to areas including data center building and hardware storage areas.

You should be in a position to call responsible service executives by knowing the SOP for escalation and who is in charge of support services. Even if you have the most impeccable colocation facility, lack of proper and responsive technical support will significantly impact its ability. Business history of the colocation provider in terms of change of ownership should also be taken into account to understand positive effect of long term stability of management.

Since your colocation provider has power of keeping your business online in the event of a disaster, you should consider all important factors that facilitate security and online availability of the provider. It is obvious that any untoward incidence that impacts operation of your DR colocation host is ultimately going to hamper prospects of your business in addition to aspects of regulatory compliance.

Responsibility of checking performance criteria and other technical aspects of colocation provider needs to be shouldered equally by businesses, since the online operations depend solely on the colocation facility in the event of any disaster. You should also understand that actual responsibility of the host is only limited to compensate for downtime and you as a business owner will bear the brunt of lost business and reputation.

Proximity of colocation host to your main IT infrastructure facility

The optimum distance between your main data center and proposed facility of Disaster Recovery colocation center largely depends upon the nature of disaster that is being considered. If you are looking forward to secure your facility against localized disasters such as fire or facility damage, then it is better to choose an affordable colocation facility, which is situated close to your main premises.

In contrast, if you are anticipating a major act of God that will cover a large geographical area such as floods, tornadoes, or earthquakes, then your facility for DR colocation must be safely ensconced far away from your main facility. However, you need to take into account the effect of latency as well, since the distance plays a major role while moving data across the network from main site to colocation DR facility.

There are multiple issues including network bottlenecks and levels of ISP traffic that can severely impact user experience. However, if your business is dealing with general or asynchronous business applications, then the issue of latency need not be a major deciding factor for moving colocation DR facility farther away from your IT facility.

Latency can however be a significant parameter for operating real-time or transactional workloads such as payment processing, service portals, and other interactive services. It is therefore vital to consider all aspects of your business and the nature of anticipated disaster while selecting a DR colocation facility for optimum protection with minimum latency. Moreover, the distance between the two facilities can be a major issue for staff movement in the event of disaster. 

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Things SMEs Ought to Check When Choosing VPS Hosting

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the most benefitted from VPS hosting because this web hosting solution allows them to enjoy almost all the benefits of dedicated hosting minus the high costs. But, at the same time, SMEs need to be careful when choosing a VPS hosting provider. It is natural for businesses to get carried away by low prices of VPS plans. But the truth is that many of the web hosts offering these plans may not be offering good technical supports and the SMEs will find themselves struggling to resolve technical glitches every step of the way. Considering these factors may help them to make a good choice when it comes to Choosing a Good VPS Hosting Provider:

  • To start with, SMEs must look for a provider that can guarantee them stability and reliability. Without a high uptime guarantee, their site is likely to face downtimes which may lead to revenue losses. When the site slows down, visitors are likely to navigate the site and go elsewhere. A good web host will ensure that their technical issues are resolved before the site slows down and visitors abandon it. So, SMEs should ideally review the Service Level Agreements to be sure their host is reliable and trustworthy.
  • Small and medium sized businesses have to check for loading times before they sign up with any web host. The time taken by the web pages to load is a crucial factor for the success of any website. It is also one of the most important factors which Google and other search engines take into account when making website rankings. Therefore, when SMEs choose a web host for VPS hosting, they must consider the page loading times to be sure that their clients have a satisfying site experience.
  • For the SMEs, considering the technical supports offered by the web host is a very important factor before they sign on the dotted line. Regardless of how attractive the hosting features are, they are useless without round-the-clock technical supports through chats, emails and phone calls. So, when there is a technical problem, the host must be available to troubleshoot it as fast as possible. The slightest delay by the web host can spell a disaster for the revenues of the small businesses which work on a limited budget.
  • When the smaller businesses start to expand, they are likely to need more resources than they did earlier. This is when the web hosting provider should step forward to arrange these for them. This means that the VPS hosting plans they choose should be scalable to accommodate additional resources if needed.
  • Finally, besides the costs, all small or medium sized enterprises need to check the experience of the hosting provider. Only when the web host has been in the industry for many years can it be trusted. When they have had a long history of experience, small businesses can expect to get more visitors.

These are some of the important things that SMEs need to verify before they sign up for VPS plans with just any Web Hosting Provider. VPS hosting is supposed to give them root access to the server so that they can tweak its settings to suit their objectives. This implies that VPS hosting works almost like a middle path between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. This also makes it ideally suited for companies which need more resources than what shared hosting can offer, but do not yet have the experience or the funds to afford the costly dedicated hosting plans. It is for this reason that SMEs must choose their VPS hosts with a lot of caution.

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Compelling Attributes of Virtual Work Environments

Since the importance of balancing one’s personal life and work environment is gaining unprecedented attention in today’s fast paced world, it is observed that many organizations are allowing their employees to work from home.

There are many advantages of using virtual work environments and reduced need of commuting to workplace is one of these. Travelling to workplace leads to physical fatigue resulting in reduced productivity, lost work hours, and loss of personal time. Whereas virtual work environments help employees save travelling time, that can be devoted to the family and for personal development.

Finding smart alternatives to office meetings

No business can operate without meetings. It is found that meetings consume considerable time of employees and on many occasions these are reduced to mundane and unproductive activities. Meetings can also lead to increased overheads including travelling and accommodation expenses of outstation employees, venue charges, refreshments, and other arrangements.

In sharp contrast to these meetings, businesses are shifting to online meetings that offer a plethora of advantages over face to face meetings. Smart meeting applications can transform the time consuming and rigorous office meetings into automated and result oriented group interactions. These online meetings can be scheduled vary easily without any constraints of overheads and travelling.

Simplify team collaborations

Geographically dispersed teams that work on same projects can effectively share their work or files by using virtual real time collaboration applications. The complicated task of bringing all members of team on a single platform can be significantly simplified by obviating the need to create, edit, save, and send files back and forth via emails. It also reduces the time spent in going through the mail trail.

Smart file sharing tools facilitate number of users from different locations to edit or create files without need for emailing. Users are able to work simultaneously on files in a protected environment. The auto save options provided by these file sharing tools also prevent loss of any work. Moreover, users are also able to track changes in files as per real time.

Improving work efficiency by using uniform tools

Travelling to work can consume considerable time and energy and may lead to reduced productivity. Sophisticated mobile applications and smart use of smart-phones can enhance efficiency and simplicity in variety of business processes.

Mitigate stress of saving large files

Saving large files while on the go can be a daunting task due to limitations of handheld devices such as smartphones or tabs. Such tasks often lead to dividing the files or compromising your data. However, you can use sophisticated applications that can help you save data on cloud. Files up to 1 TB can also be easily saved without any stress or loss of time.

Safe email access

Email communications are lifeblood of businesses. Using business email on the go exposes your confidential information or business data to a range of threats and vulnerabilities. You can secure your business emails by using professional business email accounts that grant secure access to your email communications from any location.

Distinct advantages of virtual work environments

Employees and teams can enjoy freedom of choosing their work schedules according their priorities. There is a considerable amount of flexibility as well as autonomy as far as individual time management is concerned.

It is easy to access the office environment from any global location without having to be physically present at a particular place. Entrepreneurs operate businesses at different branch locations without need to travel across to log distance locations. This not only saves time but also money involved in travelling and accommodation.

No place can be as comfortable as one’s own home. It is found that workloads can be accomplished faster if employees are allowed to work from home. Add to this the freedom from everyday commuting and the associated stress and you will appreciate why many modern organizations are encouraging people to work from their places of choice. It can be projected that future entrepreneurs will be able to save huge real estate investments if all employees are contributing their work from their respective homes.

Virtual work environments- challenges

In spite of the broad assortment of advantages, there are few challenges faced by individuals that are part of virtual teams.

It is essential to establish cordial relationships between team members by humanization of virtual medium because there is an absence of face to face contact. There is always a possibility of unforeseen changes of work environment leading top feeling of instability. This underlines need to implement effective change management policies.

There is also a possibility of fatigue as a result of unending hours spent in front of computer screens. It is advised that some sort of positive motivation is provided to team members to deal with work related stress.

In addition to this, every member of team needs to strike the right balance between work and personal life so that neither of these can encroach into each other’s territory.

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Read These Fundamental Etiquettes before Writing E-mail Communications

Studies and surveys have confirmed that every employee spends considerable time in reading and replying mails every day. In spite of prolonged use of email as a medium for communication, it is surprising that majority of professionals are not making proper use of the facility. Simple email errors can lead to irreparable damage to relationships or can seriously impact business.

Most of the common email errors can be attributed to the huge volume of mails that are being handled by individuals. There is always a possibility of overlooking the basic etiquettes due to sheer workload of attending to hundreds of mails. In the following discussion, you will be able to understand simple and practical guidelines while writing emails in a business environment.


Clarity of subject line- Your recipient must be able to develop an unambiguous understanding about the subject line of your email. Crisp and to the point subject line is an important feature of every email that motivates the reader to open the mail. It has been observed that recipients read the subject line before opening the mail and an unclear subject line may prompt the reader to postpone opening of the mail.

Mind your address- Professional mails must be sent from professional address. Never use a personal address to send a professional communication to your prospective client or any other business associate. Professional email address imparts a sense of urgency as well as authenticity to your mail. The recipient is more prone to attend to emails sent from professional email addresses.

While creating your professional email address you must include your name for ease of identification. Your professional email address should read as ‘[email protected]’ it may also include your position such as ‘[email protected]’. Use of your position in email address is preferred to maintain consistency of the address even if a particular person is replaced.

Pause before hitting ‘reply all’- It is highly irksome to receive copies of emails that may not be relevant to you. Therefore, you need to think twice before marking your reply to all. Ideally, you should spend a moment to ensure that every recipient has relevance to the subject matter and deserves to be included in the list of recipients.

Inclusion of a signature block- A signature bock is nothing but your e-visiting card. It provides vital information about your position, telephone number, and other components of contact information to facilitate recipients to contact you without any hassles. The font and type size should be uniformly maintained throughout the mail to avoid distraction and boost natural flow of the email.

Always use classic fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial and keep the font size as 12 to make sure that the message can be read with ease.

Maintain professionalism while addressing recipient- Use of informal expressions such as ‘hey’ or ‘Hi buddy’ will degrade the professional standard of your email communication. It would be a better choice to use ‘hi’ or ’hello’ instead. The basic idea is to maintain a professional distance without getting personal. Hence use of short names such as Mike or Johnny should be strictly avoided.

Keep emotions at bay- Professional emails should not be stuffed with exclamation marks. Use these only if you must. It is a natural human tendency to get emotional while expressing oneself. However a professional communication needs to be straightforward. You may make an exceptional use of an exclamation mark to communicate your excitement about certain development.

Same rule applies to use of humor in an email communication that is aimed to be a professional one. Humor can get distorted and can convey personal undertones. A seemingly innocent witty or humorous statement can imply radically different meaning when it is written down. The best way is to shun humorous statements in professional communications.

Understanding cultural diversity- People from different countries have different ways of communicating with their overseas business associates. High context culture refers to countries such as UAE, Japan, and China while low context culture is associated with western countries. If you are dealing with customers with high context cultural background, then you need to know that these individuals prefer to be personal in their communications unlike associates from low context cultural background who prefer to get down to business swiftly.

Never ever fail to reply- Each and every email that is addressed to you should be replied as soon as possible, particularly if the sender is looking forward to your reply. In case the mail has been marked to you by oversight, then you need to reply by pointing out that the mail is not intended for you so that the sender will arrange to send the mail to the right person.

Read before you send- Proofreading your mail is a good habit. Even if you have committed a mistake unknowingly, your recipient will not fail to notice the same. You may cultivate a habit of reading your message loudly to be doubly sure about the flawlessness of the same.

There is always a possibility of the message being sent accidentally before you have finished proofreading it. The best way to avoid such an embarrassment is to enter the recipient’s address only when you have checked your message. It is also advisable to recheck the recipients’ addresses.

Play safe and be polite- Electronic messages are easy to be shared and this may cause you great harm if you have written some unpalatable things that are not supposed to be read by others. Hence, it is always better to play safe by assuming that your message is going be read by everyone.

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How Drupal Hosting Can Boost Your Business

Drupal hosting seeks to host Drupal which is a popular Content Management System or CMS that simplifies content management online for users. It runs thousands of websites all across the globe and offers inherent advantages of cost, security, freedom, flexibility and reliability. You can download Drupal free of cost from the website This means that there is no vendor lock-in and users worldwide are free to monitor its underlying code for security and compliance issues. Drupal 8 is perhaps the globe’s leading CMS today which allows you to organize content; it manages and distributes content to millions of users and allows organizations to build better websites.

Which features of Drupal hosting can benefit your business?

• Faster Editing: Editing on the Drupal 8 is much faster than earlier; it is also easy and hassle-free. Using the WYSIWYG editor, it gives in-line as well as in-context editing features. This is particularly beneficial for managing and editing content on sites. Content authoring lets users become more proficient and this leads to quicker work flow. Data entry work is also much easier on the Drupal 8.

• Innovation: Innovations are a must in a competitive world as ours and this will make or break any business. Drupal 8 has been designed to offer fully-responsive and out-of-the-box solutions. You are free to use this CMS to offer experiences on web browsers, smartphones or tablets; access content and data anywhere. Buyers need websites to be more responsive to their changing demands; every business has to strive to be better and faster, more helpful to its customers and more engaged. When you fail to innovate, you will invariably lose out in the cutthroat competition. Drupal 8 scores in this respect because it is structured to work across all devices.

• Flexible Content Delivery: Drupal 8 allow you to build and distribute content as service to any device or channel. This platform has a unique architecture which can support multiple languages; it also has the power to manage the translated content more precisely. Its interface is also easily customizable in multiple languages and it will also support language translations.

• Integration: A major reason why Drupal 8 is preferred by modern businesses is because it enables greater integration with multiple technologies. So, it gives you the freedom to select your preferred technology as far as marketing software or any other software is concerned. Integrations are vital in any growing digital ecosystem for better marketing. In this sense, Drupal happens to be an excellent base for managing web content and digital experiences as it paves the way for integrations with the finest technologies.

• Better Compatibility: The Drupal default doctype has been altered to HTML5 from XHTML to make the websites more compatible and functional with multiple mobile devices. This apart, Drupal 8 will also support geo-locations, video and audio features.

• Drupal 8 + Twig: The Twig is a secure, fast and flexible template engine and its integration with this CMS has reduced coding needed to organize themes.

• Speed: With Drupal hosting, businesses can benefit from greater speed which brings forth newer possibilities. Drupal’s open-source nature has opened the doors for a new age of digital experiences and companies can become much faster with anything that they plan to do. An open-source nature allows you to grow, change and build whatever you want to and whenever you want to.

• Scalability: With Drupal 8, your organization can adapt itself faster to changing demands and widen its focus. This is why small and large businesses use the Drupal 8 to innovate and grow, as well as push their dreams forward. Drupal 8 lets you create any sort of digital experience you wish to, without parameters and restrictions. It calls for newer ideas and self-paced progress; it will not lock you into a single process.

• Community: The Drupal Community happens to be one of the biggest reasons why this CMS is so popular; this community has been growing for the past 15 years and more than 3000 individuals contributed to this CMS. This community supports thousands of developers who are trying to build their digital experiences through Drupal hosting; they have always supported, updated and enhanced this platform.

These are some of the key benefits of using Drupal 8 for your business purposes. There are several other advantages like better security, higher accessibility, SEO friendliness etc and because this is a relatively new platform, the benefits will only keep growing. When you have decided to use Drupal 8, it is time to look for a reliable provider of Drupal hosting. You can even choose a 14-day demo free of cost with a single-click installation. When looking for a provider for Drupal hosting, you must take into account factors like costs, uptime guarantees, compatibility etc.

Choosing the Best Value Hosting; Shared, VPS or Dedicated Server

If you are developing a site and need an effective web hosting solution, the market offers primarily three choices; shared hoisting, VPS or dedicated.

It is not always an easy task to choose the right hosting plan. Companies that value time and money know that by choosing the right hosting plan and the provider they have won 50% of the battle.

Choosing the Best Value Hosting; Shared, VPS, or Dedicated Server

But how do you go about it?

Before making the right choice you must clearly understand how a hosting plan can benefit you, and for that the objectives and the requirements of the website must be planned in advance.

If you are a startup, you would like to choose one from among the cheap web hosting plans.

This is fine, because you are not keen to spend a lot upfront. Plenty of websites and blogs run fine on cost effective web hosting plans.

But remember, with cheap hosting you are likely to get cheap quality service.
And if you want support for PHP & MySQL scripts you may need to open your pockets a bit more. It is however possible that you can get most of the features you need at a low price when a reputable hosting company offers discount or a promo on a standard plan.

Let us come to basics first.

Are you planning to run a blog? Or setup a business site? Or do want a website just for displaying your photos?

Among the server options, shared hosting is the most popular hosting plan. It is affordable and the best entry level option. Moreover it is easy to use and setup, and also it is not necessary for the user to be tech savvy.

The good news is if you want to be within a budget and still craft a professional website with the latest web applications, shared hosting may be the way to go.

Simply put, in shared hosting resources from a server are shared among several clients, each having its own domain name.

Is shared hosting the right option for you?

If it is a startup business or a blog, a shared plan may make sense because:

  • You are not likely to attract a huge number of visitors
  • The images and the content you produce are not likely to require huge space.

In other words in a shared hosting plan you are sharing resources like data, CPU, memory and disk space with other entities.

On a long term basis, if the base situation of either your business or blog does not undergo any major shifts, then shared hosting is your partner for life.

In actuality, this is not the case for many a user.

More often than not, with time, users want a qualitative shift in their hosting needs.
You can be one of them.

Such a situation arises when your site outgrows the power of share hosting.

When business picks up a great deal or when your blog visitors spike, you will want more server resources and better control over the hosting environment.

The answer in such a scenario is to go for VPS, or Virtual Private Server.

In a VPS environment, a virtualized portion of a server with allocated resources is offered to the client.

What does this mean for you?

With a virtualized compartment allotted dedicatedly to you, other websites on the server will not affect your performance.

In simple terms, with VPS Server, each website resides in an isolated environment with adequate resources to perform various functions. It is the golden mean between shared and dedicated.

One compelling advantage clients get with VPS is root access. Root access is administrative permission to access and edit all files and content on your server, and if necessary install or uninstall programs as per your choice.

But remember, even with VPS Server you are not on a pedestal. You are still getting only part of a server, which means several fine adjustments are not possible. If you want complete control over the server right down to changing components of the core software or hardware , it time to upgrade further.

This means, the next step is dedicated server.

With a dedicated server you get all of the hardware on the server, and all the resources are your own.

This translates into owning a server having very specific configuration as per your needs. You can also install special software and fine tune your hardware to run it with the best possible performance.

But such an arrangement is not without it cons.

  • With a dedicated server you must have help or skill at hand that has formidable server skills. Otherwise you have to pay more for managed dedicated server plans.
  • A dedicated hosting plan itself is pricier than VPS

Before you hop in to a dedicated server plan, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Does my site traffic experience high volumes in excess of say 400, 000 page views a month?
  • Do I really need to spend CAPEX on highly specialized hardware?

The fact is VPS suits many business requirements. Go for a dedicated server only if your business is generating enough money to cover the costs of dedicated server.


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Time to move from email to other modern communication tools

Email communication has been around for a long period of almost five decades and has almost reached a saturation point. It is one of the most commonly used medium of communications by businesses around the globe. Business emails contribute around 60 percent to the total number of mails sent on a daily basis.Email-Logo

Email- on the verge of saturation

Email has achieved the status of default medium to send business communications. Although there have been attempts to improve the effectiveness of email communications, basic flaws continue to raise doubts about the future of this medium of communication.

Huge volumes of email communications and a growing number of spam and unsolicited mails have been consistently devaluing this medium of communication. In the modern and fast pace world, emails do not offer much needed collaboration and speed and therefore not suitable as an efficient medium for new age communications.

If you send an email communication to an individual, it will be part of a large number of mails that are already there in his inbox. Your poor mail will be passively waiting for the recipient’s attention.

In the meantime you have no clue about the fate of your mail till you receive any response. Senders are not even aware whether their mails have been opened or not. It is estimated that an inbox receives around hundred emails on a daily basis. Most of the mails we receive belong to the categories of CCs and spam mails.

Some over-enthusiastic individuals send bulky attachments that can lead to unexpected bandwidth consumption and excessive use of storage. Deleting such mails can be an overwhelming task. Emails cannot provide facilities of group conversations or online meetings.

We can observe that majority of time in office is spent on checking email communications and more than half of those communications are insignificant. Unless you clear your inbox of such clutter, things will go out of your hands sooner than you could expect. Hence one has to frequently delete such unwanted mails.

Need for smarter and faster communications

One needs to look for alternative modes of communications to overcome these limitations of email. Thankfully, there is a plethora of high-end tools that cannot only compliment the all pervasive email communication model but also add value to it due to certain smart features.

Business communications can be boosted with the help of instant messaging capabilities of Microsoft Skype. It is loaded with striking features of video conferencing, sharing of documents and screen, recording of live status, and many more.

Skype- Instant messaging and much more

Skype is primarily designed for delivering instant messaging. It facilitates the establishment of a private social network for an enterprise that has ability to connect all employees working for that enterprise. It helps reduce load on email communications due its feature of quick chat with employees.

You need not make potential employees to travel long distance for attending interviews. Skype can be used for a face to face interview with candidates, thus saving time, expenditure, and hassles of travelling.

Online meetings, conference, video sharing, and web conferences can be conducted instantly with Audio and Video online meetings facility provided by Skype. You can also track live status of your employees and get real time information about whether a particular teammate is busy, off-work, or available. Skype is able to sync with email or calendar and lets you know whether the employee is available at a particular date and time or not.

Storage in cloud with Go4hosting

With Cloud products like Go4hosting, you can forget all your worries about file storage and sharing. One Drive is a cloud storage solution developed. It empowers you with 5GB  of free data storage capacity that is more than enough for a small or medium business.

Go4hosting also facilitates easy sharing of files and hassle-free access from any location around the world. All you need is an internet-enabled device such as a phone and tablet.

Improving business productivity

There are examples galore, wherein the enterprises could enhance their productivity by reducing their dependence on email communications. Time is ripe for every entrepreneur to think of social software as an alternative medium of business communication. You can expect a multi fold rise in productivity and make your employees more agile and focused.

With advanced communication management software, you can also add a competitive edge to your business. Email platform can be used as a notifying medium about the ongoing conversations on social platforms. You can click the concerned link and instantly join the discussion.

Modern social communication software provides a dashboard to trace the communications and relieves users from painful email search. The modern tools of communications also help store, access, and retrieve documents more easily than email platforms.

Technological advances, and accelerated pace of work as well as life are forcing individuals and businessmen to reduce their dependency on traditional email communications. Instead they are relying more on cutting edge email management software and social software that improve collaboration and work efficiency.

Cloud Storage Offers Better Security and Accessibility

Cloud services and cloud storage providers offer valuable services and IT solutions to  businesses of all types and sizes.  From storage to software installation to security, cloud services are taking the web hosting world by a storm.  Modern organizations operating in a highly complex and dynamic business environment can immensely benefit from comprehensive cloud services—hosted applications, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS),  Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) among other things—but the actual transition often begins with data storage needs.

All businesses, small or large, are increasingly making use of online cloud storage for their data storage and retrieval needs.  This factor becomes more pronounced for smaller companies who lack the resources to maintain an IT infrastructure which can securely store their sensitive data in their own data centers.

From the flexibility they get of accessing their data anytime and from anywhere to increased cooperation and productivity, not to mention additional security, cloud storage offers a host of distinct advantages.

In the following paragraphs we shall look at different important features and benefits offered by cloud storage that makes such an attractive option for storing digital data.

Cloud Storage


Cloud storage—what is it?

Cloud storage is a service where data is remotely stored, managed and backed up by servers belonging to the online cloud storage service provider. Quality service providers offer the option of securely transmitting data and receiving them via a public network like Internet. Files and documents are stored online and they can be accessed from anywhere with the help of an internet connection.

Research reports and studies conducted by leading organizations is a strong pointer towards the fast growing popularity of cloud storage and the heightened prominence they are going to achieve in near future.

With increased demand in Cloud, an estimate reveals that by 2017, public cloud services will exceed $240 billion.

Keeping all these factors in mind, we shall now look at some of the important advantages and features benefits offered by cloud storage.

Enhanced employee productivity

Online storage allows an organization’s employee to work from almost anywhere provided they have an internet connection.  Remote data storage eliminates the restriction imposed on data accessing by location.  Online storage provides team members the freedom to work
from anywhere (home, coffee shops, client facilities) and still have access to any needed documents or information.  Enhanced mobility provides for better communication and coordination amidst office workers.  In a globalized workplace where employees may be working from different locations, online storage allows you to work efficiently and make meaningful contribution to office work.  Before the advent of cloud storage, working outside the office could be problematic and more time consuming than necessary. For example, you saved your files on your office desktop which could be accessed only when you are in office.

Another major advantage offered by cloud storage is better mobility. If you have multiple devices you work from – i.e. smartphone, tablet, laptops and desktop computer – you won’t have to worry about having the latest file available on each device. You can get the latest and updated copy of your files on any device because the files are not saved on local system or phone hardware.

Enhanced security

Online data storage provides a far higher level of security, especially for smaller organizations who cannot afford the prohibitive cost of maintaining their own data center. Even if you store the data in your data center, the threat of losing your business data owing to some unforeseen event or calamity is ever present. Cloud storage eliminates this possibility as there is no single point of failure in the cloud because your data is backed up to multiple servers, so if one server crashes, your data is safe because it is stored in other locations.

No server maintenance

This could also be counted as another prime advantage of online data storage. Organizations are spared the trouble of hiring specialist IT staff to look after their servers and ensure that it is safe and performing optimally.  Servers are expensive to purchase and often more to maintain. Using cloud storage services frees organizations from the burden of spending additional money on hiring of server support personnel.


Leveraging modern trends to create brand loyalty for your business

Most marketers focus on brand equity.  After all it is the commercial value that is derived from consumer satisfaction by a brand or a service that matters. When customers display continued loyalty it contributes to competitive advantage to a firm.

Ability to create value is the most important strength of a firm. But how do you create it for the long term?

If your small business customers have a deep commitment to rebuy or repatronize your product despite the competition in the market, you have nearly won the game.

“Know your customer” has been a retail mantra for past several years. This holds well even if the customer is a small business unit.

Thankfully companies are now evaluating and aggregating data in order to understand customer behavior.

The focus is now on improving customer experience to personalize brand loyalty.



Let us try to understand this concept better.

Getting to know each stage of the customer lifecycle and appreciating the role of customer service is no longer an option, but a strategic necessity.

Yes it is true technological advances have facilitated real time interaction with consumers via social media sites and mobiles.

Yet, effective customer centric strategies have been ignored.

When it comes to branding, creating relationships and trust is imperative.

There could be scores of ideas on how this could be achieved. Nevertheless, here are a few ideas that can create brand loyalty.

Beef up content marketing

Content marketing is a powerful and a long term strategy that makes use of relevant content to pull in customers’ buying behaviors and enhance brand loyalty.

This approach is one-step ahead of traditional marketing strategies, because it offers customers engaging and interesting material rather than the run of the mill sales pitches.

A business blog definitely helps, but content marketing does better.

There are various approaches to content marketing, so it is up to you to decide which tactic will work best for you.

The types of content marketing include:

  • Newsletters
  • eBooks
  • Infographics
  • Case studies
  • Videos

To reinforce the power of content marketing further, a study reveals that a greater percentage of technology marketers agree that content marketing is a proven tool to improve marketing effectiveness. Moreover marketers are allocating a larger proportion of their total budget to content marketing.

Customer service

When it comes to your small business consumers, customer service can take on different flavors depending on the type of your business and the target market.

A question can arise whether the usual customer service approach to retail consumers works in a similar fashion with small business units.

The answer is – it does in many respects.

Take advantage of consumer centric interaction platforms & media

Electronic channels like live chats, email supports, and SMSs are widely used in retail environments. These channels are now increasingly relevant in the small business consumer context as well.

With the continued blurring of workplace and home, driven chiefly by smartphone and laptops, interactions via the internet even in business scenarios is slowly surpassing phone and written communications.

Harness social networks

With the increasing popularity of social media, numerous online forums about products and services have mushroomed.

Forward looking firms are taking advantage of social media to not only provide customer support and boost brand loyalty, but also to use such platforms to enhance customer service from their portals and contact centers.

Provide value based service

Providing the right level of service based on the type of product/ service is a high impact practice that will work very well small business units.

With ever lowering margins and rising service costs, you may not be able to provide equitable level of service to all customers.

One of the things you can do is prioritize sales related requests depending on the potential value and profit margin of a sales transaction. However, this approach must be done selectively so as not to lose old and loyal customers.

Deliver on promises

Your ability to deliver on customer service expectations and fulfill the service promise can become the defining component of brand loyalty.

As companies are converging in product and service offerings, service innovation is becoming vital to competitive differentiation. To continually innovate in service so as to enhance brand loyalty, you must think out-of-the-box and apply fresh innovative ideas relevant to your own business.

The Many Benefits Of Having Multiple Domain Names For Your Business

Having a good website is the key to attract potential customers and enhance your business prospects. As a resourceful business owner, you would want to go further than this and do something beyond the ordinary to put your business on the fast lane to success.  An effective way of achieving this is to choose multiple domain names. Did you know that this simple move can greatly impact the success of your business?

Multiple Domain

There are many benefits of registering multiple domains for your business. For one, it can create more marketing opportunities and keep your brand protected online. It helps create newer marketing opportunities for promoting your brand. But that’s not only. Creating multiple domains can help your business in many other ways as well.

It Helps Create Effective Marketing Campaigns

Smart business managers are registering domain names that remind customers of catch lines associated with specific products or marketing campaigns. When your customers click on these domains, it will take them to a promotional page on the main website of your organization. There are companies that even register names of products as domains to specifically sell or market a product or service line.

Draws Attention To A Specific Business Niche Or Brand

If you are using the name of your business as your main domain, you can create additional domains to draw attention to a specific area of your business or to reach a targeted audience. It is not uncommon for businesses to use specific and highly descriptive secondary domain names to sell a specific product or service.

The domain name will leave no doubt in the minds of their targeted audience as to what the website is offering them. This makes marketing rather simple and sharply focused on that specific area of business. It is possible to point an additional domain name to the main website, or even build a specific landing page or website that caters to that descriptive domain name, if you have the resources available to carry out such exercises.

A Proven Way Of Protecting Your Brand Or Business

Creating multiple domain names is fast becoming an effective and proven strategy for protecting businesses and brand names. There are many instances when popular brands have suffered losses because some smart crook came up with similar sounding domain names to mislead loyal buyers. If you have a few popular products that have gone on to become famous brands, make sure you use all possible permutations and combinations of the brand name to stymie the nefarious attempts of competitors or smaller players to cash in on your brand name and make some easy money.

Directs Traffic To Your Business Even Through Misspelled Names

If you have a domain name that tends to be misspelled frequently, using multiple domain names can take care of this problem too. By using multiple domain variants of your business name, you can direct visitors to the main business website. This can prevent them from ending up on an error page or worse, on a competitor’s website. You must trademark your actual name and its nearest variations if your business name is being misspelled. In any case, it is better to purchase domain name variations of your main business name before your competitors do.

Why Good Server Speed is Important for Search Engine Ranking

It has been officially confirmed on the Webmaster central official blog of Google that the performance of your website in terms of the speed of page loading is an aspect that algorithms take into account. This means that the speed at which your page loads can impact your website ranking. That’s why it becomes important to choose a hosting service that offers impressive server speeds if you want to achieve high SEO ranking for your website. Also remember, that a good host may not be able to do great things to your website rankings but a bad hosting service can bring your website ranking plunging down on top search engines.

Dedicated Server Hosting

The Connection Between Your Hosting Service And Business Prospect

Websites that are quick to load and are highly responsive are far more likely to scale search rankings than the lethargic, slow moving ones because slow loading times can negatively impact user experience. For most search engines, speed of your website loading is a major deal-breaker. Not using the services of a hosting company that provides high quality and fast servers can impact your business prospects in more ways than you think.

Every hosting service provider makes use of different hardware, server code versions, configurations and networks. The quality of these components can make a difference to the way your website and applications load. Reliable hosting services that use sophisticated server systems and hardware can make loading of pages faster. This will ensure an enhanced end-user experience and will give your website rankings a major boost.

Fast Server Speeds Can Enhance User Experience Significantly

Apart from being the key for improved search engine rankings, your server also plays a major role in enhancing user experience. As it helps websites and pages load faster, users will enjoy browsing through the various pages and content and are likely to remain on these pages for an extended period of time. Creating a better experience for users often leads to increased conversions which in turn can be a great revenue earner for your business.

If your website offers content and generates revenue through advertising, a faster loading page can easily help visitors navigate to various pages effortlessly without having to wait for long. This can help in increasing total page views per user and thus boost your SEO quotient.

Choose your hosting service provider with care and also make sure you choose the right website hosting option and plan. If you choose shared hosting, you will be sharing bandwidth with many other websites. This can impact server speed. Dedicated servers are the best as they are available for your exclusive use and hence guarantee highest server speed. However, this option is also the most expensive one. Depending on the specific requirements of your business, you can make the best choice or ask an expert to guide you.

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