Benefits of Dedicated Server over Shared Hosting

Determining to which hosting environment to cull requires thorough mulling. Be it a dedicated server hosting or a shared server hosting, the two environments tote similarities, however the disparities are pertinent, which plays a crucial chore in deciding the success of the organization.

In a nutshell, a shared server hosting is shared with various other websites. Including the bandwidth and the storage space, the websites that opt for this particular hosting service also share the similar IP address. At times, if any of the website on this shared server over-uses the allocated RAM and bandwidth; unwanted problems might hinder smooth work process, such as server crash, high latency rate, etc. Another issue with the shared server hosting is IP blockage, if one or more of the websites (hosted on the shared server) violates specific rules on web, search engine can block the site as well as the IP.

Indeed dedicated server hosting is more costly than shared ones. However, there are various advantages attached to it, which outweighs the expensive cost of using one. Where is my ip Having dedicated server, fastens the pace to accomplish the activities, offer complete hold of your server, and do more of your tasks in relatively lesser time duration. Apparently, you are provided with a dedicated IP address, and you can manage the bandwidth and storage space accordingly.

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