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Attributes of Hybrid Cloud BDR FOR SMBs

Significant Attributes of Hybrid Cloud BDR FOR SMBs

Every organization that is planning an overhaul of its backup and disaster recovery facility needs to think about a hybrid cloud option. Hybrid cloud is an extremely flexible option in contrast to the conventional disk and tape backups. It empowers your IT staff with remarkable flexibility by offering excellent availability and rapid recovery in an Read more>>

Preparing for Road Bumps while Adopting Cloud Solutions in 2017

There has been a significant increase in threat perception related to cloud ecosystem with extensive growth in number of users, generation of significantly higher data volumes, and emergence of new technologies that are capable of delivering information across disparate global networks. Evolving trends within data center and cloud platforms It is estimated that hyperscale data Read more>>

Predicting Real Growth Pattern of Cloud ERP Adoption with Reference to its True Potential

Organizations must gain capacity to adapt to new technologies in order to stay ahead of competition. It is therefore not surprising that Nigel Ryner has advised application leaders and CIOs of institutions that deal in financial services to find ways to replace legacy core ERP systems with cloud ERP. This is because the legacy ERP Read more>>

Cloud Culture Boosts Maturing of Cloud Solutions

Expectations from IT leaders as well as the teams under them to contribute to larger issues that can improve organization’s business prospects were on the cards for a long time. However technological limitations restricted capabilities of IT personnel to rise above the mundane tasks that related to maintaining IT capabilities of the organization. The status Read more>>

Compelling Attributes of Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service represents a cloud based service that facilitates online access to software applications. Consumers are able to use software applications and use them for multiple purposes on rental basis. SaaS is an excellent alternative to the conventional method of installing the applications on physical machines and configuring for their use. Since SaaS Read more>>

Building a Backup Strategy: Using Cloud And On-Premises For Best Data Backup Strategies

Technical issues can cause major setbacks even to companies that are using state-of-the-art cloud hosting technologies and advanced processes. Recent incidents involving two international majors show how ill-prepared companies are when it comes to adapting backup systems. Experts state that companies can save themselves tons of trouble if they have an efficient backup system in Read more>>

Types Of Cloud Environment And Their Applications In Various Industry Situations

Cloud technology continues to grow and helps companies realize their dream of becoming a well-managed and efficient enterprise, powered by pathbreaking features and tools. However, the rapidly changing cloud technology landscape can be tough to keep pace with and comprehend, especially for those who are new to the cloud and its vast repertoire of possibilities Read more>>

Growing Relevance of IaaS for Creating a Resilient IT Infrastructure

Internet of Tings is causing ripples across the domain of IT industry. It is evident from growth of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) products, which is galloping at year over year growth rate of 38.4 percent and projected to touch $22.4 billion in current fiscal. IDC study has projected that services based on cognitive computing Read more>>

Understanding Relevance of Cloud for Enhanced Data Security

Every online business faces multiple challenges and dilemma while moving to cloud. One of the most important concerns during cloud adoption is that of security in cloud environment. Thanks to emergence of new security solutions and new breed of efficient cloud providers, these can concerns can be effectively addressed now. The new cloud hosting service Read more>>

Innovations and Cloud adoption Boosting Proliferation of IoT in India

We have been bombarded by buzzwords everyday and most of these are grossly misunderstood by us in terms of their implications on our day to day lives. IoT or Internet of Things is one such phenomenon that deserves deeper insight because majority of individuals feel that it has something to do with IT sector only. Read more>>

Distinct Advantages of Virtual Private Clouds

Virtual Private Clouds or VPC are nothing but private cloud infrastructures offered within a public cloud. Although VPC shares multiple similarities with public cloud it is somewhat different. VPCs can be accessed via intranet, in contrast to internet accessible public clouds. Data security within VPC can be implemented by ensuring number of elements such as Read more>>

2017 Cloud Trends Vouches to Shape the Industry

While the Indian prime minister is flabbergasting the world with his decision of banning Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes and people across the United States are rejoicing the victory of Republican candidate Donald Trump’s getting voted to power – it is quite sure that the world is undergoing a process of change, a Read more>>

Key Assessment Norms to Choose the Right Managed Cloud Storage Provider

Could computing has been around for quite some time and has gained extensive acceptance across multiple verticals of industry Cloud based services have become inseparable parts of enterprise IT infrastructure. . One of the most striking reasons for proliferation of cloud services is availability of bespoke cloud solutions as per needs of an organization. There Read more>>

Steps to Provide Robust Security to Your Data in Cloud

Popularity of cloud computing is growing by leaps and bounds. The extent of popularity has been summed up nicely by recent Gartner’s report that predicts cloud computing to be the major driving force of IT budgets beginning from the year 2016 itself. Cloud has been used metaphorically to denote involvement of Internet in the computing Read more>>

Wake-up Call for Cloud Service Providers

Every organization structures a strategy with an obvious objective in mind – to drive profit-margins by making proficient use of technologies that they have invested in. Spotting a faster pace of innovation in the cloud technology, many leading companies are now planning a move to grow their revenues, make smarter decisions, help their end-users’ achieve Read more>>