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Benefits of Colocation Server

Set up & maintenance cost for building an in-house space to keep your company server may not be affordable by every company. It requires a separate section in your company premises equipped with the necessary facilities. You need to hire skilled IT personnel, buy hardware and bandwidth to keep the computer system up & running. Read more>>

Do Cloud DR Services Makes Sense Among The Growing Businesses

Alike life, disasters are also ambivalent. Comprehensive and a well-revised disaster recovery plan is an inescapable priority for most of the organizations, however, creating a concrete DR plan is often a nerve-racking task. There is no universal annotation for the extent of disasters; it can be from simple — human oriented errors to complex catastrophic Read more>>

Render Your Desired Objectives With Colocation Hosting Offerings

Everyday changing life and technology can only be sufficed, if one adapts to the change going around. In a similar fashion, businesses are putting in their nerve-racking efforts to keep breast with the technological advancements and thus acquaint with consistent growth. Not for every business, it is feasible to have its own data center facility, Read more>>

Indian Colocation Market Is Set to Reach the Pinnacle by 2016

While world is closely watching Indian Elections and how the new government in country can change the dynamics of how business is done in India. Indian Data Center players are busy building infrastructure in India, smelling big opportunities coming from world where India would be the most preferred destination for Colocation because of its strategic Read more>>

How is Colocation Server Perfect for Small and Medium Businesses?

Today, more than 50% of businesses massively rely on the Internet to perform their business operations with this strongest online medium. For them, losing their online presence means, loss of revenue along with blocked business growth. This demands, high internet availability, bandwidth, security, and strong Internet servers to keep the business running with dexterity. Thanks Read more>>

What Makes Managed Colocation Hosting Best Fit?

Businesses are spread, like a cobweb, all interconnected with each other, giving neck to neck competition, to advance and flourish. To hand-pick the right service makes perfect sense, as a wrong choice can paralyze your futuristic business. Choosing Managed Colocation Hosting over the basic colocation services is just like a topping on your cake. Colocation-ready Read more>>