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How Can Retail Business Benefit from Dedicated Hosting?

When you are planning to launch an online business, it is important to choose the right kind of web hosting services for your site. Given the economic difficulties that modern businesses must face, it is necessary to choose a web hosting solution which allows optimum resource utilization. Dedicated hosting allows you to enjoy an entire Read more>>

Understanding Relevance of Dedicated Servers for Gaming

Technological advances in graphics and improved internet accessibility have changed the way people play video games. Instead of computer based games played by handful people, the modern online games involve participants from different continents who can pick teams and beat scores in games that are powered by virtual reality and high definition graphics. Growing number Read more>>

Unleash the Power of Managed Dedicated Servers to Augment Website Performance

There can be no two opinions about ability of dedicated servers in terms of security, speed, performance, resource availability, privacy, control and flexibility of hosting environment. Whether you are a small enterprise or a multi-billion conglomerate, dedicated servers can cater to your hosting requirements with unmatched efficiency and privacy of hosting environment. If resource availability Read more>>


Factors That Must Be Considered Before Choosing a Dedicated Server

It is very important to analyze your hosting needs before jumping to decisions. There is hardly any sense in repeated switching of servers because the process is not only complex but is also highly time consuming and expensive. There are few vital parameters such as type of workload, deliverables, and need for large databases to Read more>>


Superiority of VPS and Dedicated Hosting over Shared Hosting

No business can hope to establish its online presence without support of a web hosting service. Websites will not be accessible to visitors in the absence of the right webhost. Significance of right host for successful website An ideal webhosting service provider is capable of providing instant accessibility to websites or web applications to visitors Read more>>

VPS, Dedicated Server Or Colocation Hosting – How Do I Make A Decision?

It is not uncommon for businesspersons to ponder which hosting solution best fits their brand/service models. With a plethora of hosting solutions in the market the choice is no doubt overwhelming. But with a little bit of understanding of each of the hosting solutions it is possible to make an unambiguous choice. To start with, Read more>>

Benefits of Moving to VPS or Dedicated Hosting from Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most sought after entry level platform for majority of websites. The shared hosting plan is the most affordable one and hence it is a preferred option for websites that are about to make their mark in World Wide Web. Once the website takes off and starts its journey on a growth Read more>>

Difference between Private and Public Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing can be basically divided into two types: public cloud computing and private cloud computing. Public cloud is the more dominant type; in fact we talk about public cloud computing unless specifically mentioned when we refer to cloud computing. A third type of cloud hosting solution known as hybrid cloud hosting is gaining in Read more>>

Choosing the Best Value Hosting; Shared, VPS or Dedicated Server

If you are developing a site and need an effective web hosting solution, the market offers primarily three choices; shared hoisting, VPS or dedicated. It is not always an easy task to choose the right hosting plan. Companies that value time and money know that by choosing the right hosting plan and the provider they Read more>>

Settling the Impasse – Shared Hosting or Dedicated Server

It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to be at cross roads while deciding which type of hosting best meets their business needs. You cannot fault them. The quality and type of hosting will eventually influence the bottom lines of their companies. Here are a few guidelines that should help entrepreneurs make up their minds. First Read more>>

Essential Aspects of Migrating to Dedicated Server from VPS

Website owners need to think of moving to a higher category of hosting to ensure the smooth running of the website for ensuring seamless business continuity. This usually happens when a website has to handle higher volumes of traffic that cannot be supported by growing resources in VPS hosting. Key factors that influence switching to Read more>>

Dedicated Server Hosting And Its Important Benefits

If you have a well functional website that makes significant contribution to your overall revenue, you probably realise the importance of flexibility. Your website has to remain available and stay online all the time, yet it should still be flexible to efficiently handle any unexpected surge in network traffic. There are basically three popular types Read more>>

Simple Ways to Protect Your SEO Efforts during a Website Migration

A company’s website, in a digitally-driven world, represents what a company does, what it offers and why it matters? A website that communicates efficiently and is backed by the best SEO techniques can tap on valuable opportunities. Do you know why some websites can’t make the most out of it even if they are hosted Read more>>

How to Switch from One Web Host to Another: A Simple Guide

No entrepreneur wants to stay connected to a web hosting provider riddled with incompetent offerings. If your business is experiencing frequent downtimes and poor support services, it’s the right time to move to a proficient benefactor now, rather than praying to God that things may fall into same shoes as intended. Believe me, it may Read more>>

Managed Application Hosting Service Provider: 3 Essential Selection Parameters

Technological advancements are surpassing all the limits – surprising the world and at the same time fuelling up the competition among business verticals. And, cloud is a special subset to this advancement. The inclination of corporate decision-makers towards next-generation’s hosted applications is gaining adhesive friction over conventional on-premise software solutions not just because of its Read more>>