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Achieving Seamless Business Continuity via Public Cloud Disaster Recovery Approach

It virtually impossible to avoid natural disasters, manmade catastrophes, or cyber threats, when it comes to protection of an organization’s web presence or mission critical digital assets. Companies must acquire resilience to recover rapidly from data loss or system failure to gain an upper hand over such events. Disaster Recovery solutions can be highly expensive Read more>>

Attributes of Drupal that Support Creation of Fascinating Blog Content

There are several factors that impact buying decisions through quality content generation. Significance of engaging content for enhanced brand recognition, better website traffic, high rates of conversion and more leads is established beyond any doubt. Drupal can empower your content with support of state of the art modules. Role of content to engage readers Blogging Read more>>

Inspiring Design Features of Nine Fascinating Websites that Convey Right Message and Vision

Although it is expected that every website should be able to deliver some message to visitors, it is unfortunate that most of the website owners are not having any clarity about what to offer their customers via such a highly effective medium of communication. It is observed that individuals need to grapple for words when Read more>>

How to Set Up a Hosted WordPress Site

In this tech- oriented world, the most rationalized way to start your online venture is to create a website.  Nevertheless, there are various open source platform to start with, however WordPress is the most trending platform to build different kind of websites or blogs. It is a well-known open source platform allowing immense features and Read more>>

Difference between Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting

There are mainly two types of operating system used for web servers all around the world – Linux and Windows. Linux is the more popular and widely used option among the two. The flexibility and robustness of Linux is one of the main reasons why web developers, database administrators and web designers prefer Linux as Read more>>

What Time Is Right To Upgrade For Dedicated Server Hosting?

There are times when businesses may need more than what shared hosting can offer them because they outgrow resource limitations in a shared hosting environment. These are times when you must realize that you need to upgrade to dedicated server hosting. Shared hosting is perfect for smaller businesses and sites which do not expect too Read more>>

Top Five Reasons Web Hosting-Provider Influence- Google- Rankings

In this IT-enabled panorama, it is essential to choose the right web hosting provider that ensures credibility to your online venture. To reap the success from your business website, uptime and reliability are the important parameters that business leaders should consider while looking out for a web host. Nowadays, with the latest buzz from Google Read more>>

Flash Storage: An Optimal Approach to Cutoff Storage Bottlenecks

In this fast-paced and competitive IT scenario, the speed at which services are delivered in compliance with user’s need connotes sustainable business growth mantra. Escalating data growth, budget constraints, and demand for seamless performance have mounted pressure on data center service providers to offer a balanced solution that efficiently addresses all of the above emphasized Read more>>

SaaS Market to Experience Continued Growth

Software-as- a- service (SaaS) delivery model is changing the way organizations and individuals utilize software owing to its cutting-edge attributes. It provides seamless software utilities, intuitive interface to customize, and automatic upgrades to ascertain all customizations applied, remain intact. Simply put, SaaS based applications are staggeringly scalable, and are available on an on-demand basis that Read more>>

Multi-layered Security Infrastructure Model in Cloud

The onset of cloud computing has altered the business landscape for global enterprises. This novel computing approach redirects resource operations for the timely maintenance of applications. We know that an ideal cloud platform comprises of both public & private models. These are present in the form of infrastructure, software and platform services. Together, these approaches Read more>>

Affordable Dedicated Server for Enterprises and SMEs!

Web hosting is one of the popular businesses across the globe. There are numerous web hosting providers which offering affordable dedicated hosting server plans these days. SMEs along with enterprises have started showing their interests on purchasing dedicated hosting servers for better performance. Web hosting providers are coming up with lucrative plans for their customers. Read more>>

Abridge Your Cloud Costs through Internal Collaboration

Advancement in technology doesn’t come alone. It is always accompanied by several challenges that businesses encounter every now and then. And, one the most compelling challenges faced while managing the cloud outlay is information sharing. Broadly speaking, this information sharing takes place between the finance department or business users who are looking at overall cloud Read more>>

How SMBs can leverage Simplicity of Cloud ERP?

Integration of a cloud ERP system in your business can definitely result into substantial changes in your operations. You need to prudently manage this whole integration process so as to reap the real-time benefits of an ERP solution. Businesses are increasingly considering integrating a cloud-based ERP system. Cloud ERP system is typically devised to diminish Read more>>