Slash Down Overhead Costs by Proactive Server Maintenance

“Think proactively and dynamically”, we often come across these statements, quoted by our elders, teachers, parents, colleagues, and so on when they want us to mull over a topic of immense importance. Notably, the words carry significant gravity and existence. For the one who owns a business, it is inescapably imperative to stay ready with Read more>>

What Makes Managed Colocation Hosting Best Fit?

Businesses are spread, like a cobweb, all interconnected with each other, giving neck to neck competition, to advance and flourish. To hand-pick the right service makes perfect sense, as a wrong choice can paralyze your futuristic business. Choosing Managed Colocation Hosting over the basic colocation services is just like a topping on your cake. Colocation-ready Read more>>

How Cloud Computing Reduces Your Overall Overhead Cost?

There has been a lot of buzz about ‘CLOUD COMPUTING‘ these days; one of the most emerging concept in the field of technology. However, most of the time there isn't that elaborative explanation been given about: How cloud-based technology can actually affect the overall performance level of any business? IT managed services have the capability Read more>>

Server Management Has Never Been So Easy Before

The concept of CLOUD COMPUTING in recent years has undoubtedly reached new heights in popularity with an exponential advancement in technology.  Business leaders and IT officials now have realized that potential increase in overall productivity can be accomplished by deploying dynamic software to manage and administer their projects with more efficiency. Some of the key Read more>>

Advancement And New Innovations Are The Success Ladder For Cloud Providers

To be ahead of time, every business is coming up with new concepts, products, services, and abilities. Right kind of advances along with a perfect mix of strategy – is the need of an hour. If you’re looking forward to partner with a cloud service provider, get yourself assured about the provider’s innovation track record. Read more>>

Cloud Computing and Most Common Misconceptions

Decades of research on virtualization, utility computing, distributed computing, software applications, web and networking resulted in a futuristic technology known as Cloud Computing. Various sources have different definitions for Cloud; some of them are as follows: Wikipedia Says, "Cloud computing is a phrase used to describe a variety of computing concepts that involve a large Read more>>

New Era Of IT Industry In India

“Cloud computing is not a model that suddenly appeared overnight.” Plenty has been said or written about cloud computing in recent years. In fact it is pertinent to have a comprehensive understanding on growing industry trends. “Cloud computing” was coined for what happens when applications and services are moved into the internet “cloud.” Companies all over Read more>>

Is Dedicated Server Soon Coming To An End?

Technological advancements often result in the fall of last generation technologies. Some of the fading technologies, such as: Landlines, External hard drives, Compact digital cameras have been replaced by other expedient innovations. Similarly, this can be seen as the sunup of cloud computing, which might end the trend of hosting through a dedicated server. For Read more>>