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Reasons to Use Dedicated Servers for Gaming Purposes

When you think of online gaming, you have to realize that the dedicated server is the king. In online gaming, every second counts and developers are keen to have dedicated servers instead of a P2P or peer-to-peer network. The latter was responsible for causing lags which can make your gaming experience miserable. When you sign up for dedicated servers for gaming, it can be the way to enhanced site performance and high data throughput. This would automatically mean excellent customer feedbacks.

Any user or client, whether it is external or internal to your company, is not going to be happy on experiencing poor site performances on a regular basis. They will want services which can guarantee superior site performance. Even workers in a company which is continuously evolving will start to adopt technologies on their own faster and this triggers the problem of shadow IT. This becomes the main choice of a company where the IT is not capable of doing its job.

So, in shadow IT, which is a growing issue in most businesses, the teams dislike some current solution. Therefore, they adopt another solution which can do that job better. This may range from adopting new database tools to even new server technologies. This is why when you think of server technologies or when you plan upgrades it is best to choose dedicated servers over which you can enjoy higher controls. Moreover, a dedicated server will guarantee better performance. Whether you sign up for managed or unmanaged solutions, you will get enhanced business performance from dedicated servers. Even if you steer clear of virtualization you can own a dedicated server which will assure you of the best possible outcome for your site. This is exactly why gamers are so keen on using dedicated hosting servers.

gaming serversThe main reason for the switch from a P2P connection to a dedicated server for gaming is to handle the huge traffic which is common for many of these online games. Incidentally, for the MMO or multi-player online games this is most vital because such games will have hundreds of gamer playing simultaneously. So, when traffic to a gaming site grows, just as in the case of eCommerce stores, you begin to feel the need for dedicated servers. If the site cannot cope with the traffic spikes, it will eventually crash. For instance, there had been several complaints about lag time among players of the game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. When this new game was launched the developers had assured the people that they would be using dedicated servers for getting the best possible performance. However, in reality, they used another kind of server too which allowed some players to host part of this game from their own systems, giving them an unfair advantage. While dedicated servers may be more expensive than the rest gamers are in no mood to go back on their demands for these servers.

How to choose dedicated servers for gaming:

– Your server needs will change depending on the kind of online games you play and how often you will play those. It is advisable never to settle for the cheapest options because these may compromise on quality of services. You must definitely look for a dedicated server within your budget; you however have to ensure that it offers you the specific features you need like dedicated round-the-clock supports and uptime guarantees. It is perhaps better to pay more to get a server which has the capabilities to serve your gaming needs.

– When you choose dedicated hosting for gaming purposes, you must ensure there are no hidden fees. The basic package may not include all the features you need for your gaming. So, you should ideally do some research beforehand to know what features you will need and whether you must pay extra for these. For example, there are some hosting companies that may charge you monthly management fees while there are some which may ask for installation fees.

– Customer support is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a dedicated server for gaming. You should ideally be able to get technical supports any time you need them. This is particularly necessary when you play online games at night.

In this way, with the number of online gamers on the rise, the demands for scalable and robust dedicated servers are also on the rise. Gaming is no longer confined to a handful of people sitting at their desks with their PCs. It is now open to millions of people all over the world who are picking teams and competing against one another. To handle this huge traffic loads and data usage you will need specialized machines or dedicated servers. The latter have practically taken the gaming world by storm. They have the architecture, flexibility, scalability, supports, high speed and optimal performance which any high traffic site will need.

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Why Your Online Business Needs Support of a Dedicated Server

A well-resourced online business guarantees desired returns to ecommerce operators. Your customers expect the online store to be efficient, organized, and always accessible and this can only be achieved by supporting it with premium resources.

Performance boosters for online shops

Seamless performance of your online venture in terms of its applications depends upon a number of factors including the type of server, hosting service provider, and every other resource that promises unrelenting availability coupled with high performance of your online business application.

The Dedicated hosting service is the backbone of any online business because it works hard to make sure that your potential as well as existing customers are able to enjoy their browsing and shopping experience. Only the right web hosting company has required tools and resources to ensure visitor engagement through a secure and convenient browsing experience.

A secured and intuitive environment is essential for boosting confidence of customers to perform online transactions for their purchases since they would be required to submit personal information such as usernames and passwords. If your online business has ability to be always available, then it is easy to satisfy and retain your customers who may be visiting your business site any time of day and seven days a week.

You can choose the Right Backup System for Your Business from hosting solution provider from a plethora of web hosting options including shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated server hosting to name a few. The process of selecting the right hosting partner is a complex one since one has to identify hosting needs and then proceed to find a right hosting service provider that would fulfill hosting objectives.

Choosing a right hosting platform

For all mission critical websites including those of online stores or businesses that belong to the ecommerce domain, a dedicated server is the ultimate option. Among all available hosting platforms a dedicated hosting allows access to premium resources apart from a large storage, premium bandwidth and incessant uptime that guarantee superior performance and seamless availability of a business website.

Improved availability of resources is also a vital requirement to meet challenging traffic conditions marked by sudden spikes during festival season, holidays, and sales promotion. If you wish to focus on development of your online business without getting bogged down with complexities of maintaining web servers, then a managed dedicated hosting solution is a perfect option.

Almost every hosting service provider offers choice of unmanaged servers as well as managed servers to their customers. If you have a strong technical background in terms of operating, configuring, and maintaining servers, then an unmanaged server hosting could be a right alternative.

Dedicated server and managed hosting combine advantages of sufficient resources and premium technical support on round the clock basis. Ecommerce websites of small and medium businesses would benefit from support of a managed hosting platform since there is usually a lack of in-house technical expertise.

If you are looking for a right hosting solution and an established service provider, ten you should focus on a web hosting company that assures prompt and proactive technical support, round the clock monitoring of servers, backed by optimum load balancing capabilities for freedom from downtime or any unplanned outage.

Striking advantages of a dedicated server

If your current hosting service provider is not offering satisfactory service which is impacting performance of your online venture, then it is time to look for alternatives. This is a common concern with websites that are operating in multi-tenant environment of shared hosting plans.

On the other hand, a dedicated server assures independence and privacy of hosting environment without any restriction as far as the vital resources are concerned. Any online business must support its website with resources that enhance flexibility, scalability, and accessibility of the site. The website should also be operated in a secured environment since it is supposed to handle personal information related to online payments.

Freedom guaranteed

In a dedicated server hosting environment, a user enjoys freedom to choose suitable operating system and other resources according to individual preferences. Every dedicated server comes with a remotely operated web control panel such as cPanel or Plesk to perform a wide spectrum of server related operations including security patching, configuration, scheduled scans, and automatic updates.

Whether you are planning to launch you new online business initiative or are struggling to maintain your existing business website due to lack of sufficient resources and controls, then adoption of a dedicated server backed by managed hosting is a way to go.

Freedom from the hassles of monitoring, operating, and maintaining your website assures sufficient time to develop your business in terms of new sales promotion activities, SEO initiatives, and improvement of customer engagement by enhancing website’s design.

In conclusion

Growth is the hallmark of any new business and it can only be achieved by secure, consistent and high performing website that is always accessible to visitors. A dedicated server platform provides a right environment for business expansion without any security concerns.

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Bare Metal Dedicated Servers Are Just The Thing For Big Data

Several customers have a mindset that Big Data is fundamentally tied with the Cloud. In fact, Big Data has typically been sold as the cloud’s killer application. The Big Data sector is quite clearly massive, comprising monumental computing speed and vast volumes of information. Public cloud platforms supply huge resource flexibility, which makes handling such vast volumes of information effective and economical. Although the general public cloud has several positive edges wherever big data is related, bare metal infrastructure like dedicated server clusters must not be discounted.

What builds up a good Big Data platform?

Measurability, certainly. However, that’s not the sole necessity. Economical Big Data processing relies on the flexibility to maneuver large volumes of information very rapidly. If Big Data applications are bottlenecked by ‘slow Input/Output’, then they won’t do the required tasks in the ideal way. More precisely, Big Data applications should be ready for accessing all the facilities that a physical server will offer.

Decreasing overheads from alternative applications (comprising hypervisors and various guest operational systems) is useful for minimizing the infrastructure investment that is nearly mandatory for efficient Big Data processing. To this end, applications such as Spark and Hadoop can work with all the processing power and dedicated memory supplied to them, thus decreasing overheads.

The Bare Metal Server approach is the answer to the challenges of Big Data, which needs frequent imports of huge amounts of information, application of inserts and various updates to the information and performing fast analyses with near-instant export of results, like examining the viability of tasks across a social networking platform or a vast e-commerce website. In concise words, Bare Metal Servers shine bright for Big Data activities dependent on a lot of Input or Output.

Of course, modern cloud platforms aren’t slouches either wherever rates of Input/ Output of data is being measured. They will transfer information from one space to another rapidly, but even in that context, the speed achieved with a Bare Metal Server framework is seemingly faster, due to the dedicated hardware.

Bare Metal Trumps Cloud – Especially for Big Data

To be clearer, I’m not stating that the cloud is a poor alternative for the purpose of analyzing and handling Big Data workloads. There’s plenty to be appreciated in the measurable advantages the general public cloud will bring to Big Data analysis. However, I do assume that various public cloud platforms wouldn’t be the sole choice once organizations start considering Bare Metal Server framework deployments for various Big Data applications.

Enterprises ought to contemplate the relative benefits of every use-case. Would your specific application profit additionally from a public cloud, or from the lower latencies and bigger server efficiencies of dedicated Bare Metal Servers?

It’s significant to mention that modern Bare Metal or dedicated server cluster platforms, though not as elastic as cloud platform, are often designed to be scaled up or down rapidly. If a corporation needs to sustain long-term Big Data applications, deploying dedicated Bare Metal Servers as the primary hardware will be an efficient strategy.

Plesk or cpanel

Which is more User-Friendly: Plesk or Panel?

Whether it is better to use Plesk of Panel as your control panel is ultimately a matter of personal choice and preference. You will find takers for both these types of control panels and there are always a group of people who are constantly debating about the advantages and drawbacks of each. What really matters in the end is whether or not you find the platform useful for your individual needs.

Both the Plesk and Panel are very alike, having almost similar features. They are both capable of ensuring that your work is done in the most efficient manner possible. For people in the IT sector, choosing the right control panel seems to be a matter of grave importance. How comfortable one is with the control panel interface is what ultimately shapes his decision. Below are given some points of distinction between the Plesk and Panel which will help you make an informed choice:

User Interface: While many may overlook this aspect of the control panel, the truth is that this is what will make a big difference in your choice. Plesk is known for having an impressive and cleaner interface. But, cPanel appears to be far more popular as most people are already familiar with its features and functionalities. It is seen that most of the custom control panels are actually masked cPanel; so, it is important not to dismiss web hosts which offer customized control panels. You will be surprised to see now easy to use these can turn out to be.

Prices: A key reason why many customers have chosen the Panel and not the Plesk is because of the cost factor. CPanel is cheaper and the shared hosting plans offering this are very affordable. The Plesk or cPanel licenses are typically part of the web hosting plans which you buy. But their costs will also depend on the kind of hosting solutions you have signed up for. So, when you buy shared hosting packages you will not need to pay extra for licensing fees. But, when you choose to sign up for dedicated hosting or VPS hosting, you may have to buy the control panel license depending on your preference.

Admin Panel: As far as admin panels are concerned, the cPanel has a WHM or Web Host Manager which is its standard feature. Till the time you buy VPS hosting or reseller hosting plans, you cannot use the WHM. The WHM is meant to assist the server administrator while the interface is for the benefit of the site owner. So, although the WHM and cPanel may be interlinked they have rather distinct interfaces and different logins. In comparison, Plesk has a single login for both users and administrators.

Windows Support: The cPanel will run only on CentOS, Red Hat and Cloud Linux but not on Windows. The Plesk however can add multiple Linux distributors along with its Windows support. This automatically shows that Plesk is more flexible but for those who are using shared Linux hosting plans; this does not make any difference.

Performance: It has been seen that in terms of performance, the cPanel loads quicker compared to the Plesk. This is because the cPanel has always focused on improving site performance and it could do so by reducing memory needed to accelerate page loading speed. The cPanel has also been able to attain faster times in creating accounts and server management tasks.

Migration Ease: Both the cPanel and Plesk have simplified and streamlined the migration process of a website from one to another server. This holds true provided you shift the site via the same control panel. Moving between control panels is not desirable and when you choose one; you must stick to it.

To sum up, both the cPanel and Plesk are secure control panels. They are quick and stable and they offer more or less the same features. Whenever any one of these two has undergone technological advancements, the other has followed its footsteps. So, it is recommended that when you are searching for a web host, you should get one which offers tutorials for both types of control panels so that customers get a better idea.

Your choice of a control panel will be typically influenced by your server’s operating system. But, as a human who needs to use the platform every day, it is always better to select one which will make life easier for you. Both the solutions appear to be feature rich but the one with a more intuitive interface will win the race.

For those who are already using a control panel, migrating the site turns out to be a challenge. When your website has been using cPanel or Plesk, you should refrain from changing the control panel unless absolutely needed. When you do make a switch, you need to understand features of the new interface from right from scratch; else, migration problems can give you sleepless nights.

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Dedicated Server

Points To Consider When You Buy A Dedicated Or VPS Server

Installing servers does not have to be a Herculean task because the provider usually takes care of this for you. But, to be able to exploit the features of the hosting plans and to optimize the server to boost your business, you need to make some changes to default settings. Your web host will typically install and also configure the server for you, the main programs and services which you need. However, you can request the support staff to analyze and install your servers properly to optimize default settings and cater to your business demands well. So, once you have already bought a virtual private server or a dedicated server, you may look into these following factors:

 Modifying Security Policies: Since you own the server and enjoy admin access to it, you can decide on the degree of client access or security limits. This means that you will be essentially provided with some fundamental security tools. These may not be enough to keep away advanced threats or risks. So, you may have to request and empower the host support teams for tightening the security arrangements according to your specifications. In other words, you may ask the provider to set the host and IP-based limits for WHM, SSH and the Plesk login panels. You could ask them to disable unused ports and vulnerable PHP or system function, configure the password strength, and install more firewalls and antivirus detection measures according to your needs. You could also make sure the users are stopped from overriding the PHP configuration values in the .htaccess files and php.ini files.

 Optimizing Memory Resources Management: Your CPU and RAM will determine the system performance. But you may fail to get a high loading speed even with a high-end server unless the server has been properly optimized to work together with your site. So, there are going to be default PHP and MySQL settings in the control panels for servers which have been set up. You need to ensure that the LAMP settings are properly adjusted depending on your application needs and the resources available. When you host free and open source applications, you can get information about the environment settings from the README section of the software. But, when you customize an open source app like a CMS or script, you can request developers to coordinate with the tech support staff to make the necessary arrangements. When the host can successfully optimize the LAMP settings, your site performance is improved. You can also prevent server overloading.

 Backup and Recovery Arrangements: When your hosting provider offers you paid or free backup services, you should definitely get these optimized to suit your needs. The host tech support staff will either configure backups according to your specifications or will wait for your directions. It is your duty to request support teams to adjust the backups from time to time, whether it is on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You should ideally set both the local and remote options for backups to make sure that data is secure even if the server malfunctions.

 IP Address: It is important to send information to your support staff for installing the email servers according to the best practices available. You also need to keep follow-ups in case of problems with the IP address.

 Software Updates and Upgrades: Site performance improves when the software is regularly updated and upgraded. It is better to choose automatic upgrades and also request the support staff to perform manual upgrades when needed. This will ensure that messages are not overlooked and the support teams are on board as soon as there are server issues. Routine updates will deploy new security arrangements and bug fixes to enhance performance. The support teams will also send alerts if there are major security issues. Such emails must never be overlooked and the support teams must be immediately called to install patches. To get information about vulnerabilities and new releases, you can subscribe to emails from leading software vendors such as cPanel and CentOS.

It is advisable to install the latest Apache, PHP or MySQL versions on any new server. When the server runs outdated versions of software, you need to contact the web developers to check for script compatibility. The team must also carry out upgrades as and when needed.

 Maintenance and Administration Alerts: If you find that the server must be rebooted because of some programming updates or it must be shut down to carry out some support tasks, you must ideally keep these for the weekends or during midnight. These are periods which are likely to witness least traffic. Side by side, you must also make sure that there is another portal on another remote server which can store downtime updates regarding the server or instances of server disruptions. Your clients and staff must be duly kept informed about all of this through threads and emails to prepare them in advance.

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