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Why Choose Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions

If you are an organization with extensive IT requirements but do not have the resources to have an in-house IT team, then managed dedicated servers can be the answer. Managed dedicated servers have emerged as the most reliable option for organizations facing such situations.

Besides helping you get the kind of server hosting environment you want for your business, it also offers a string of other benefits as well.

Budget is indeed a major problem for most organizations that are just spreading their IT wings. That’s why experts recommend using dedicated servers as it can help your business acquire the resilience you need without having to shell out loads of cash.

Cost cutting comes from not having to:

– Hire expensive IT professionals
– Assess the IT infrastructure your business needs
– Invest in servers and associated hardware
– Carry out maintenance and protocols updates
– Spend on premises for infrastructure

Large enterprises will not have any problem accommodating the cost associated with procuring dedicated servers and its running and maintenance. However, small and medium organizations have to deal with limited finances and also with the lack of knowledge and expertise about such projects.

Managed dedicated server hosting is a simple and practical way of joining the big IT league without having to pay a huge cost for the premium server. You can easily plan for the future as you can negotiate a contract with the server host that includes terms and conditions for effectively covering all your IT needs for the present and the future.

So How Do Managed Dedicated Servers Work?

Here’s the whole process – from idea to execution:

The process begins with consulting an expert in IT architecture who can guide you in developing a unique strategy for your IT needs. A detailed analysis will be drawn up taking into account your current, short-term and long-term growth needs.

The next step in the process is a migration of your existing IT systems into the newly developed architecture. The hardware and software systems are updated and you get access to the dedicated servers through the software dedicated for the purpose.

The servers are managed by a team of experts with an on-demand service ensuring that they run smoothly and efficiently. The team will also monitor server systems for optimal uptime.

One of the biggest benefits of using dedicated servers is that you can utilize your time to manage and develop your core business functions without having to take time out for maintaining and updating your server infrastructure. You can utilize the expertise of the top IT professionals at a fraction of the cost of hiring them for your enterprise.

Benefits Of Managed Dedicated Servers:

Managed dedicated server hosting provides access to:

– Hardware and software systems as well as bandwidth and power at heavily discounted prices
– Backups that guarantee operational continuity with a high degree of security
– Security updates and 24/7 monitoring
– Secure data centers that provide Insurance against disasters

You can also enjoy high speed through the server’s optimized networks. By choosing a reputed hosting service, customized and quick responses can be expected for any technical or other issues that you may confront. You will also have an increased capacity for growth and diminished outlays for downtime with managed dedicated servers.

Why Are Organizations Looking At This Hosting Option More Closely

Managed dedicated server can be just the kind of powerful hosting solution you need as it does not require you to have an exceptional level of IT competency to manage the system smoothly. Other forms of hosting often force users to deal with problems like frequent updates and security issues that may involve expensive solutions, thus adding to your overall operational costs.

When you have finally made up your mind to go ahead with a managed dedicated server for your business, the next critical step is to choose a company that offers hosting solutions which are in line with your unique hosting demands.

You simply cannot afford to have a poorly managed presence online in today’s competitive online business environment. By choosing managed dedicated server hosting and utilizing the services of a reputed and established hosting solutions provider, you can be sure of getting closer to your near and long time IT goals.

With a managed dedicated server hosting, you will be able to find more time to focus on your business. Running a server is not your cup of tea and is best left to experts. Managed dedicated hosting allows you to do that. Your business will be able to run in optimal performance mode on all critical parameters.

The increasing preference for managed dedicated servers among organizations indicates very clearly that it is has been accepted as a reliable and affordable hosting solution that can help users achieve their best performance level. You can stay focused on your business operations and achieve greater success instead of diverting your time, energy and resources on server management.

The only precaution you must take is to partner with a company that specializes in offering the best managed dedicated hosting solutions.

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Dedicated hosting

Top 10 Reasons to Select a Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

Dedicated hosting is a costly web hosting solution but one which will give you your money’s worth. In dedicated hosting, there is one entire physical server which is exclusively leased out by an enterprise. This implies that unlike shared hosting plans, you will not be expected to share the server resources like bandwidth or RAM or power with any other neighboring site. You can enjoy unlimited server resources and you have complete control over the server and its configurations. When you choose to pay more for managed dedicated hosting solutions, you can be spared of the burdens of monitoring and securing the server too. All administrative tasks relating to the server, including troubleshooting its problems will be the sole responsibility of your dedicated web hosting provider.

What are the biggest reasons to choose dedicated servers?

1. Perhaps the biggest reason to choose a dedicated server hosting plan is high reliability and high server uptime. The provider will offer you a Service Level Agreement categorically stating the uptime guarantees and compensations that you will be given for the host’s failure to comply with such guarantees. Since in dedicated hosting all server resources are under your control only, and you do not have to share these with others, you can be confident of getting a high uptime and better reliability.

2. Another solid reason to choose a dedicated server is that you only pay for features which you use. The host will take care of all necessary security and hardware upgrades and updates. It will offer excellent connectivity and maintain the servers in a climate-controlled and secure environment. You neither have to spend money on buying the hardware and networking equipments; nor will you need to hire and maintain internal staff to monitor these. So, you basically end up paying for the features you require and not on buying or maintaining hardware.

dedicated server hosting plans3. Since the host will arrange for the servers, software and networking, you can benefit from huge cost savings.

4. Dedicated hosts will give you compete control over the server and its configurations. As a result, you are free to deploy custom software and applications to boost your business.

5. You can also reply on a higher bandwidth as compared to a shared environment. In shared hosting, you have to be satisfied with limited bandwidth as there are many users sharing it and over-usage by anyone of these can lead to your bandwidth resources getting limited. When you have reliable bandwidth connections, you can be sure your applications will be up and running at all times.

6. Just like bandwidth, you will never have to worry about CPU limits. You can get all the processing power you need to run a variety of applications. This is also another big advantage over shared environments where the CPU is also shared amongst many tenants.

7. With a dedicated hosting plan, you will be well protected against unforeseen outages and disasters. The data centers are typically resilient to such natural calamities as they will not be based in earthquake-prone or flood-prone regions. You can also benefit from the host’s disaster recovery plans in case a disaster does strike for some reason.

8. With dedicated hosting servers, you can ensure that your internal staff is free to work on more significant business matters instead of dealing with routine server management tasks.

9. When your page loading times are found to be lagging, you should take it as a warning sign and sign up for dedicated hosting right away. You will not want your visitors to leave the site because the pages fail to load up quickly.

10. Finally, if you anticipate major business growth you should seek a dedicated web hosting service. You can start with shared hosting when demands are not too large. But, as the traffic to the site grows, it is wise to keep upgrading to plans which can offer you more resources easily.

The dedicated hosting environment is perfect as it can be customized for every individual enterprise. Web hosts will let you specify your CPU and disk space requirements. These help to maximize returns on investments as you only pick and choose the hardware you want. Dedicated servers will also provide state-of-the-art physical security measures like biometric access controls, 24×7 patrolling, and CCTV cameras for surveillance night and day etc. Besides, hosting providers will also adopt cyber security measures like effective web application firewalls, DDoS protections and incident management.

These are some of the strongest reasons to choose dedicated hosting providers. However, not all providers are the same and it is advisable to test services before you pay for them. You can choose free trial offers provided by hosts and engage in free consultations with a host to see which plan suits your business needs the most.

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dedicated to cloud hosting

Key Tips to Manage Transition to Dedicated Server from Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has transformed IT infrastructures of organizations across the globe and is all set to revolutionize hosting industry. Many companies have moved their digital assets and hosting resources to cloud in order to explore innumerable benefits that are promised by cloud hosting service providers.

Neutral overview

In spite of a great number of articles and lengthy discussions that speak in favor of cloud hosting there is a significant proportion of website owners that are moving their resources to dedicated servers from cloud environment. Unless we look at both these options without any preconceived ideas, it would be difficult to know the underlying truth.

Traditionally, dedicated servers have been catering to the demands of users that need to operate resource intensive websites or websites that must operate in total privacy on account of sensitivity of the data. Hosting service provider offers dedicated server on rent with unrestricted access to all features of the standalone server. Charges for leasing dedicated servers depend on the number of facilities being offered to customers.

cloud-hostingUnlike a cloud server, a dedicated server requires an initial setup and a customer will have to wait for some time before it becomes fully functional. In contrast, a virtual server instance can be provisioned in few minutes.

The hosting industry has undergone revolutionary changes on account of cloud computing, which can resolve most of the issues being faced by customers in terms of storage of information and procuring multiple resources including software and even IT infrastructure among others.

In cloud computing, service providers offer virtual servers that can be outsourced by customers from remote locations. These virtual servers are in fact, virtual instances that are derived from single physical servers. From the user’s perspective, the virtual server is nothing but a complete dedicated server with total privacy and ability of controlling all resources including root access and so forth.

Moving from cloud to dedicated servers

A shift from dedicated server to cloud server can become a necessity to fulfill demands of greater security and controls over a server’s operating environment. This kind of shift is possible only if you have thoroughly understood intricacies of the process.

Understand your bandwidth needs– In order to offer a gratifying user experience to visitors of your website, the web server must be supported by optimum bandwidth. Bandwidth availability can hardly be a cause of concern if one is operating in a cloud environment. This is mainly due to excellent scalability of virtual server instances. However, you are usually unaware of the port that is being used in a virtual instance.

On the other hand, users of dedicated servers need to have complete knowledge of the ports that would be required to prevent roadblocks due to insufficient availability of bandwidth. If you want a port that allows access to higher bandwidth, than a dedicated server may charge you for such additional requirement of bandwidth.

Contractual details– It is observed that providers of cloud services leave many things to be desired in terms of contracts and Service Level Agreements. This is not the case with providers of dedicated server hosting services in general. Following are the few key points that must be checked by users of dedicated servers before signing on the dotted line.

In a web hosting contract, an SLA plays a vital role and provides a prospective customer with details of the important aspects of hosting including a guaranteed uptime. One must carefully go through the document and understand the meaning of outage from the service provider’s perspective. Even a small and seemingly insignificant clause can impact the very purpose of such agreement.

Terms of services are listed in these contracts that are also supposed to discuss certain eventualities such as a DDoS attack. Many web service provider companies are reserving their right to switch off your server even if the attack is of minor nature.

Server management– This probably the most underrated aspect while planning a transition from a cloud server to dedicated server. Management of various aspects of server is an essential feature of dedicated server hosting. This may not be the case with cloud hosting because the service providers look after management of virtual servers.

Your leased dedicated server requires you to gain in-depth knowledge about configuration and other operations such as server-reboot, installation of applications, security patching, monitoring server’s performance and so forth. It would be better to understand the difficulty level involved in data accessibility as well.

In conclusion

Dedicated servers are aimed at satisfying extremely high computational requirements of users including maintenance of voluminous databases. If your website is designed for management of mission critical operations, then a more robust and stable dedicated server may become essential. Transitioning from a cloud to dedicated server environment is as complex as making a move from dedicated server to the environment of cloud.

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gaming dedicated server

Reasons to Use Dedicated Servers for Gaming Purposes

When you think of online gaming, you have to realize that the dedicated server is the king. In online gaming, every second counts and developers are keen to have dedicated servers instead of a P2P or peer-to-peer network. The latter was responsible for causing lags which can make your gaming experience miserable. When you sign up for dedicated servers for gaming, it can be the way to enhanced site performance and high data throughput. This would automatically mean excellent customer feedbacks.

Any user or client, whether it is external or internal to your company, is not going to be happy on experiencing poor site performances on a regular basis. They will want services which can guarantee superior site performance. Even workers in a company which is continuously evolving will start to adopt technologies on their own faster and this triggers the problem of shadow IT. This becomes the main choice of a company where the IT is not capable of doing its job.

So, in shadow IT, which is a growing issue in most businesses, the teams dislike some current solution. Therefore, they adopt another solution which can do that job better. This may range from adopting new database tools to even new server technologies. This is why when you think of server technologies or when you plan upgrades it is best to choose dedicated servers over which you can enjoy higher controls. Moreover, a dedicated server will guarantee better performance. Whether you sign up for managed or unmanaged solutions, you will get enhanced business performance from dedicated servers. Even if you steer clear of virtualization you can own a dedicated server which will assure you of the best possible outcome for your site. This is exactly why gamers are so keen on using dedicated hosting servers.

gaming serversThe main reason for the switch from a P2P connection to a dedicated server for gaming is to handle the huge traffic which is common for many of these online games. Incidentally, for the MMO or multi-player online games this is most vital because such games will have hundreds of gamer playing simultaneously. So, when traffic to a gaming site grows, just as in the case of eCommerce stores, you begin to feel the need for dedicated servers. If the site cannot cope with the traffic spikes, it will eventually crash. For instance, there had been several complaints about lag time among players of the game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. When this new game was launched the developers had assured the people that they would be using dedicated servers for getting the best possible performance. However, in reality, they used another kind of server too which allowed some players to host part of this game from their own systems, giving them an unfair advantage. While dedicated servers may be more expensive than the rest gamers are in no mood to go back on their demands for these servers.

How to choose dedicated servers for gaming:

– Your server needs will change depending on the kind of online games you play and how often you will play those. It is advisable never to settle for the cheapest options because these may compromise on quality of services. You must definitely look for a dedicated server within your budget; you however have to ensure that it offers you the specific features you need like dedicated round-the-clock supports and uptime guarantees. It is perhaps better to pay more to get a server which has the capabilities to serve your gaming needs.

– When you choose dedicated hosting for gaming purposes, you must ensure there are no hidden fees. The basic package may not include all the features you need for your gaming. So, you should ideally do some research beforehand to know what features you will need and whether you must pay extra for these. For example, there are some hosting companies that may charge you monthly management fees while there are some which may ask for installation fees.

– Customer support is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a dedicated server for gaming. You should ideally be able to get technical supports any time you need them. This is particularly necessary when you play online games at night.

In this way, with the number of online gamers on the rise, the demands for scalable and robust dedicated servers are also on the rise. Gaming is no longer confined to a handful of people sitting at their desks with their PCs. It is now open to millions of people all over the world who are picking teams and competing against one another. To handle this huge traffic loads and data usage you will need specialized machines or dedicated servers. The latter have practically taken the gaming world by storm. They have the architecture, flexibility, scalability, supports, high speed and optimal performance which any high traffic site will need.

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Why a Dedicated Server is Essential for Success of any Online Business

Exclusive support of a dedicated server makes a business website perform without any hiccups. Investing in dedicated server hosting is therefore one of the most prudent business decisions. A dedicated hosting solution helps you strike an optimum balance between resources that boost business and other overheads such as office space and employees.

Unless you gain a thorough knowledge about essential attributes of a dedicated server without falling prey to some of the myths that are surrounding it, you will not be able to find the best dedicated hosting solution for the specific use case in your business. In this post, let us understand a dedicated server hosting from different perspectives to gain a comprehensive insight.

Cost considerations

Cost efficiency was never claimed to be an attribute of a dedicated server, particularly in the initial period when it was introduced as a hosting solution. However, as the server technology continued to make significant advances, hosting companies designed economical hosting plans of dedicated server hosting.

Present hosting packages consist of an optimally priced dedicated server that can fit into budgets of even small and medium sized businesses. If you feel that your current hosting plan would not be able to support your ambitious growth plans or is not offering a secure hosting environment, then there are affordable dedicated server hosting factors to choose from.

What about reliability

There is hardly any doubt that a shared hosting ecosystem impacts performance of websites on account of resource hungry neighbors. The noisy neighbor syndrome is responsible for a large number of shared hosting customers opt for more resource-rich alternatives. The falsehood unlimited shared hosting plans has already been exposed as the hosting service providers restrict resource limits by applying soft conditions.

Freedom and simplicity

Forget the over-crowded environment of shared hosting that would only suffocate the performance of your website during the most crucial periods. Sudden rise in visitor traffic demands an unrestricted access to resources including memory, disk space, I/O speeds, and bandwidth to name a few. This can only be guaranteed in a dedicated server hosting plan that allocates all resources of a standalone server to support a single online venture.

A dedicated server allows hundred-percent access to all resources of server to a single website without interference of noisy neighbors. The root level access facilitates the entire gamut of administrator functions that include configuring individual settings, use of web application firewall, in addition to freedom of software installation and customization.

It is often said that a dedicated server demands the user to be a technical wizard and should not be tried by someone who lacks knowledge about hardware or software that supports the dedicated server. Although, this was relevant in the past, the new hosted solutions offered by established service providers make it a breeze to own a dedicated server without having any technical exposure about servers.

To add to the simplicity of operating and controlling your dedicated server, an intuitive control panel is provided as part of your hosting package. This can be accessed from anywhere to maintain seamless control on the various aspects of the dedicated server. The control panel is also aimed at allowing you to make the most out of allocated resources. Of course, it can be operated even by a beginner.

Uninterrupted web presence

As a businessman or an online entrepreneur your first priority is to ensure your web presence without any hiatus. The most important factor to guarantee seamless performance is the uptime and anything less than 99.999 percent would impact web presence and subsequently cause dissatisfaction of visitors.

If your dedicated server provider is not able to provide SLA backed uptime guarantee of 99.999 percent, then you might encounter downtime issues and loss of business. Many users of dedicated server hosting try to save costs by falling prey to substandard hosting service providers that lure them with promise of unlimited plans, which are nothing but marketing gimmicks.

If you choose a reliable and experienced dedicated service to enhance customer satisfaction, a high level of technical support would be guaranteed with easy access to expert technicians via phone, live chat, or other channels of communications. Your hosting solution would also entitle you with facility of submitting ticket from the web control panel for early and satisfactory resolution of complaints.

Secured and rich hosting experience

A dedicated server is hallmark of absolute control and security and the hosting solutions that include dedicated servers are regarded for extremely stringent security and privacy of hosting, unlike shared hosting plans.

In shared hosting, users are always exposed to fear of their digital assets falling into malicious and wrong hands. Reputed providers of dedicated server solutions make sure that their users are not only allocated optimum resources but also protected from hackers as well as spammers.

In conclusion

If your website is on a rapid growth track, then a shared hosting plan would retard progress of your online business. Only a dedicated server will provide a resource rich environment without compromising security of your business data.

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Things to Consider When Deciding on Number of Sites You Can Manage with Dedicated Hosting Plans

Dedicated hosting is meant to satisfy the needs of businesses which may have multiple websites to manage and which get a lot of incoming traffic. However, when client enterprises do sign up for dedicated hosting plans, there are some important factors, which they must take into account. For instance, businesses have to verify the degree of technical supports they will get, the up time guarantee and security protocols deployed by the host among many other factors. They also have to understand how many websites they will be free to host on this dedicated servers. There can be no one answer to such a question as the requirements are likely to vary from one business to another. The capacity of the providers is also likely to vary.

A dedicated server is typically capable of accommodating multiple sites together but the exact number of sites will obviously vary from one enterprise to the next.

However, on the whole, there are some key factors which may help you get a rough idea of this number:

– One of the first things which you must consider when trying to find out how many websites you can accommodate on a single server is the site design. For instance, you can own either a HTML website that is static and draws limited traffic or a dynamic site, which is likely to need more bandwidth as the traffic, is higher. The static websites usually have simplistically-designed web pages. They also have limited information which is why they are also smaller than dynamic sites. In comparison, dynamic websites will have web pages with more complex designs and the content keeps changing. Such websites are created using CMS or Content Management Systems. In short, to host dynamic websites you are going to need servers equipped with very large hard drives. Only with such high end servers can you hope to host as many as 500 websites at the same time. When most of the sites have been built using various types of CMS, you may have to upgrade the CPU and storage to be able to process requests for MySQL databases faster. With a moderate configuration, a dedicated server is likely to be able to support nearly 150-250 sites.

– Another key factor which helps you determine how many sites you can hope to host with a dedicated server is the bandwidth your sites need. Bandwidth refers to the total amount of data which gets sent from the site across the internet via the server. So, when your visitor numbers are higher the bandwidth needs are likely to be greater. Depending on this number and the nature of content your site display, the bandwidth needs will vary. For instance, the large files like images and video files or streaming media will obviously need much more bandwidth than sites which have static images or text. When your site gets a lot of incoming traffic you have to make sure that there is proper disk space allocation. The RAM and CPU must be sufficient to be able to cope with the increased traffic needs and sudden traffic spikes.

– The dedicated server is usually customized with software and other applications which can boost your business further. Control panels, add-ons and other third-party apps that you install therefore are also likely to eat into your bandwidth. For instance, any reasonably large site which hosts multiple accounts will need a cPanel which has at least 1 GB RAM. Even applications which are deployed as add-ons are going to need extra storage capacity. This means that the applications which you are likely to host and run are an important consideration for choosing a web hosting package. It will determine to a great extent how many sites the server can actually manage efficiently. Greater number of resources will naturally need more supports.

– When you have a very rapidly expanding website you are likely to need upgraded hard drives and CPU power because the number of clients will keep growing by the day. When your dedicated server gets overloaded there are not enough resources for all the sites. So, some websites will become slow and unresponsive. This explains why you must have a fair idea of the future needs of your business and then choose plans which can ensure that all sites run optimally.

– Besides, if you are planning to offer email-hosting solutions to your customers, you will have to consider the quantity of emails you get on an everyday basis. A rather basic email hosting plan will offer only about 25 GB disk storage space and lets you host about 100 email accounts. So, you may be able to host nearly 250 website with such a package. The nature of applications you run on a server actually determines the number of websites you will be hosting on it.

These are questions which you have to get verified by your hosting provider so that you do not face problems in the future.

Dedicated Game Hosting Service

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Gaming Servers

There is perhaps nothing more frustrating for gamers when they suddenly find their connections broken while playing a captivating game. You may have been playing for a while and all on a sudden, you realize that that your efforts are wasted because the server is down, there is zero web connectivity and the game has frozen. This is the most unpleasant situation possible for any dedicated gamer and this is why having a dedicated server for gaming purposes makes sense. When you sign up for dedicated hosting, you are entitled to get a server which is exclusively dedicated for your use.

With dedicated hosting, you will have greater reliability and stability; you can access higher bandwidth when needed. You can be certain there will be minimal downtimes and no sudden breaks or interruptions stalling the game. You can run such a dedicated server privately for enjoying a satisfying gaming experience with people you wish to play with.

These are some of the things which you cannot afford to ignore when choosing a dedicated game server:

– One of the most important things to consider before you choose a dedicated hosting plan is your resource needs. Computer games are highly resource intensive and resource need is typically quite high. So, if you want a private dedicated server which will not face disruptions while the game is on, you need a large server for the task. If you also wish to have friends playing alongside you, it may be a good idea to invest in a high end server; else the server resources may get drained out fast.

– It is unwise to invest in a server simply because the price is less. The least costly option is not necessarily the best available option. When you buy low-cost plans, chances are that you will get poor quality hardware, limited redundancy and poor quality of services.

Dedicated Game Server
– Both the memory and bandwidth needs will determine the kind of server you need. Any kind of online game demands super fast web connectivity. So, you cannot afford to run smoothly with limited bandwidth or inadequate RAM. At the same time, higher bandwidth means more money. Whatever your needs you must be aware of these before you buy dedicated gaming servers; else, you may also end up paying more unnecessarily for a server capacity you do not need.

– When you want to be able to play games without getting interrupted, you must settle for a dedicated server. However, it is not enough to simply get a server; it is necessary to buy your hosting plans from a web hosting provider which can offer you round-the-clock supports when required. In case there is a glitch, you should be able to call them at any time of day or night to get the problem resolved.

– While customer service support is a must-have for a dedicated game server hosting plan, it is also equally important to ensure that this support is available for you when you need it. If the hours of customer support do not match your gaming hours there may not be any available help when you need it.

– When you buy a dedicated server for gaming uses, you must be wary of additional fees. So, before you sign up, you need to review the terms of the deal carefully, making sure there are no hidden charges which you are not aware of. However, if you start off with a very modest package and then keep adding new features, you may have to pay more from time to time.

– You should consider the prospect of making money when you buy a dedicated server for online gaming purposes. Your clients will be those who may be already disgruntled with large gaming servers and who do not mind paying a small fee to get better services. They would prefer to pay for uninterrupted services which can guarantee lesser downtimes.

– Many large games will inform you about the kind of software needed so that you may deploy the server and start off. This involves affordable investment and little coding knowledge. You can download the software required for running the game and then install the server. So, it is best to look for such games which make it super convenient for you to install your own dedicated servers with least investments and groundwork.

– When you let others use your server to play games, there are chances of getting cheated in the process. So, you must deploy anti-cheating software. This is going to guard your server against users who try to manipulate codes to suit their malicious intents. When you allow others to use your server in exchange for fees, you must introduce such software.

– Running dedicated servers by oneself at home may not be a wise decision. You will have to undertake the responsibility of maintaining the server and ensuring that it is functional at all times. You will also need to deal with associated problems of space and bandwidth constraints from time to time. This happens because many small servers are not at all equipped for gaming.

– Last but definitely not the least, buying dedicated servers without undertaking proper research will be a huge mistake. You will find that the market is flooded with choices. You should take time out to get in touch with sales representatives, read reviews and feedbacks and conduct your own research before you sign up.


Dedicated or Cloud – Choosing a Right Server Hosting Platform

Choice of a hosting platform is probably one of the most vital decisions that a new business owner or a site developer is required to deal with. This can be an overwhelming task due to availability of number of service providers as well as multiple types of hosting platforms.

Selection of the right server platform can be an extremely difficult task, also because of the new breed of cloud servers that have potential to deliver several benefits in comparison with traditional solutions.

The principal choices available for the modern entrepreneurs and site developers are cloud servers and traditional dedicated servers. Incidentally, these are also the most sought after platforms for empowering web hosting.

Selecting the right hosting platform

A detailed and comparative analysis of vital features of performance oriented and feature rich platforms can bring more clarity of vision while arriving at the right choice. It would be logical to compare cloud servers with legacy hosting platform built by using a dedicated server due to the close resemblance and notable differences between these.

Similarities between cloud and dedicated servers start from the fundamental objectives that are fulfilled by these server platforms. Both types of servers accept requests from users, process the data, and return the requested data or content that is being stored in their system in a fraction of the moment.

The basic differences to be assessed must cover the speed of accomplishing the apparently identical operations performed by dedicated and cloud servers. We should also study the impact of hosting on the bottom line along with scalability, administration, and last but not the least user experience.


Server configuration

We need to understand that every criterion that differentiates the two server platforms is the end result of the configuration of each server. Therefore by knowing the configuration differences, we will understand how these servers deliver greater flexibility, scalability and performance when compared with shared or Virtual Private Server.

Basic difference between a dedicated server and cloud server in terms of configuration lies in the fact that a dedicated server exists in the form of a single physical unit while a cloud server is developed as a system. All server resources of a dedicated server are designed to benefit a single user. In a cloud server system, you will need to develop a widespread network of machines that facilitate storage via a large Storage Area Network.

A dedicated server is backed by singularity of resources while a cloud server system is empowered by multiplicity. Moreover, in a cloud server arrangement you will find decentralization of hosted data as well as the data of VMs. Management of several independent resources of servers in a cloud system is supported by a hypervisor which also facilitates separation of cloud servers with different sizes. The resources that are handled by the hypervisor include processors, storage, and RAM.

Administration and processing

System administration tasks need to be handled by users with help of expert staff that has in-depth understanding of data storage needs, processing, and user’s data management policies. When it comes to scaling, the system admin personnel have to team up with staff from service provider. In addition, there must be a proactive and a careful approach for implementation of upgrades and execution of maintenance tasks.

Thanks to solutions automation, users of cloud servers can enhance efficiency and cost optimization of their server usage. Similarly, cloud servers can be promptly scaled up for handling grater workloads or for managing traffic spurts. However, in a dedicated server you have a limited scope to scale up the resources. Instant provisioning of resources is the hallmark of cloud server arrangement. If you are planning a very large expansion, then you will need to build a server system that blends resources of dedicated as well as cloud servers.

Storage factor

In a cloud system, you can leverage the combination of the latest OS and hypervisor offered by the service provider to achieve unlimited storage expansion. The main advantage of such expansion is its ability to obviate current website operations thereby resulting in zero downtime.

However, if you want to avoid any downtime while performing storage expansion in a dedicated server environment then a detailed planning is essential. It cannot be achieved at a short notice. Moreover, a physical server has its own limitations in terms of drive bays that provide storage capacity.

This also applies to addition of processors in a dedicated server to enhance processing power of the platform. The operation will require migration of the site to another server and may result in downtime. Cloud servers suffer from limitations of nodes if a user has to further enhance processing power.

In conclusion

Although the basic objectives of dedicated and cloud servers are similar, there are a great number of differences in their capabilities and efficiencies. If you are aiming for a high performance platform, then it would be prudent to choose a dedicated server. If scalability is the need of the hour, then a cloud server system is a logical answer.


What Factors Should You Evaluate Before Choosing Dedicated Hosting?

Choosing a web hosting solution should never be a hasty decision. This is because very often companies that decide on an impulse have been seen to be struggling with their chosen hosting solutions. They are then forced to upgrade their hosting plans to accommodate their business requirements. So, the first thing to ask yourself would be what kind of server you will need to handle your workload. If you have to change your servers every now and then you not only end up wasting more time, but also more money. Dedicated hosting servers should be your choice only when you have carefully analyzed some of these factors:

One of the very first factors which companies must consider when choosing the perfect hosting solution for themselves is what kind of impact downtimes are likely to have on your business revenues. So, when choosing a dedicated hosting server, you have to see how the host plans on tackling downtime problems. When you sign up for cloud solutions this problem is taken care of because the architecture of the cloud makes it resilient to hardware failures and crashes. While you may not have to share resources with co-users, there is always a point of failure when you have a single server to rely on. So, it is imperative to decide whether you can afford to take the risk of possible downtimes.

When choosing dedicated hosting, another important factor to consider would be scalability. You need to see how fast you can add new servers and how scalable the applications are. While you may be able to add hardware conveniently, scaling all applications may not be as easy. To run a single database on multiple servers would mean that it has to be synchronized across all the servers. You can shift a database to servers that can offer better RAM and CPU. In a cloud, scalability is easier as you can clone servers and add load balancers for redirecting the traffic to other servers.

A third important factor to analyze when choosing dedicated hosting is what your performance demands are from the servers. This depends on the number of users you are expecting to cater to and this will help you understand the number of servers you will need. You need to determine how many processors you need in a server. This will also depend on the nature of applications you run. You have to check the core performances in clock speed as some of the processors will offer higher turn-around time. Your software vendor and application managers can guide you on which dedicated server to choose. Besides the CPU, you need RAM for which you require a server which can offer you sufficient memory. When you do not know how much RAM you will need, it is best to opt for a server that is scalable. The new generation servers employ the latest DDR4 technologies that positively affect database performances. Finally, the hard drive is what you must consider to choose a dedicated hosting server. A RAID set-up is preferred as it offers protection against failures.

When you have a site which gets high incoming traffic at times, you are going to need multiple servers which can cater to this increased number of users. When your applications can scale over multiple dedicated servers through load balancing techniques and end-users can be divided amongst many servers, it is beneficial. So, when you have load balancers, every request gets directed to a distinct server. To do this the load balancer will ensure that this server is active; else it will direct the traffic to some other server.

Predictability of traffic to your site will determine the amount of bandwidth you will need. When you know that you will need high bandwidth but the predictability is low, it is possible to get a plan which includes high amount of data traffic.

You must also consider the locations of your end-users when choosing dedicated hosting servers. So, if your customers are in US, there is no sense in hosting the site in Europe as data delivery tends to be affected. Network quality of the host will also determine data delivery. So, you must ideally review the NOC or Network Operation Center links of the hosting providers to know about this.

Before signing up for unmanaged dedicated hosting, you should also check to see to what degree you can self-manage the server. When you run applications on dedicated servers you must have the expertise to maintain such servers. You should check whether you can access a remote management solution. Such a module will be beneficial when you are shifting from IT on-site solutions to hosted solutions. It works like an intermediary step where the work structures remain as it is and IT staff can make the transition smoothly.

Finally, you also need to ensure that the host offers specialists and experts to come up with custom-made solutions for you. A good knowledge partner is a must when you choose dedicated hosting.

Choosing a Dedicated Server

Choosing a Dedicated Server to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Every business can derive a large array of advantages by establishing its online presence. However, there are many organizations and small enterprises that exclusively depend on their websites for their business activities. These business entities need to consider dedicated server hosting for handling mission critical applications and managing sudden spikes in traffic.

Ultimate advantages of dedicated severs

Although, businesses can choose from a variety of hosting plans, there is no substitute to a dedicated server, when you need to host resource intensive websites. Dedicated server hosting has been proved to be the most logical choice on account of their flexibility, security, and reliability for conducting a wide spectrum of business operations.

You can expect to offer a satisfying browsing experience to visitors by supporting your business sites by adopting a dedicated server to operate critical workloads. There are hardly any resource-constraints in dedicated server hosting that are usually found in shared hosting plans.

You can expect the following features by adopting a dedicated server for your business website:

• Sufficient space and bandwidth
• Greater security of server
• Ease of upgrading to support growth of the business
• Minimum downtime to enhance customer satisfaction
• Excellent uptime guarantee
• Availability of proactive technical support
• Reliable server performance

Situations that demand dedicated server hosting

It is quite natural for a small business to consider shared or VPS hosting plans that assure affordability of a multi-tenant hosting arrangement. However, one cannot hope to continue using the same type of hosting plans because growth in traffic or business can put great strain on limited resources offered by such basic hosting plans.

A dedicated server may become a necessity, if the current web hosting plans are no longer able to sustain growing resource needs of websites. Hosting resources need to be upgraded in response to increasing number of concurrent visitors and frequent traffic surges.

A business may be operating through a single or multiple sites. However, the need for a dedicated server transcends the total number of sites required to manage the business. Any website that encounters high traffic must be backed by optimum resources such as bandwidth, memory, CPU, and so forth. Hence, a dedicated server is an essential prerequisite for a site of any size.

The need for a dedicated server is not only felt by owners of businesses that operate a large number of sites but also by those who are counting on a single website. Huge traffic volume is the single most common reason for leveraging dedicated server hosting.

It is quite logical to expect that resource needs grow exponentially as more and more software applications are adopted for supporting a variety of business processes. Hosting platforms that rely on dedicated servers can even cater to hardware intensive hosting environments.

Cramming your website inside a straight-jacket of shared hosting plan can lead to stunted growth of your business. Your hosting platform must be capable of supporting your ambitious business growth plans. Dedicated server hosting plans are extremely accommodative in terms of resources and other factors such as speed and security.

Sufficient availability of resources and fast page load speed are the most essential attributes of successful websites. In spite of its higher price, a dedicated hosting plan can definitely pay for itself over a longer period. Similarly, if you are nurturing a vision to build a great website that is set to grow in terms of traffic as well as applications, then you need to consider the choice of a dedicated server.

Remarkable flexibility and security

Business websites need a lot of customization and a dedicated server hosting is designed to boost flexibility as it allows improved configuration. This feature of dedicated servers helps enhance user experience to a great extent.

Dedicated server hosting is a perfect choice for websites that need to operate with greater security. Websites of organizations that handle sensitive information or commercial websites that enable online transactions must incorporate stringent security measures for safeguarding critical information.

In case you are proposing to boost your website performance by upgrading to a dedicated server hosting, then you should look for the three most important factors including round the clock technical support, enterprise grade server, and provision of optimum bandwidth as well as space.

Selection of a right operating system such as Windows or Linux can go a long way in ensuring desired performance of the business website. Similarly, one must provide right level of security by adopting state of the art security measures including firewall, DDoS protection and so forth.

Modern business websites strive to provide flawless user experience by minimizing the scope for downtime and this necessitates inclusion of RAID arrangement for security of mission critical data. It provides assured data protection in the event of disk failure.

Dedicated server hosting providers of repute, make sure that their clients’ websites are capable of boosting confidence of visitors with help of advanced security measures and a guaranteed uptime.

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Dedicated server hosting

Understanding Dedicated Features of Dedicated Server Hosting

Setting up a large infrastructure for supporting sensitive and resource intensive website operation a mid sized or large organization can be an overwhelming task. The infrastructure must be well equipped with a voluminous storage capacity and unrestricted bandwidth availability for seamless online activities of website.

Majority of startup companies need to struggle while looking for options for hosting their new web ventures. This is more prominently experienced by organizations with significantly greater security and storage needs. It is for the same reason why the option of third party hosting is sought after by these enterprises.

The most ideal hosting plan offered to the mid and large sized organizations is found to be a dedicated server hosting plan, due to its remarkable controls and resources. Majority of the clients of dedicated hosting prefer to go for fully managed dedicated server hosting due to its useful attributes.

Managed dedicated server hosting is a perfect way to ensure excellent uptime without wasting time of in-house IT talent on executing run of the mill assignments such as maintenance and monitoring. Moreover, in-house management of server infrastructure is governed by prohibitive costs and is an extremely time consuming affair.

By adopting dedicated server hosting plans, your organization can look forward to saving valuable man-hours which can be channelized to accomplish more productive tasks and development projects.

Dedicated to reliability

It is observed that majority of enterprises that choose web hosting plans for dedicated server hosting do so for assured reliability. Fully managed dedicated server is backed by professional technical teams for enterprise grade website management for excellent online availability. All websites with sound hosting support of dedicated servers are sure to outperform their competition that has to struggle with limited resources offered by shared or VPS hosting.

Dedicated to scalability

Every business dreams to grow bigger in terms of revenue, customer base, and number of visitors to its website. Unless you have a resource rich website, it is difficult to cope up with traffic growth with frequent spikes due to marketing campaigns and seasonal factors. This can only be achieved by selecting a dedicated server hosting plan. No matter what types of applications you need to run on the websites, a dedicated server has you covered. Similarly, your website is always assured of premium bandwidth support.

Dedicated to security

This is the most attractive attribute of dedicated hosting. In fact, almost all mission critical websites are hosted on dedicated servers that guarantee unparalleled security. Users are free to install individual security software such as anti-malware programs or firewalls. Dedicated servers enable unlimited administrative access for installation of such applications. It also facilitates easy updates and security patching for seamless protection and prevents any unauthorized intrusion that could prove to be harmful to the website’s vital data.

Dedicated to tasks

In addition to providing a guarantee that all mission sensitive business operations are executed without any hassles, dedicated servers also help install as well as configure important software programs that further support these functions of businesses. Since a dedicated server can be programmed to focus on a specific task, you need not be concerned about any downtime or lag of business processes.

Secondly, the maintenance costs of dedicated servers are considerably on a lower side in contrast to a Virtual Private Server or a shared server hosting environment. Thanks to the highly qualified team of dedicated software professionals, your dedicated server is maintained for its flawless performance without any downtime even during the maintenance activities. Leading providers of dedicated hosting in India are reputed for offering useful services of anti-spam filters, caching software, and unique IP addresses for seamless business operations.

Dedicated to flexibility

The level of operational flexibility offered by a dedicated server cannot be matched with any other type of hosting plan. There is no need to support your server operations by installing specific applications that are necessary in a shared hosting ecosystem.

Since a dedicated server is not required to share resources with any other website than yours, you have unlimited flexibility of using its entire resources for installing and running applications of your choice. Users of dedicated server hosting are free to support their unique operations by installing operating systems of their choice such as Linux or Windows operating system.

Most of the businesses that prefer dedicated server hosting experience elevated website performance without any latency and other critical issues that may impact user-experience. The wide spectrum of resources offered to users by dedicated servers can be attributed to the seamless website performance even during the period of traffic spikes.

In conclusion

Dedicated server hosting is regarded as the most feature-rich hosting category for resource intensive websites. No wonder, websites of educational and financial institutions such as banks or government and healthcare websites are found to be supported by dedicated hosting. Its unlimited administrative controls, operational flexibility, and scalability are some of the most attractive features for businesses that are on the fast track of growth.


Factors That Must Be Considered Before Choosing a Dedicated Server

It is very important to analyze your hosting needs before jumping to decisions. There is hardly any sense in repeated switching of servers because the process is not only complex but is also highly time consuming and expensive.

There are few vital parameters such as type of workload, deliverables, and need for large databases to be considered before understanding the type of server required for your venture.

Following are the eight significant factors related to dedicated servers, one needs to understand before finalizing its hardware configuration and a service provider.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Ability to absorb downtime

Since there is usually a single point of failure in dedicated server, on must be prepared for a possible downtime due to failure of hosting environment. The only other choice would be to scale up to several dedicated servers.

Users of dedicated server must have proven expertise in dealing with an eventuality of hardware failure. Unlike cloud hosting which has a unique set-up for securing users against server crash, users of dedicated servers should know the level of acceptance of downtime.

Understanding scalability of application

One should have an in-depth knowledge about scalability of the application that is going to run on the dedicated server. The application needs to be studied in terms its ability to run on multiple servers and the impact of the same on growth in number of visitors.

Ease of scalability provides freedom from choosing a specific type of server to run a particular application. However if your application cannot be scaled on more than one server, then you will have to synchronize the application over all database servers.

This can be an overwhelming task. Databases can be easily moved to server with greater storage, RAM, and processing capacity. In contrast, cloud environment facilitates cloning of the server while having a copy running in production and redirecting traffic to several servers by adding a load balancer.

Defining performance needs of your sever

Performance requirements must be understood critically by knowing the expected number of users and requirement of number of servers. It should be noted that presence of multiple hardware choices can significantly influence performance of server.

Choosing CPU/Processor – You are allowed to decide number of cores and processors in a given server. This can be influenced by the type of application and whether adding more core would boost performance or not. Ideally a multi-threaded application does benefit from multiple cores including database servers or web servers.

It is also advisable to take into account performance of core in terms of clock speed in MHZ because even with less cores and greater GHz per core, some cores deliver a superior turnaround time.

In addition to considering expected number of users, you should take advice regarding number of cores and type of processor from software vendor or anyone who happens to manage the application.

Random Access Memory (RAM)- Your RAM options are multiplied if you have a faster CPU and more cores. In case you are not sure about your RAM requirements then it would be easy to select a server that enables addition of RAM if required. You can choose from vast spectrum of RAM choices particularly with double processors.

You should consider the server size while selecting RAM as per the latest technology of DDR4 that facilitates an enhanced database performance. Being a current standard, the price of DDR4 is well within the reach.

Setup for hard drives- In order to immunize your website against single hard drive failure, you need to select a RAID setup. Even in case of a single hard drive failure, you can have your site up and running by the time you replace hard drive, notwithstanding a minor loss of performance.

Your hard drive options can multiply in proportion to the size of your server. You can choose SAS over SATA for twice the amount of performance if you are prepared to pay higher price and accept its lower capacity. However, SSDs are currently in vogue due to their amazing performance that is fifty to hundred times greater than SATA.

Handling spikes with load balancers

If you are running an application that is capable of scaling across several servers, then using a form of load balancers to serve huge number of users that are divided in multiple servers is the most sought after solution. This type of situation is bound to arise as your traffic keeps on rising. Load balancer facilitates directing every request to a particular request to balance the traffic by minimizing chances of excess load on a single server.

Predicting bandwidth consumption

It is easy to define required bandwidth if the traffic is predictable. Choosing a package that offers unmetered billing option or large amount of data traffic to control your spend.

Server location and network quality

Speed of data delivery is directly influenced by the distance between your users and server. Hence you need to choose a host with servers positioned in Europe, if your users are located in Europe. Second factor to consider for faster delivery is the quality of network by testing the network and by checking Network Operation Center page of the provider.

Server management

As a user you need to know the extent of your authority in terms of server management. In order to manage your server you should be provided with facility of remote management with help of remote management module.

Knowledge sharing

It is of utmost importance that your host engages his technical experts during designing a customized hosting solution. You should be advised by the webhost about best practices and availability of a multitude of solutions with recommendation of hybrid solutions that merge different products into one solution.

Smart Applications for Your Linux Server

Hosting providers across the globe employ enormous data centers powered by Linux servers. These hosting services are utilized by enterprises so that they can focus on vital business goals. In case you are planning to hire a Linux dedicated server hosting provider, the information present here will be useful. But before you read this blog, let me tell you that products and applications that run on Linux usually come free-of-cost.

Now, we will read about a few key tools which can revamp your Linux dedicated server’s routine. These tools are basically server side applications which boost the host’s performance to a great extent.

GRUB: It is a boot loader application that has been released under the GNU project. It enables your computer to use 2 operating systems on one machine. With its help, you can choose an OS of your choice during the first booting cycle. So the idea is that GRUB enables a multi-boot specification that suits your business needs.

In case GRUB is installed on your Linux dedicated server, you can pass boot time parameters directly to the kernel; you can also select numerous images of the kernel on a single OS.

Providers generally assist companies to install the GRUB boot loader atop their server.

TCP Wrapper: It is a free tool that is readily available on the internet. It is like a firewall for your Linux based server because every incoming packet is continuously monitored by the TCP Wrapper application.

Hacking attacks on a Linux sever are ducked by the TCP Wrapper. This tool checks all external sources to ensure that they are authorized to connect your Linux server. In case of an unauthorized attempt, login permission is denied on the application.

Zend Optimizer: It is a free runtime application which enables PHPs to run Zend Guard encoded scripts. Those who want to run encoded tools can download it for free.

It comprises of the Zend Encoder and the Zend Guard which encrypt specific files.
Zend optimizer supports PHP applications which decrypt and run apps on the fly. Hence you enjoy an enhanced runtime performance.

Now that you know all about 3 useful tools for a Linux dedicated server, make use of them through your hosting provider and maximize your limitations with an enhanced security model.

Dedicated Server Hosting: Simplifying Business Complexities

Rising market competition and technological advancements is driving businesses, and at the same time mounting pressure to innovate quickly in order to channelize new revenue streams and deliver fast. In this light, dedicated server hosting renders the desired objectives without displaying any performance lag. There are certain challenges that businesses usually encounter with regard to minimizing IT capital expenditures and operating expenses, eliminating the hassles of IT operations, scaling IT resources and focusing on core business activities. Today, several businesses tend to subscribe dedicated server hosting plan in order for obtaining the aforesaid objectivities. In fact, meeting the said objectivities help companies to maintain complete control, improve security and reduce operational costs.

Talking about business challenges, dedicated server hosting represents a very lucrative solution for companies, irrespective of size and business nature. It is observed that hosting an e-commerce website on a dedicated server is a path towards concentrating on core competencies instead of resource allocation for managing and controlling IT infrastructure. This hosting solution is in vogue and if a business focuses on mobility, opting for this hosting solution is appropriate. This is because dedicated server hosting helps to reduce complexity by shifting infrastructure components and mission-critical applications in a data center that can be managed without fuss.

Dedicated server hosting minimizes the maintenance of IT infrastructure, reducing the costs of software licensing and business operation. In this hosting plan, your on-site capability is fully utilized so as to enhance the return of investment. In fact, compatible dedicated server hosting plan improves efficiency and cost-effectiveness and maintains the standard of service quality and keeps IT concentrated on value-add innovations. All in all, this hosting solution enables businesses to grow at a fast pace at much lower levels of risk.