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Why Choose Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions

If you are an organization with extensive IT requirements but do not have the resources to have an in-house IT team, then managed dedicated servers can be the answer. Managed dedicated servers have emerged as the most reliable option for organizations facing such situations.

Besides helping you get the kind of server hosting environment you want for your business, it also offers a string of other benefits as well.

Budget is indeed a major problem for most organizations that are just spreading their IT wings. That’s why experts recommend using dedicated servers as it can help your business acquire the resilience you need without having to shell out loads of cash.

Cost cutting comes from not having to:

– Hire expensive IT professionals
– Assess the IT infrastructure your business needs
– Invest in servers and associated hardware
– Carry out maintenance and protocols updates
– Spend on premises for infrastructure

Large enterprises will not have any problem accommodating the cost associated with procuring dedicated servers and its running and maintenance. However, small and medium organizations have to deal with limited finances and also with the lack of knowledge and expertise about such projects.

Managed dedicated server hosting is a simple and practical way of joining the big IT league without having to pay a huge cost for the premium server. You can easily plan for the future as you can negotiate a contract with the server host that includes terms and conditions for effectively covering all your IT needs for the present and the future.

So How Do Managed Dedicated Servers Work?

Here’s the whole process – from idea to execution:

The process begins with consulting an expert in IT architecture who can guide you in developing a unique strategy for your IT needs. A detailed analysis will be drawn up taking into account your current, short-term and long-term growth needs.

The next step in the process is a migration of your existing IT systems into the newly developed architecture. The hardware and software systems are updated and you get access to the dedicated servers through the software dedicated for the purpose.

The servers are managed by a team of experts with an on-demand service ensuring that they run smoothly and efficiently. The team will also monitor server systems for optimal uptime.

One of the biggest benefits of using dedicated servers is that you can utilize your time to manage and develop your core business functions without having to take time out for maintaining and updating your server infrastructure. You can utilize the expertise of the top IT professionals at a fraction of the cost of hiring them for your enterprise.

Benefits Of Managed Dedicated Servers:

Managed dedicated server hosting provides access to:

– Hardware and software systems as well as bandwidth and power at heavily discounted prices
– Backups that guarantee operational continuity with a high degree of security
– Security updates and 24/7 monitoring
– Secure data centers that provide Insurance against disasters

You can also enjoy high speed through the server’s optimized networks. By choosing a reputed hosting service, customized and quick responses can be expected for any technical or other issues that you may confront. You will also have an increased capacity for growth and diminished outlays for downtime with managed dedicated servers.

Why Are Organizations Looking At This Hosting Option More Closely

Managed dedicated server can be just the kind of powerful hosting solution you need as it does not require you to have an exceptional level of IT competency to manage the system smoothly. Other forms of hosting often force users to deal with problems like frequent updates and security issues that may involve expensive solutions, thus adding to your overall operational costs.

When you have finally made up your mind to go ahead with a managed dedicated server for your business, the next critical step is to choose a company that offers hosting solutions which are in line with your unique hosting demands.

You simply cannot afford to have a poorly managed presence online in today’s competitive online business environment. By choosing managed dedicated server hosting and utilizing the services of a reputed and established hosting solutions provider, you can be sure of getting closer to your near and long time IT goals.

With a managed dedicated server hosting, you will be able to find more time to focus on your business. Running a server is not your cup of tea and is best left to experts. Managed dedicated hosting allows you to do that. Your business will be able to run in optimal performance mode on all critical parameters.

The increasing preference for managed dedicated servers among organizations indicates very clearly that it is has been accepted as a reliable and affordable hosting solution that can help users achieve their best performance level. You can stay focused on your business operations and achieve greater success instead of diverting your time, energy and resources on server management.

The only precaution you must take is to partner with a company that specializes in offering the best managed dedicated hosting solutions.

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Why Your Online Business Needs Support of a Dedicated Server

A well-resourced online business guarantees desired returns to ecommerce operators. Your customers expect the online store to be efficient, organized, and always accessible and this can only be achieved by supporting it with premium resources.

Performance boosters for online shops

Seamless performance of your online venture in terms of its applications depends upon a number of factors including the type of server, hosting service provider, and every other resource that promises unrelenting availability coupled with high performance of your online business application.

The Dedicated hosting service is the backbone of any online business because it works hard to make sure that your potential as well as existing customers are able to enjoy their browsing and shopping experience. Only the right web hosting company has required tools and resources to ensure visitor engagement through a secure and convenient browsing experience.

A secured and intuitive environment is essential for boosting confidence of customers to perform online transactions for their purchases since they would be required to submit personal information such as usernames and passwords. If your online business has ability to be always available, then it is easy to satisfy and retain your customers who may be visiting your business site any time of day and seven days a week.

You can choose the Right Backup System for Your Business from hosting solution provider from a plethora of web hosting options including shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated server hosting to name a few. The process of selecting the right hosting partner is a complex one since one has to identify hosting needs and then proceed to find a right hosting service provider that would fulfill hosting objectives.

Choosing a right hosting platform

For all mission critical websites including those of online stores or businesses that belong to the ecommerce domain, a dedicated server is the ultimate option. Among all available hosting platforms a dedicated hosting allows access to premium resources apart from a large storage, premium bandwidth and incessant uptime that guarantee superior performance and seamless availability of a business website.

Improved availability of resources is also a vital requirement to meet challenging traffic conditions marked by sudden spikes during festival season, holidays, and sales promotion. If you wish to focus on development of your online business without getting bogged down with complexities of maintaining web servers, then a managed dedicated hosting solution is a perfect option.

Almost every hosting service provider offers choice of unmanaged servers as well as managed servers to their customers. If you have a strong technical background in terms of operating, configuring, and maintaining servers, then an unmanaged server hosting could be a right alternative.

Dedicated server and managed hosting combine advantages of sufficient resources and premium technical support on round the clock basis. Ecommerce websites of small and medium businesses would benefit from support of a managed hosting platform since there is usually a lack of in-house technical expertise.

If you are looking for a right hosting solution and an established service provider, ten you should focus on a web hosting company that assures prompt and proactive technical support, round the clock monitoring of servers, backed by optimum load balancing capabilities for freedom from downtime or any unplanned outage.

Striking advantages of a dedicated server

If your current hosting service provider is not offering satisfactory service which is impacting performance of your online venture, then it is time to look for alternatives. This is a common concern with websites that are operating in multi-tenant environment of shared hosting plans.

On the other hand, a dedicated server assures independence and privacy of hosting environment without any restriction as far as the vital resources are concerned. Any online business must support its website with resources that enhance flexibility, scalability, and accessibility of the site. The website should also be operated in a secured environment since it is supposed to handle personal information related to online payments.

Freedom guaranteed

In a dedicated server hosting environment, a user enjoys freedom to choose suitable operating system and other resources according to individual preferences. Every dedicated server comes with a remotely operated web control panel such as cPanel or Plesk to perform a wide spectrum of server related operations including security patching, configuration, scheduled scans, and automatic updates.

Whether you are planning to launch you new online business initiative or are struggling to maintain your existing business website due to lack of sufficient resources and controls, then adoption of a dedicated server backed by managed hosting is a way to go.

Freedom from the hassles of monitoring, operating, and maintaining your website assures sufficient time to develop your business in terms of new sales promotion activities, SEO initiatives, and improvement of customer engagement by enhancing website’s design.

In conclusion

Growth is the hallmark of any new business and it can only be achieved by secure, consistent and high performing website that is always accessible to visitors. A dedicated server platform provides a right environment for business expansion without any security concerns.

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Why a Dedicated Server is Essential for Success of any Online Business

Exclusive support of a dedicated server makes a business website perform without any hiccups. Investing in dedicated server hosting is therefore one of the most prudent business decisions. A dedicated hosting solution helps you strike an optimum balance between resources that boost business and other overheads such as office space and employees.

Unless you gain a thorough knowledge about essential attributes of a dedicated server without falling prey to some of the myths that are surrounding it, you will not be able to find the best dedicated hosting solution for the specific use case in your business. In this post, let us understand a dedicated server hosting from different perspectives to gain a comprehensive insight.

Cost considerations

Cost efficiency was never claimed to be an attribute of a dedicated server, particularly in the initial period when it was introduced as a hosting solution. However, as the server technology continued to make significant advances, hosting companies designed economical hosting plans of dedicated server hosting.

Present hosting packages consist of an optimally priced dedicated server that can fit into budgets of even small and medium sized businesses. If you feel that your current hosting plan would not be able to support your ambitious growth plans or is not offering a secure hosting environment, then there are affordable dedicated server hosting factors to choose from.

What about reliability

There is hardly any doubt that a shared hosting ecosystem impacts performance of websites on account of resource hungry neighbors. The noisy neighbor syndrome is responsible for a large number of shared hosting customers opt for more resource-rich alternatives. The falsehood unlimited shared hosting plans has already been exposed as the hosting service providers restrict resource limits by applying soft conditions.

Freedom and simplicity

Forget the over-crowded environment of shared hosting that would only suffocate the performance of your website during the most crucial periods. Sudden rise in visitor traffic demands an unrestricted access to resources including memory, disk space, I/O speeds, and bandwidth to name a few. This can only be guaranteed in a dedicated server hosting plan that allocates all resources of a standalone server to support a single online venture.

A dedicated server allows hundred-percent access to all resources of server to a single website without interference of noisy neighbors. The root level access facilitates the entire gamut of administrator functions that include configuring individual settings, use of web application firewall, in addition to freedom of software installation and customization.

It is often said that a dedicated server demands the user to be a technical wizard and should not be tried by someone who lacks knowledge about hardware or software that supports the dedicated server. Although, this was relevant in the past, the new hosted solutions offered by established service providers make it a breeze to own a dedicated server without having any technical exposure about servers.

To add to the simplicity of operating and controlling your dedicated server, an intuitive control panel is provided as part of your hosting package. This can be accessed from anywhere to maintain seamless control on the various aspects of the dedicated server. The control panel is also aimed at allowing you to make the most out of allocated resources. Of course, it can be operated even by a beginner.

Uninterrupted web presence

As a businessman or an online entrepreneur your first priority is to ensure your web presence without any hiatus. The most important factor to guarantee seamless performance is the uptime and anything less than 99.999 percent would impact web presence and subsequently cause dissatisfaction of visitors.

If your dedicated server provider is not able to provide SLA backed uptime guarantee of 99.999 percent, then you might encounter downtime issues and loss of business. Many users of dedicated server hosting try to save costs by falling prey to substandard hosting service providers that lure them with promise of unlimited plans, which are nothing but marketing gimmicks.

If you choose a reliable and experienced dedicated service to enhance customer satisfaction, a high level of technical support would be guaranteed with easy access to expert technicians via phone, live chat, or other channels of communications. Your hosting solution would also entitle you with facility of submitting ticket from the web control panel for early and satisfactory resolution of complaints.

Secured and rich hosting experience

A dedicated server is hallmark of absolute control and security and the hosting solutions that include dedicated servers are regarded for extremely stringent security and privacy of hosting, unlike shared hosting plans.

In shared hosting, users are always exposed to fear of their digital assets falling into malicious and wrong hands. Reputed providers of dedicated server solutions make sure that their users are not only allocated optimum resources but also protected from hackers as well as spammers.

In conclusion

If your website is on a rapid growth track, then a shared hosting plan would retard progress of your online business. Only a dedicated server will provide a resource rich environment without compromising security of your business data.

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How Dedicated IP Addresses Benefits Search Engine Optimization

When your website enjoys higher Google ranking, it means that you have a better chance of selling your products or services. To get this high rank in a search engine like Google, it is imperative to deploy SEO techniques. The SEO experts will keep working consistently to ensure that your website can get better positions in the results page and higher leads as a result. In doing so, they rely heavily on dedicated IP addresses. The dedicated IP address will offer many benefits to SEO efforts as compared to a shared IP address.

To understand how much more beneficial the dedicated IP address can be when it comes to improving your website rankings on Google, you should know what a shared IP address is and its drawbacks. The server in which your site is being hosted is typically a single machine which will own a distinct IP address. But, when you sign up for shared hosting plans, there will be many more websites being hosted on that single machine. So, all the sites sharing the same platform will be automatically identified by the same IP address which has been provided to that server. In comparison, a dedicated IP address will be primarily used by sites which sell products online, like the ecommerce stores. Such websites typically handle sensitive information such as credit card details and other personal data. A dedicated IP address offers many significant advantages to websites where SEO is concerned:

One of the biggest benefits which a dedicated IP address will offer is higher loading speed for your web pages. When you share an IP address with some other websites and any of these turns out to be more successful than your site, you will notice your website gradually slowing down. When you acquire a distinct IP address on a shared server, it is not a guarantee that your site will be loading faster. But, if you can get hold of a distinct dedicated IP address in a platform which caters exclusively to your site, it is likely to bring about an improvement in site speed. Switching to dedicated hosting will automatically make your website far more secure, reliable and fast.

Another important benefit is the SSL certification. Google is known to give higher rankings to sites which have proper SSL certifications. So, websites which have URLs starting with https are considered to be secure for online users. This is a genuine benefit in terms of SEO which cannot be undermined. The certification will ensure that your website is visible via public networks and it can run better and faster so that more and more visitors may come to it. The Google crawlers have been typically designed to index websites with this certificate and they will always favor sites which have https.

When you have a dedicated IP address it means higher security and better performance for your website. This is especially true of the websites which get a lot of incoming traffic. When you have shared hosting and a shared IP address, you will find hundreds of websites using the same address. This result in overloading of the server causing it to crash frequently and resulting in downtimes. But a dedicated IP eliminates these problems and make your site readily accessible. When you have dedicated IP address, your hosting speed is substantially increased and this in turn influences your site performance as well as site security. The SSL certificate will also protect your domain name and your emails from the phishing scams. You will never want another party to clone your site to extract private information. When armed with a SSL certificate, this becomes impossible to achieve. Besides, using the SSL will also ensure that all sensitive information gets encrypted. Reports have revealed that a huge percentage of online visitors are scared that their private data can be misused for illicit reasons. To make sure a site has SSL certification, there is a lock icon or a green bar which visitors must lookout for before they buy anything online or release private information.

When there are many websites sharing an IP address they will be sharing resources from the same server. Many of the users may even contain malware. This turns out to be a great risk because when there are bad neighbors, there are chances of your site getting blacklisted. Your SEO rankings will immediately. So, in such a situation, it is always preferable to own a distinct IP address with any reputed and reliable web hosting provider. Such reputed web hosting services can offer you dedicated IP addresses at affordable costs and they will even set these up for you.

These are some of the key reasons why a dedicated IP address is the safest bet for ecommerce companies. While getting to the first page in Google rankings may be controlled by a multitude of factors, the IP address and SSL certificates are unarguably one of the most significant factors.

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