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Dedicated Hosting

Will Dedicated Hosting Lose Its Relevance in a Cloud World?

The fact that cloud computing has overshadowed benefits of dedicated hosting for a business is much debated. While cloud computing tends to be the buzzword these days, dedicated hosting has certainly not lost its importance. A dedicated infrastructure still continues to offer many advantages over cloud hosting models in specific scenarios.

What are some myths about dedicated hosting?

There are some cases where dedicated hosting seems to be very much necessary unlike what most people would think. There is a general tendency to assume that private clouds are the safest bet when security concerns are high. However, the truth is that dedicated infrastructure services can often provide far better security options for your data. You have the freedom to set up custom security measures for protection against breaches.

Many businesses feel that dedicated hosting services involve more hassles. However in reality, dedicated hosting offers far more flexibility and control than any other form of hosting especially when it comes to meeting specific security, compliance and performance needs. As a matter of fact, using a dedicated infrastructure can often help to reduce complexities. This is possible because users will get the freedom to make changes in the configuration of servers; they can carry out customizations seamlessly within a single-tenant environment, something unheard of in any shared environment like a cloud.

Another commonly held myth about dedicated hosting is that it is costlier compared to the cloud. However, the truth is, that by making predictable workloads run on dedicated servers and using public clouds to cope with traffic spikes, businesses can actually save money. Dedicated hosting will actually offer you an environment which you do not have to install or manage but one that you can completely customize. So, you can enjoy significant cost savings through dedicated hosting plans too.

Many clients feel that to manage dedicated hosting plans, you will need a lot of expertise. This is not entirely true when you have a quality team of experts that are there to support you in the planning and implementation stages. When you can sign up with a good hosting service provider, you can count on their 24×7 support. These experts will instruct you on how best to optimize the infrastructure, how to cut down on costs with dedicated hosting plans and how to troubleshoot problems.

Dedicated hosting plans are also much easier to manage as they provide a lot of flexibility. They help to introduce simplicity in your system as you have the freedom to install custom features and change server configurations.

Another huge benefit that dedicated hosting seems to provide over cloud hosting is high availability. The same benefits may also be guaranteed by the cloud through load balancing. With the help of advanced cloud set-ups, users can even drag-and-drop balancing solutions at any place. In dedicated hosting, problems relating to availability or capacity can be conveniently corrected without much difficulty. Dedicated servers are powered by advanced technologies and they have redundant load balancers which guarantee high availability for all sites. This means that even if a single server or more than one server crashes, there are other standby servers which will step in to take its place to ensure that availability is not disrupted.

With cloud servers, application infrastructure can be easily scaled up and down, depending on your business requirements. So, businesses do not have to go through the hassle of adjusting their systems all the time to cope with the fluctuating business demands. Dedicated servers will provide the same flexibility and scalability at much lower costs. One of the biggest reasons to choose cloud hosting solutions is scalability. However, although computing resources may be scaled up, the applications might not be prepared for the same. So, your options are limited. But when you have dedicated servers, you also have the option of moving into the cloud when you need to scale out. Creating complex software which can be scaled up is a huge challenge and needs a lot of time. This is also the most important reason why dedicated servers have not lost their charm yet. With dedicated hosting, you always have enough room to grow and the full freedom to do what you want with the software and hardware. So, even if you need to scale up the resources, you can count on your dedicated server to back you up till the transition is made to the cloud.

These are specific benefits which enterprises can obtain from dedicated servers and these are not going to fade anytime soon. Even with the growth and popularity of cloud hosting, dedicated hosting is not likely to lose its relevance in a cloud-dominated world. The cloud hosting solutions are undoubtedly far more cost effective and viable for businesses but the dedicated hosting infrastructure is one which provides certain special advantages which cloud hosting cannot compete with. At the same time, organizations that realize the value of dedicated hosting also understand that the cloud is definitely the future of hosting. So, they are making a constant effort to learn how to integrate the advantages of dedicated infrastructure with their cloud infrastructure.

Dedicated Servers

How Dedicated Servers Meet Challenges of Modern Online Games

Dedicated servers provide unlimited scope for customization, speed, security, and control to help gamers focus on the pleasure of gaming rather than grappling with connectivity issues.

Dedicated servers for game hosting

Significance of a dedicated server for gaming is best highlighted by glitches or jumps during a game-play. This is especially true in case of multi-players games such as call of duty that heavily rely on seamless connectivity. It is hardly any matter of surprise why renowned game hosts such as MineCraft or WarCraft consider using dedicated servers for hosting online gaming communities irrespective of their sizes.
Whether you are a small gaming party or an extensive group of gaming enthusiasts, dedicated servers deliver unmatched connectivity for an enhanced gaming experience. Dedicated servers can also be used as host servers for operating multiplayer games to facilitate a group of local friends for a hassle-free gaming experience.  

Unexpected server crash is the commonest and the most serious roadblock for any gaming activity. Run of the mill servers such as shared servers can instantly annihilate a budding community of gamers whenever there is a traffic surge. This calls for reliable dedicated server hosting services so that the server resources are geared to take on traffic challenges.

How a dedicated server enhances UX in gaming

If you are planning to deliver game services to a large number of users that can run into millions, then dedicated servers are essential to make sure that you are able to build a loyal customer base. Ordinary servers can result into frequent downtimes or connectivity issues and may lead to erosion a of valuable customer base.

In order to play an online game, one must have a support of a hosted server that is specially built for the purpose of gaming. There is no substitute to a dedicated server if you feel that your clients should experience a gratifying and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Let us understand the importance of a dedicated server from the perspective of a online gaming entrepreneur. In order to facilitate players of online games that involve role playing, a dedicated server must be chosen for uploading the games. In view of attracting more and more players one must make sure that the resources are tuned to handle challenges such as traffic spikes and this is only possible in a dedicated server hosting environment.

Dedicated servers are designed to perform with help of dedicated software as well as enterprise grade hardware for flawless performance even under challenging situations. Usually, reputed hosts ensure that dedicated servers for gaming are positioned within top tiered data centers for reliability of performance and uptime.

Choosing the right host

Success of an online gaming venture not only depends upon choice of a server but also on the selection of a right dedicated server hosting provider. If you are in touch with operators or designers of some unique sites, then they can certainly help you find the hosting service providers to support your gaming ventures.

Ability to understand complexities of gaming is an entirely different skill than handling dedicated servers in the domain of gaming. Unless you have a sound knowledge of programming and handling of backend workloads of dedicated server ecosystem, it is futile to shoulder the extremely technical responsibility of operating high end server resources.

This calls for managed dedicated server hosting, which empowers users to enjoy freedom from managing technical complexities of running dedicated servers. Providers of managed dedicated server hosting look after the entire gamut of tasks such as, OS upgrading, security patching, and instant resolution of technical glitches in addition to performing the setup, configuration, operation and maintenance  of the servers.

Dedicated server can make the difference

Most of the requirements of gaming server are focused on the higher level of performance since the new games rely on low latency and high availability of resources. Operators of online games are also expected to deliver seamless security and reliability apart from the above mentioned attributes.

Slow loading sites can destroy the joy of gaming due to sudden disappearance of gaming characters and subsequent loss of the entire game. Low latency site fir gaming facilitates real time responses and enhances overall gaming experience.

Although, there are other options including Virtual Private Servers or cloud servers, the importance of dedicated servers for gaming activities remains unchallenged. Dedicated server continues to be the most reliable choice for uploading and operating online games that are having demanding features.

You can elevate the performance of your gaming venture to unmatched level by adopting a dedicated server environment. Dedicated server hosting services from experienced providers are reputed to enhance server performance in comparison with any other type of hosting.

In conclusion

There has been a paradigm shift in the way online games are being played by new generation gamers. These changes can be perceived in terms of increased demands of accessibility, availability, and number of concurrent players.

Modern players need to access online games from any corner across the globe and inclusion of high density graphics and cutting edge features that support multi-player games underline need for a rock-solid support of dedicated game servers.

Dedicated server hosting

Understanding Dedicated Features of Dedicated Server Hosting

Setting up a large infrastructure for supporting sensitive and resource intensive website operation a mid sized or large organization can be an overwhelming task. The infrastructure must be well equipped with a voluminous storage capacity and unrestricted bandwidth availability for seamless online activities of website.

Majority of startup companies need to struggle while looking for options for hosting their new web ventures. This is more prominently experienced by organizations with significantly greater security and storage needs. It is for the same reason why the option of third party hosting is sought after by these enterprises.

The most ideal hosting plan offered to the mid and large sized organizations is found to be a dedicated server hosting plan, due to its remarkable controls and resources. Majority of the clients of dedicated hosting prefer to go for fully managed dedicated server hosting due to its useful attributes.

Managed dedicated server hosting is a perfect way to ensure excellent uptime without wasting time of in-house IT talent on executing run of the mill assignments such as maintenance and monitoring. Moreover, in-house management of server infrastructure is governed by prohibitive costs and is an extremely time consuming affair.

By adopting dedicated server hosting plans, your organization can look forward to saving valuable man-hours which can be channelized to accomplish more productive tasks and development projects.

Dedicated to reliability

It is observed that majority of enterprises that choose web hosting plans for dedicated server hosting do so for assured reliability. Fully managed dedicated server is backed by professional technical teams for enterprise grade website management for excellent online availability. All websites with sound hosting support of dedicated servers are sure to outperform their competition that has to struggle with limited resources offered by shared or VPS hosting.

Dedicated to scalability

Every business dreams to grow bigger in terms of revenue, customer base, and number of visitors to its website. Unless you have a resource rich website, it is difficult to cope up with traffic growth with frequent spikes due to marketing campaigns and seasonal factors. This can only be achieved by selecting a dedicated server hosting plan. No matter what types of applications you need to run on the websites, a dedicated server has you covered. Similarly, your website is always assured of premium bandwidth support.

Dedicated to security

This is the most attractive attribute of dedicated hosting. In fact, almost all mission critical websites are hosted on dedicated servers that guarantee unparalleled security. Users are free to install individual security software such as anti-malware programs or firewalls. Dedicated servers enable unlimited administrative access for installation of such applications. It also facilitates easy updates and security patching for seamless protection and prevents any unauthorized intrusion that could prove to be harmful to the website’s vital data.

Dedicated to tasks

In addition to providing a guarantee that all mission sensitive business operations are executed without any hassles, dedicated servers also help install as well as configure important software programs that further support these functions of businesses. Since a dedicated server can be programmed to focus on a specific task, you need not be concerned about any downtime or lag of business processes.

Secondly, the maintenance costs of dedicated servers are considerably on a lower side in contrast to a Virtual Private Server or a shared server hosting environment. Thanks to the highly qualified team of dedicated software professionals, your dedicated server is maintained for its flawless performance without any downtime even during the maintenance activities. Leading providers of dedicated hosting in India are reputed for offering useful services of anti-spam filters, caching software, and unique IP addresses for seamless business operations.

Dedicated to flexibility

The level of operational flexibility offered by a dedicated server cannot be matched with any other type of hosting plan. There is no need to support your server operations by installing specific applications that are necessary in a shared hosting ecosystem.

Since a dedicated server is not required to share resources with any other website than yours, you have unlimited flexibility of using its entire resources for installing and running applications of your choice. Users of dedicated server hosting are free to support their unique operations by installing operating systems of their choice such as Linux or Windows operating system.

Most of the businesses that prefer dedicated server hosting experience elevated website performance without any latency and other critical issues that may impact user-experience. The wide spectrum of resources offered to users by dedicated servers can be attributed to the seamless website performance even during the period of traffic spikes.

In conclusion

Dedicated server hosting is regarded as the most feature-rich hosting category for resource intensive websites. No wonder, websites of educational and financial institutions such as banks or government and healthcare websites are found to be supported by dedicated hosting. Its unlimited administrative controls, operational flexibility, and scalability are some of the most attractive features for businesses that are on the fast track of growth.

Availability Dedicated Servers

Top 5 High Availability Dedicated Servers

High availability dedicated servers refer to highly powerful computers that enjoy high-speed web connectivity. These will also be typically housed within state-of-the-art data centers. Being advanced systems they are supported by redundant power connections, RAID disk towers, effective backup provisions etc so that clients get maximum reliability and a high uptime. When you have high-availability dedicated servers, you are not likely to experience any one point of failure.

The high-availability dedicated servers can be customized as these are scalable. So, you can configure them to cater to your own unique business interests. You can adjust the server settings so that critical applications never malfunction and remain available always. For businesses, these types of dedicated servers are found to be indispensable because even a few instances of downtime can be disastrous for any online venture. Besides huge revenue losses, companies are likely to experience a loss of face and their credibility gets damaged when there are frequent downtimes. If your buyers cannot access your site because of latency problems, they will navigate to other sites and the business ends up losing profits, time and buyer confidence. The results are even more disastrous at the time of peak seasons. So, the only way to avoid such instances of revenue losses for businesses is to choose high-availability servers. These systems will work on the basis on a complex set-up of software and hardware where each component is capable of functioning on its own.

This will ensure that even if there is a glitch in any one component, the entire system will never collapse. Here are 5 high availability dedicated servers for businesses:

1. The ultra-high performance servers refer to the high-end dedicated servers having very high computing strength. These have been designed to get superior site performance and therefore are best suited for enterprise-level workloads. These servers will typically comprise of the latest dual Intel Xeon E5 or E3 series processors, 64GB-256 GB RAM redundant power connections, cooling units, 8-24 TB SATA II HDD, and offsite backups. In case additional power is required, it is possible to upgrade the capacity.

2. Load balancing dedicated servers are another type of high-availability servers. These will ensure that the incoming traffic is evenly and effectively distributed amongst many servers without any instances of disruptions. The load balancer is the software which is designed to offer the load balancing advantage. This load balancer is responsible for directing user requests to different servers. So, it will ensure that requests get fulfilled in such a manner which guarantees the highest speed and proper capacity usage of all the servers. In short, no server remains underutilized or over-utilized. So, every time buyers visit a website, they get connected to load balancers first and these route them to the servers. When any of the servers malfunction, this software ensures that the traffic gets re-routed to other active servers on standby. When there is more traffic, you are free to add new servers too.

3. A scalable private cloud refers to a cloud computing model where you can enjoy self-service, elasticity and a high degree of scalability. A private cloud is scalable because you can get resources you need when you need these. So, you are free to upgrade your storage area or memory or processing power at any time. Moreover, the private cloud is also highly secure making it perfect for large companies. You are free to customize storage and networking to cater to your specific business needs. Data gets stored in dedicated servers which can be accessed by you alone. When you have the servers on-site, there is an internal staff to monitor them; when the servers are housed in data centers, there are experts to monitor these. Besides, the private cloud offers the highest levels of redundancy so that you do not need to buy additional hardware when traffic peaks. You enjoy better control over both the infrastructure and data as your business gets access to the server resources exclusively.

4. Fail over refers to the power to switch to standby servers and networks when the main network or server fails for some reason. This may be due to maintenance reasons and workloads will be automatically shifted to secondary networks. However, the fail over needs to be smooth so that users do not even get to know about it. So, this is a perfect solution for businesses to prevent downtime at any cost. Automatic fail overs are easy to install. There are primary and secondary servers, both with the same data. A third server monitors the main server so that when there is a problem, it updates DNS records for the site and ensures that traffic gets re-routed to the standby server.

5. High availability clusters refers to a server group which can support server applications so that there is least downtime whenever any server fails because of overloading. The most widely prevalent clusters are active-passive and active-active. The first has dual nodes but not all are active at the same time. The secondary stays passive and this type is suited for failover clusters environments. The latter has dual active nodes and is best suited for true load balancing. This solution ensures that even if any server in a cluster tends to go offline, services will get migrated to the active host. The faster the server can be restored online; the faster your business recovers.

Dedicated Server

Points To Consider When You Buy A Dedicated Or VPS Server

Installing servers does not have to be a Herculean task because the provider usually takes care of this for you. But, to be able to exploit the features of the hosting plans and to optimize the server to boost your business, you need to make some changes to default settings. Your web host will typically install and also configure the server for you, the main programs and services which you need. However, you can request the support staff to analyze and install your servers properly to optimize default settings and cater to your business demands well. So, once you have already bought a virtual private server or a dedicated server, you may look into these following factors:

 Modifying Security Policies: Since you own the server and enjoy admin access to it, you can decide on the degree of client access or security limits. This means that you will be essentially provided with some fundamental security tools. These may not be enough to keep away advanced threats or risks. So, you may have to request and empower the host support teams for tightening the security arrangements according to your specifications. In other words, you may ask the provider to set the host and IP-based limits for WHM, SSH and the Plesk login panels. You could ask them to disable unused ports and vulnerable PHP or system function, configure the password strength, and install more firewalls and antivirus detection measures according to your needs. You could also make sure the users are stopped from overriding the PHP configuration values in the .htaccess files and php.ini files.

 Optimizing Memory Resources Management: Your CPU and RAM will determine the system performance. But you may fail to get a high loading speed even with a high-end server unless the server has been properly optimized to work together with your site. So, there are going to be default PHP and MySQL settings in the control panels for servers which have been set up. You need to ensure that the LAMP settings are properly adjusted depending on your application needs and the resources available. When you host free and open source applications, you can get information about the environment settings from the README section of the software. But, when you customize an open source app like a CMS or script, you can request developers to coordinate with the tech support staff to make the necessary arrangements. When the host can successfully optimize the LAMP settings, your site performance is improved. You can also prevent server overloading.

 Backup and Recovery Arrangements: When your hosting provider offers you paid or free backup services, you should definitely get these optimized to suit your needs. The host tech support staff will either configure backups according to your specifications or will wait for your directions. It is your duty to request support teams to adjust the backups from time to time, whether it is on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You should ideally set both the local and remote options for backups to make sure that data is secure even if the server malfunctions.

 IP Address: It is important to send information to your support staff for installing the email servers according to the best practices available. You also need to keep follow-ups in case of problems with the IP address.

 Software Updates and Upgrades: Site performance improves when the software is regularly updated and upgraded. It is better to choose automatic upgrades and also request the support staff to perform manual upgrades when needed. This will ensure that messages are not overlooked and the support teams are on board as soon as there are server issues. Routine updates will deploy new security arrangements and bug fixes to enhance performance. The support teams will also send alerts if there are major security issues. Such emails must never be overlooked and the support teams must be immediately called to install patches. To get information about vulnerabilities and new releases, you can subscribe to emails from leading software vendors such as cPanel and CentOS.

It is advisable to install the latest Apache, PHP or MySQL versions on any new server. When the server runs outdated versions of software, you need to contact the web developers to check for script compatibility. The team must also carry out upgrades as and when needed.

 Maintenance and Administration Alerts: If you find that the server must be rebooted because of some programming updates or it must be shut down to carry out some support tasks, you must ideally keep these for the weekends or during midnight. These are periods which are likely to witness least traffic. Side by side, you must also make sure that there is another portal on another remote server which can store downtime updates regarding the server or instances of server disruptions. Your clients and staff must be duly kept informed about all of this through threads and emails to prepare them in advance.

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Selection of Web-host and Significance of SEO Readiness

Selection of Web-host and Significance of SEO Readiness

There are many website owners or web admins that are not attaching the necessary significance to SEO while launching new businesses. SEO is also an important criterion for evaluation of hosting services while choosing a web host or migrating to a different host.

It is difficult to appreciate the role of web hosting services in ensuring customer retention and enhancing search engine ranking of your website. Therefore one must not leave any stone unturned for making sure that every possible measure is adopted to ensure faster page loading and other attributes for customer engagement.

This calls for an in-depth and thorough analysis of host’s capabilities that boost search engine ranking as well as website loading speed.

Right type of hosting to fulfill your needs

Search engine optimization is a vital feature of a website that is designed to run an online business. SEO cannot only enhance your business prospects but can also help you improve conversion rate via enhanced visitor engagement.

There are three major types of hosting to be considered for implementation of the best SEO practices. It would be relevant to review these individually.

Shared hosting services- These are the most affordable and therefore most commonly used hosting services. However, in terms of their potential to improve your search engine rankings, you will experience certain limitations such as IP address conflict. Moreover, shared hosting also suffers from restrictions in terms of implementation of more software applications as well as configurations. If you have a restricted budget for hosting and need an efficient hosting at down to earth costs, then shared hosting is the way to go. You must make sure that the proposed host has capability of offering you the features that you are looking for.

Virtual Private Server hosting – VPS hosting service runs on a standalone server installation to operate multiple Virtual Machines concurrently on the hardware. Every VPS hosting account holder is offered one VM for hosting website application. VPS offers an enhanced control and provides better privacy and security in comparison with shared hosting. You are free to run your own operating system and can configure the Virtual Private Server to suit your hosting requirements.

Dedicated server hosting- As the name itself suggests, a dedicated server host assigns an independent server to client. This is the most feature-rich hosting type and therefore the most ideal choice for implementation of Search Engine Optimization. It is the most sought after hosting option by large organizations and is the most expensive as well.

Key SEO factors of hosting services

You need to attach special importance to some of the most vital aspects web hosting that can make significant difference to your SEO efforts and general business.

Amount of bandwidth- Bandwidth facilitates ease of data download whenever your visitor is downloading any type of information from your website. Ease of download is directly proportional to the availability of sufficient bandwidth. If there is a low cap on the total availability of the bandwidth, then it is possible that your site will experience downtime during traffic spikes. Some web hosts apply higher bandwidth charges if the account is found to exceed the allocated bandwidth limits. Hence you need to understand your bandwidth requirements according to the traffic and amount of data or information to be downloaded.

Choice of Operating System- For users of VPS or dedicated hosting services, choosing an operating system is a vital consideration. Users of Windows or Microsoft specific applications should select Windows operating system for an enhanced compatibility. In all other situations, it would be prudent to think of Linux operating systems because of excellent economy and stability. Even though there is no correlation between a server software and Search Engine Optimization, one should choose a particular OS to facilitate site requirements rather than boosting the site’s SEO.

Availability of site builder- There is no sense n using the facility of a free site builder provided by your web host, if you have decided to take your SEO seriously by implementing an SEO friendly suite design. Therefore it is better not to attach significance to the feature of a free site builder while choosing your web host. It would be better to get paid services for building your SEO ready site.

Physical location of server- Your website must be served by hosts that have data center in your proximity. Presence of two servers that are located at geographically remote locations can also be an added advantage. Physically close server location can improve site speed in relation with visitors. It can also facilitate geo-targeting to some extent.

Network uptime- In order to improve visibility of your online business, server uptime should be a prime consideration. Downtime can not only impact your site’s business potential but can also harm your search engine ranking.

In conclusion

If you wish to provide a rock-solid foundation for your website operation, then selection of an established and reputed host is the most important step. If you come across negative reviews regarding history hacking, DDoS attacks, or database losses, then it would be better to stay away from such hosts.

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Key Points To Consider Before Choosing Dedicated Hosting Plans

Key Points To Consider Before Choosing Dedicated Hosting Plans

When you are thinking of expanding your business you will want to upgrade to dedicated hosting solutions. Likewise, when your already established site experiences ample growth, it is wise to upgrade to dedicated hosting plans. However, the most important things you will want to ensure for your website are high-end security and sufficient storage space. The hosting provider you choose should also be able to offer you ample bandwidth. Since dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared or VPS hosting, most start-ups prefer to sign up for sharing hosting initially.

Shared hosting is ideally suited for smaller businesses and start-ups because they are effective and affordable at the same time. In shared hosting, you will have to share the same server space with other co-users. So, businesses which have resource-rich sites may find it hard to handle the volume of incoming traffic they get. This is why such businesses choose dedicated hosting plans. With dedicated hosting, all the resources belonging to a server, like disk space, bandwidth, memory and processing power can be enjoyed by a single enterprise exclusively for its own needs. There is no need for sharing resources with neighbors.

Five Factors to Consider when Choosing Dedicated Hosting:

1. Enhanced Security: One of the most important factors to take into account when choosing dedicated hosting is security. Compared to VPS or shared hosting plans, dedicated hosting offers a higher degree of security as you have complete control over resource allocation. So, you can carry out regular security updates for the website and your files. When you choose a dedicated server, you can be certain that it will prevent interactions with websites which install and run malicious scripts. Users are provided with administrative access to the dedicated server and they are free to install their choice of anti-malware, anti-spyware and firewalls.

2. Scalability: When your business is growing steadily, you will need more resources from time to time. So, your demands for additional storage and bandwidth will continue to grow. Shared hosting cannot provide you with these additional resources and you have to opt for dedicated hosting. So, when choosing a dedicated server, it is necessary to find out whether you will be able to get these additional resources when you want them without having to migrate to a new host. Moreover, in dedicated hosting, users are not limited to specific custom scripts only; they can install remote applications depending on their needs.

3. Reliability/ Server Uptime: Another important factor to consider is how reliable the dedicated servers are. All businesses will try to ensure that they get the highest possible uptime from their web hosts. This will in turn guarantee zero downtime for their businesses. When you choose dedicated hosting, you will not longer have to worry about your site facing downtime as resources will be at your disposal at all times. So, regardless of how much traffic you get to your site, you will not have to face downtime issues.

4. Additional Flexibility: Dedicated hosting will offer users a lot of operational flexibility and server control. When you run a resource-rich website, you cannot afford to face bandwidth issues. You have to be able to deploy as many custom applications as you find necessary to maintain a high server uptime. Your host should allow you to set up core software with Linux commands even over Windows OS for boosting the server’s performance.

5. Operational Costs: When you have decided to sign up for dedicated hosting, you need to consider server maintenance costs. Physical servers entail steep costs because they have to be managed by teams of professionals. Service providers will offer multiple features along with their hosting packages. So, you need to check for these features and the prices of the hosting plans before you sign up. Some of these functions are unique IP address for the websites, better protection against spam, ecommerce software and caching software.

Besides these important factors that you must take into account when choosing dedicated hosting, you must also inquire about the processing power, the amount of RAM you can get etc. While the performance set-up may be superior, data delivery may not be up to the mark when data center facilities are too far away. You need to choose a hosting provider which can advise you rightly on solutions that would be beneficial for you.

When you have been able to choose a good web host, you can enjoy seamless business operations. Dedicated servers are able to give increased server control to business owners. This in turn gives them the freedom to install software and custom applications of their choice. Dedicated servers also help to prevent the site from slowing down because of third party activities. This is a common problem with shared hosting where activities on your neighbors’ sites can slow your site down.

Application Hosting

Different Types of Hosting Solutions: Benefits and Drawbacks

You can choose from different types of hosting these days. You will avail of different types of services depending on the nature of hosting you have signed up for. Choosing the right type of hosting for your website is definitely not an easy task. You should devote sufficient time to understand the features of hosting, the differences between them and then take a well-informed decision. Hosting refers t services which can guarantee site performance and offer data storage for client needs. When you need to store data like documents and images or even backups, you will need hosting services. When you run an online business, you will need hosting plans to make it operate smoothly. You can choose from shared hosting where resources have to be shared with your neighbors on the same server, or dedicated hosting where you will enjoy private servers.

Different Kinds of Hosting Solutions:

  • Application Hosting refers to services which give resources having specific features on a specific platform.
  • Web hosting solutions refer to services which let individuals and businesses to make their sites accessible to the public through the Internet.
  • To start with, you can sign up for full-featured hosting where you can lease a portion of the web server or the complete web server.

Types of Full-Featured Hosting:

  • Colocation Hosting: refers to services which let you put your servers in the data center of a third party provider. So, you basically play the rent for leasing out space in someone else’s rack space. Here, you will enjoy complete control over your server; the operating system, software and hardware.
  • Dedicated Hosting: In this form of full-featured hosting, you get to rent out or lease an entire physical server. You do not have to share this server or the server resources with other websites. You may not be able to change the hardware on your own. However, you will enjoy full root access to the server and you can run your choice of an operating system.
  • Virtual Private/Dedicated Server: Here, an entire server is divided to create many virtual servers, each capable of functioning independent of the others. You are provided with root access to the virtual server; so, you must log in with your password.
  • Cloud Hosting: In this type of hosting, you can enjoy a high degree of reliability and scalability. You will be able to draw resources from a massive resource pool that belongs to multiple servers connected to one another. You can choose from a variety of approaches depending on your business requirements. Under cloud hosting, you may choose from SaaS or Software as a Service like CRM, games communication, PaaS or Platform as a Service such as database and development tools, or IaaS which is Infrastructure as a Service referring to server, virtual machines, load balancers etc. Besides, you can choose to deploy a public cloud, a private cloud or a hybrid cloud.

Types of Web Hosting:

  • Web hosting is necessary when you want to showcase your products or services on the Internet. The web hosting provider will make sure your web pages are available to your users. You can choose from a variety of web hosting solutions as follows:
  • Free hosting is offered to businesses which are open to allowing advertisements to pop up on their sites. Free hosting, as the name suggests, is perfect for the smaller websites which do not have a huge budget to work with. So, when you do not want to get involved in the running and operations of the site and you are unaffected by advertisements, this is the right solution for you.
  • Shared hosting is for smaller sites which do not need very high speed or unlimited storage. Such sites are open to sharing the server resources with other co-users residing on the same server.
  • Clustered hosting is for businesses which demand professional solutions. This requires you to have expertise and special know how.
  • Reseller hosting is for businesses which are keen to make money by selling the space and other resources they get from their web host. Webmasters find reseller hosting solutions feasible.

Application Hosting is for businesses having many interesting ideas and viewpoints. They can choose from creating blogs, social networking, guild hosting, application hosting etc.

Content hosting is for businesses that have a lot of materials. These businesses must store specific files and data. They can choose from file hosting, image hosting, music and video hosting and document hosting.

Finally, there are some other hosting types for professionals who are well-informed about these. These include game servers, remote backup services, email hosting and DNS hosting.

The above mentioned types of hosting are some of the fundamental hosting solutions. Choosing one amongst these solutions is a hard task, even if you know in details about the features each offer. It may be a good idea to get in touch with professionals to make the right choice.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server Hosting – Why Your Business Can Do Better With This Powerful And Comprehensive Hosting Solution

Information technology and servers are somehow obstinately linked. Almost everything related to information technology requires end management by servers thus making them the backbone of any IT infrastructure. While choosing servers for hosting your websites, you will be offered options like dedicated server, shared server and virtual private server. Of all these, dedicated servers are regarded as the best. This post will discuss why dedicated servers find favor among businesses and individuals when it comes to choosing an efficient and powerful server management system.

What Dedicated Server Stands For

To understand how dedicated server hosting works, you must first know the basics of dedicated server hosting system. As is evident from the name, this is a machine or system that’s fully dedicated to one user which could be an organization or individual. Unlike shared or virtual private server, you will not have to share the server or any part or portion of it with other users. You will have full and exclusive access to all the resources allotted to your dedicated server according to the chosen plan.

It is designed to meet the hosting requirements of one entity and the whole set of computing resources will be dedicated to that entity. In most cases, the dedicated server performs like a server that’s in-house but generally it is managed and deployed by a third party service provider. The company or individual using the service will have to access the functions of the dedicated server over the internet.

Types Of Dedicated Server

This brings us to the next stage of the analysis. This involves understanding the different types of dedicated servers. They are of two types – managed dedicated server hosting and unmanaged dedicated server hosting.

Managed Dedicated Server

In a managed dedicated server hosting arrangement, the data that goes into the servers provided by the client. The responsibility of the web host is to manage other areas of the hosting system such as server deployment, running and maintenance. They are also responsible for a glitch-free performance of the server and must ensure that troubleshooting process is initiated instantly at the first sign of problem.

Managed dedicated hosting can be compared to a preset system which you can simply set up and forget. It is best recommended for medium-sized and large organizations where the personnel are busy dealing with other crucial business management issues and will have scarce time on hand to deal with server management and operations.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Unmanaged dedicated hosting is different from managed dedicated hosting on many counts. In this type of hosting arrangement, the client will be solely responsible for the operation and management of the server and will also have to deal with any technical issues that they might run into. The role of the web host or the third party hosting provider is limited to providing storage space and security of the server. They will also be responsible for ensuring that the bandwidth allocated to your organization is made available at all times.

Companies choosing unmanaged dedicated server hosting service will generally have an in-house team to take care of server resources management and other critical aspects of server operations. They will be responsible for the day to day running and upkeep of the dedicated server.

The Situations Ideal For Using Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers are the costliest server hosting option because of the many benefits the service offers when compared with shared and VPS server hosting. That’s the reason why it can be used more by organizations with good financial stability as the cost of installing, running and maintaining dedicated servers can be quite high.

Dedicated server is recommended for following situations

  • Company websites that attract high traffic and hence need a dedicated bandwidth for the smooth functioning of website and applications
  • It is also recommended for businesses that use dynamic website which need regular changes and updates
  • Dedicated servers can help companies looking to fortify their online presence

There are multiple advantages of using dedicated server hosting for your business. These include:

  • High reliability and superior performance
  • Guaranteed security
  • Obliterates the need to buy additional equipment
  • Comes with guaranteed uptime for optimum availability
  • You get full and exclusive access to all the resources needed for smooth running of business regardless of the traffic density

In Conclusion:

It is obvious that despite being one of the most expensive server hosting options available currently, dedicated server hosting is an expensive proposition, it is a great solution given the several benefits it offers. When you opt for dedicated server hosting, the service provider puts out the entire server machine at your service. You are free to utilize its resources the way you want to improve workload, maximize uptime and boost availability. You can also get unrivaled level of support round the clock for ensuring smooth business operations.


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How Can Retail Business Benefit from Dedicated Hosting?

When you are planning to launch an online business, it is important to choose the right kind of web hosting services for your site. Given the economic difficulties that modern businesses must face, it is necessary to choose a web hosting solution which allows optimum resource utilization. Dedicated hosting allows you to enjoy an entire server exclusively for your own use. This means that you will have complete control over resource allocation and you can even upgrade resources when you need them.


You can actually end up saving when you decide to choose dedicated hosting for your retail business.  Buying dedicated servers will spare you of the trouble of getting extra resources like higher bandwidth or greater disk space when your site grows and you start to get more incoming traffic.

Your IT teams are expected to work on a continuous basis to make sure that your site does not face downtime. This is important because if your website slows down or it crashes, you will end up losing many customers. In a retail business, the POS or Points of Sale have to be accurate, offering instant inventory records so that there are no discrepancies. It is important to keep the system updated as far as inventory in the warehouses is concerned.

This will ensure that businesses can place orders for refilling their warehouses and they do not lose clients. Losing prospective or existing clients is something that no entrepreneur can afford to experience. To get all of these moving smoothly, it is imperative to get dedicated servers. Dedicated servers will be able to guarantee the reliability, scalability and stability an online business requires.

Most businesses find maintaining private data centers a rather costly proposition. This is because a business will then have to bear both capital costs for buying hardware and software, and also operational costs for hiring and maintaining IT teams. The end result is a huge investment for any retailer. Although shared hosting plans seem to appeal to retailers because these are low-priced, it is better to choose dedicated hosting which can guarantee efficient utilization of resources.

With dedicated server hosting, you can be sure of quicker processing of communications and faster transfer of data between the POS terminals and the accounting systems. Applications like the CRM or Customer Relationship Management are used for helping businesses. Whether it is monitoring site performance or maintaining servers, managing security or overseeing capacity, the dedicated web host will have the required expertise to make sure the systems work optimally. Dedicated servers help to reduce complexities in managing this whole system.

Dedicated servers will make sure your online business does not get affected by spammers and hackers. This is because dedicated hosting plans will guarantee a far higher degree or security. This is especially significant for businesses which deal with online financial transactions over SSL or FTP.

Since you do not have to share the server space with co-users like in shared hosting, you do not have to worry about malicious activities in neighboring sites. When you have server resources under your control you can reduce downtimes. Managed dedicated hosting is preferred by businesses that do not want to deal with server management problems. In this type of hosting, the host will look after the servers and troubleshoot all server-related issues.

All servers have a unique IP address which is a precondition for getting SSL certificates for an ecommerce site. Without this certification, handling customer data online may become risk-prone. So, to conclude, dedicated hosting is a must for ecommerce sites or retail businesses because they handle online financial transactions. When you run a fashion blog or an individual website, you can choose VPS or shared hosting which is a cheaper yet reliable option. But with an online business or a gaming site, you cannot rely on shared hosting, or for that matter, VPS hosting. The traffic to such sites is very high and dedicated hosting is the most preferred solution under the circumstances.




Reviewing Major Attributes of Dedicated and VPS Hosting

There are three basic types of traditional hosting including dedicated server hosting, shared hosting, and VPS hosting. Considering all important parameters of hosting such as performance, customizability and price, we can position shared hosting on the lowest rung of the web hosting ladder.

If you are looking for a superior option than shared hosting in terms of the parameters mentioned above, then dedicated server and VPS hosting are two straightforward options. Dedicated and VPS hosting offer wide range of choices to users, thereby adding to confusion of choosing the right alternative.

Let us therefore individually focus on each of the obvious options including dedicated and VPS hosting for better clarity of choice.

Dedicated server for premium attributes

If you need the most powerful and the fastest server for your web venture, then dedicated server is a clear winner. Dedicated server truly deserves the topmost rung of the ladder as far as criteria of price, performance, and customizability are concerned. However in reality a high end VPS can easily score over a dedicated server offering an average performance in terms of performance.

You can list few distinct advantages of dedicated server over VPS hosting that are possibly not available in VPS environment. The most compelling benefit of dedicated server is the extent of control it offers to its user. You can implement full customization of your dedicated server and can reboot as and when required by you.

It is observed that even if the software application is to be procured off the shelf hosting service providers do not allow installation and running of extra software unlike dedicated servers. You have unlimited freedom to install applications of your choice on dedicated server. Many providers are not in favor of allowing hundred percent freedom to users of VPS hosting as far as controlling VPS hosting environment.

Dedicated servers are also found to have an upper hand in terms of hardware. Since users of VPS hosting are operating in a multi-tenant environment, they are required to share hardware resources. On the contrary, dedicated server resources including hard disk, memory, CPU power, and access to network are entirely meant to be used by its only user. This leads to amazing predictability of results, which can be a great advantage for ecommerce sites or websites that are designed for monetization.

Reviewing features of VPS hosting

Virtual private server is an entirely different ball game. Unlike a dedicated server that exists for a single user in the form of a standalone physical server with all its resources included, a VPS server is more complex. You can have number of virtual private servers in a single server. VPS hosting is designed by partitioning a single physical server into multiple virtual servers in such a way that every virtual server has its own hard disk space, CPU power and RAM. In addition to this, users are allowed to choose between Linux and Windows operating systems for running VPS instances.

The major difference between VPS and shared hosting is the availability of dedicated resources and control in VPS environment even if it is a multi-tenant arrangement similar to shared hosting. Additionally, there are several restrictions in terms of adding applications or firewalls to secure your site in shared hosting.

In a VPS environment users are aware of the amount of dedicated resources allocated to them, unlike shared hosting. You can even expect some reputed providers allowing bursting of resources during traffic spikes.

Users of VPS hosting are able to enjoy many more advantages over shared hosting including server reboot, installation of desired software, and much more. It is strongly recommended to assess the quality and specifications of hardware instead of jut believing in what is being told. It would be prudent to ask about the freedom of migration to higher plans without impacting the online presence of website. You need to attach lot of significance to downtime, since it can affect your bottom-line.

VPS hosting as a forerunner of cloud

By opting for a VPS hosting solution, you are essentially gaining access to a virtualized machine that is independently accessible only to you as a user. In addition to Joomla or WordPress, you can think of enjoying greater controls over server environment. It is an excellent option for greater control on hosting environment. A combination of VPS hosting and Linux operating system can prove to be a highly stable and secure model for hosting your mission critical applications.

VPS hosting supports your website with a committed amount of resources that are nit interfered with by neighbors. It is advisable to study VPS plans before finalizing because there are variety of VPS packages that fifer in terms of hardware resources. If the website is expected to handle workloads of low density, then even a single node of memory can suffice. VPS hosting is the right and more affordable alternative than dedicated server hosting if you are able to identify the right provider.

Right Hosting for WordPress – Choosing from Shared, VPS, Dedicated or Cloud

Multiplicity in types of hosting can make the job of finding the right option to host a WordPress site quite overwhelming. However the sheer variety of options facilitates choice of an appropriate solution that perfectly matches your requirements.

Although one’s own Linux based server can nicely cater to your WordPress requirements. However, it may be too difficult an option due to a steep learning curve. In addition many WordPress site owners prefer to enjoy easy life by choosing an appropriate hosting plan such as shared, VPS, dedicated, or cloud hosting in addition to a CDN resource.

Depending on the project at hand one can choose a particular hosting option even though, technically all are suitable for WordPress hosting. However, in order to be able to choose the right alternative, one should have in depth knowledge of differences between these principal types of hosting.

Shared hosting- brief review

In shared hosting, a hosting provider packs multiple accounts by setting up a physical server. As the name itself implies, every customer has to share all resources including space. Due to presence of a plethora of websites on a single server, every account has access to a very small portion of the server.

Shared hosting resembles a dormitory that accommodates a large number of inmates. It is an ideal arrangement for website owners with limited resource requirement and budget restrictions.

There are many benefits of shared hosting that can help WordPress sites depending on their needs. The foremost advantages are its affordability and convenience. Users need not be concerned about security and maintenance of sites since the hosting provider looks after entire management of shared hosting. Shared hosting also provides common tools that are already installed for benefit of users.

One can instantly get started with shared hosting. Users need not be technically proficient in website administration because the hosting provider offers excellent technical support. In the event of any technical glitch, the provider will ensure that the same is attended to without delay.

Having detailed some of the advantages of shared hosting, let us focus on cons. It is possible that your neighboring sites may not be as security conscious as you. In the event of other accounts getting hacked, your site is also going to be exposed to the resulting threat as the entire server gets compromised. Moreover, in the absence of a dedicated IP address, your account stands chance of getting blacklisted due to illegitimate activities of other sites.

Restricted access to settings is an important demerit of shared hosting. Shared hosting does not provide its accounts with root access, thereby preventing users from accessing advanced settings.

By sharing vital resources including bandwidth, there could be instances of bottlenecks due to excessive consumption of resources by other accounts, leading to bottlenecks.

Although shared hosting may not sound an ideal option for majority of WordPress site owners, it can support websites with limited hosting requirements and a meager traffic.

Understanding VPS hosting

Virtual Private Server hosting is identical with shared hosting since both are multi-tenant environments. In comparison with shared hosting, VPS hosting allows larger space and resources due to limited number of shared accounts per server. Users are also offered choice of either a managed or unmanaged VPS hosting. Managed VPS hosting relieves you of all server admin related tasks including security, maintenance, and server configuration.

In case of unmanaged VPS hosting, users are assigned all responsibility of server management without any support from the provider. This makes unmanaged VPS as an ideal choice for users with sound technical proficiencies since there is no guarantee of any tech support in the event of any technical issue.

Greater availability of resources and a root access are important benefits of VPS hosting in comparison with shared hosting. Users are allowed to access hidden files and can alter settings. In the event of additional resource requirement, users of VPS hosting are able to upgrade plan without need to migrate to a new server. Security of hosting continues to remain an important concern even in VPS hosting.

This is primarily because of a shred environment. However, security standard is definitely better in VPS hosting than shared hosting because there are fewer accounts on a single server than in shared hosting. Even in terms of affordability, VPS hosting is not too pricey, although it is slightly costlier than shared hosting.

VPS hosting is the right choice for websites that receive low to moderate traffic and with need to add multiple plugins and pages. You can also think of running multiple sites because of sufficient availability of space.

If a company needs to launch its WordPress site with a high degree of complex design and does not project huge growth in number of visitors in very near future, then a VPS can be a right choice to host such a site.

VPS hosting is also preferred for websites that need custom plugins or custom applications. It also allows considerably higher traffic than a shared hosting.

Dedicated server hosting- independent and powerful

If you do not want any of the resources shared by any other website, then you should rent a dedicated server that accords complete control of the server to you so that all server resources including space, CPU, memory are reserved only for you. Dedicated hosting also allows freedom to implement any changes to server configuration. Similar to VPS hosting one can choose between a managed or unmanaged option in dedicated server hosting.

Dedicated hosting can also be used to create reseller hosting accounts. Every aspect of dedicated hosting has a superlative attribute including implementation of security parameters that can be defined according to user choice.

The major drawback of a dedicated hosting solution is the lack of scalability and affordability.

If you are running a mission critical website that needs implementation of exclusive security measure or a complex web application, then a dedicated hosting solution is a right option for hosting.

Content Delivery Network and cloud solutions

Cloud is an entirely different ball game and is offered as a cluster of networked servers. It guarantees redundancy of storage and instant scaling of resources in response to the requirement. In a CDN service, there are number of edge servers that can be loaded with mirrored content for instant distribution to remote users.

VPS hosting needs to be considered for majority of WordPress sites and if the organization’s hosting requirement demands more resources, then you can opt for dedicated or cloud hosting.

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Understanding Relevance of Dedicated Servers for Gaming

Technological advances in graphics and improved internet accessibility have changed the way people play video games. Instead of computer based games played by handful people, the modern online games involve participants from different continents who can pick teams and beat scores in games that are powered by virtual reality and high definition graphics.

Growing number of gaming enthusiasts across the globe has resulted in demand for stable and scalable dedicated servers that guarantee seamless gaming experience. These high performance servers are designed to handle traffic that is generated by millions of online gamers that access gaming website concurrently from diverse geographical locations across the world.

Brief account of development of dedicated servers for gaming

Buying play-station, Nintendo, or Xbox 360 is not everyone’s cup of tea. The latest online games involve multi-player features and are free from the possibility of boredom that may be caused by conventional games. New versions of online games that can be accessed via internet provide amazing speed, quality, and clarity.

Dedicated server based online games support multi-player functionalities with high end bandwidth for incessant availability. Popularity of online games has resulted in development of dedicated servers for gaming.

Players purchased dedicated servers and positioned them at colocation data center by renting the rack-space. The colocation services proved to be extremely valuable and the use of dedicated servers for multi player gaming websites has now become commonplace.

Significance of locally hosted servers

Dedicated servers that are positioned in the same region are preferred to those based in foreign countries. Therefore players from Australia would experience the least latency if the gaming server is positioned in the same country. This explains why leading companies engaged in providing gaming services choose dedicated server hosting services from different countries.

According to the Edward Fong, MD at Ubisoft from Australia, the Australian gamers deserve equally advanced online environment as the players from other countries in different parts of the world

Thanks to dedicated servers that have facilitated shift from artificial intelligence to MMORPG or Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games such as World of Final Fantasy, Warcraft, Ragnarok Online, and Dungeons and Dragons to name a few.

Ability of dedicated servers to support these sophisticated online games that can be operated by players across multiple locations in real time is attributed to the amazingly high bandwidth, RAM, and remarkable data processing capacity.

PYOS (Purchase Your Own Server)

Serious gamers have gone one step further by purchasing their own server. This was started after some gaming groups in South Africa purchased servers for operating black Ops 3. This also followed online petitions that encouraged creators to think about setting up servers in the region.

This has opened up possibilities of hosting own server to enjoy a gaming weekend that can obviate need to flock to open and commercial servers and annoying interruptions from unidentified users. You can even select the game options as desired by you or alter the configurations and catch the cheaters. In spite of their costs and operating complexities, dedicated servers offer more pros than cons.

Special needs of gaming servers

If you look at the list of gaming server requirements, then you will find that almost all needs are centered on high performance only. This is mainly due to exceptionally high demands of gaming environment. In fact, the two most notable requirements of server for gaming are ultrafast performance and minimum or no latency. Other features of dependability, availability, security are also expected from gaming operators.

Considering these criteria one does not need to be an expert to understand that these can only be fulfilled by dedicated servers. In spite of advent of cloud servers or VPS hosting, the gold standard for gaming remains to be dedicated servers.

Low latency of servers- Higher latency can result in a compromised gaming experience and delayed responses. This can lead to loss of your game characters much before you are able to defend these and ultimately can cost you the game. On the contrary a lower latency will reduce the ping and facilitate instant reflexes or early responses to give you an upper hand over your opponents.

Superior performance- Dedicated servers have been proved to augment performance to greater extent in comparison with all other types of servers. These support better speed and increased bandwidth to accelerate loading as well as response times for an utterly enjoyable and gratifying gaming experience.

Reliable option- Reliability is one of the most noteworthy features of dedicated servers in addition to security and control of hosting environment. Dedicated server hosting is an obvious choice of gaming enthusiasts because of guaranteed uptime, option of unmetered bandwidth, flawless network monitoring and dependable security.

No wonder some of the most popular games such as Sid Meier’s Civilization V, Minecraft, Counter Strike-Global Offensive, and Serious Sam 3-BFE are offered on dedicated servers for the most satisfying and competitive multi-player gaming experience.

Whether you are part of a large gaming corporation or have a setup for home gaming, dedicated servers have you covered due to their massive computing power and stability of performance under challenging conditions.

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Unleash the Power of Managed Dedicated Servers to Augment Website Performance

There can be no two opinions about ability of dedicated servers in terms of security, speed, performance, resource availability, privacy, control and flexibility of hosting environment. Whether you are a small enterprise or a multi-billion conglomerate, dedicated servers can cater to your hosting requirements with unmatched efficiency and privacy of hosting environment.

If resource availability is one of the concerns of your web projects, then dedicated servers have you covered. No matter what is the size of your company, dedicated servers can cater to web hosting applications of small as well as large conglomerates with equal efficiency and reliability.

Since a dedicated hosting arrangement entities your website to access all resources of a single server, you can configure the server according to your unique hosting needs. This level of freedom cannot be experienced in shared or VPS hosting because these are multi-tenant hosting arrangements.

Reliable protection

Security is the most important consideration for websites that operate in dedicated hosting arrangement. This is because dedicated hosting surpasses all other types of hosting in terms of protection of clients website data and other digital assets including client information and other mission critical data related to login credentials and credit card information.

Managed dedicated hosting entitles you to uninterrupted technical assistance and seamless protection of your web applications. Contrary to a common belief, one can opt for dedicated hosting even if there is lack of in-house technical expertise. The technical teams appointed by your hosting service provider look after all security related tasks such as regular updates, security patches, and a lot more.

Broad spectrum of support

There are multiple advantages of leasing an entire server for an enterprise. It can accelerate completion of projects, support databases, and simplify deployment of software applications of choice. Dedicated servers support development of applications as well as manage complex websites with heavy or dynamic contents. In practically all situations including peak time traffic, dedicated servers offer unparalleled performance. Dedicated server hosting coupled with incessant network uptime can result in website performance that is beyond compare. Tour visitors will always enjoy visiting your website that always available and is responding fast. The basic objective of dedicated server is to provide dedicated resources to web applications and it is for the same reason that server overload is never an issue in dedicated server hosting.

Dedicated resources

With a dedicated server to support your websites, the entire server resources are at your command and there is no possibility of clogged CPU and RAM due to excessive consumption of resources by websites. Unlike shared hosting, you will not be concerned with resource hogging websites in neighborhood. Your very own dedicated server is immune to objectionable scripts that operate in other websites or unexpected bandwidth consumption by other websites.

Greater performance and security standards

Dedicated servers are sought after by many entrepreneurs for excellent uptime for website that deliver unrestricted performance even under demanding conditions. In addition, dedicated server provides greater security and privacy of hosting environment and allows implementation of individual security policies and firewall configuration. Even in the presence of resource intensive applications and extremely heavy traffic, dedicated servers continue to deliver stable performance.

Companies with significantly higher security concerns due to presence of sensitive information thrive in dedicated hosting environments due to availability of unique IP addresses and SSL encryption. Visitors feel secure to transact payments by using their credit or debit cards due to these security aspects. In a dedicated hosting environment

Flexible and hosting with greater ROI

Clients of dedicated servers are able enjoy flexibility of hosting and can customize their dedicated server in terms of operating systems, software applications, CPU, RAM, and disk space. Since a fully managed dedicated server does not need in house technical personnel to look after server management, you can utilize your talent pool to execute more productive tasks for the growth of the enterprise.

Your hosting service provider looks after the maintenance and updates to keep the server always up and running. With considerable reduction of overheads, companies can look forward to greater cost efficiency with dedicated server hosting than operating servers at in-premise facilities.

Outstanding support

Dedicated servers are ideal for large ecommerce stores and gaming portals. Visitors are able to instantly log in and access the websites without any hassles at any time of the day. These websites are offered amazing support to ensure flawless hosting.

Usually, reputed hosts make sure that appropriate technical support regarding server deployment, boot related matters, and setting up of firewalls, is offered to clients. The support for databases includes FTP services, database repairs, and MySQL upgrades along with support for mail systems and frameworks.

Managed dedicated server hosting services provided by trustworthy hosts enable smooth management of online businesses. If you have an exclusive support of your in-house teams, then you may choose unmanaged dedicated server hosting. Proven providers of dedicated hosting make sure to enable clients from all business verticals to find the right hosting solution for any business.

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Factors That Must Be Considered Before Choosing a Dedicated Server

It is very important to analyze your hosting needs before jumping to decisions. There is hardly any sense in repeated switching of servers because the process is not only complex but is also highly time consuming and expensive.

There are few vital parameters such as type of workload, deliverables, and need for large databases to be considered before understanding the type of server required for your venture.

Following are the eight significant factors related to dedicated servers, one needs to understand before finalizing its hardware configuration and a service provider.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Ability to absorb downtime

Since there is usually a single point of failure in dedicated server, on must be prepared for a possible downtime due to failure of hosting environment. The only other choice would be to scale up to several dedicated servers.

Users of dedicated server must have proven expertise in dealing with an eventuality of hardware failure. Unlike cloud hosting which has a unique set-up for securing users against server crash, users of dedicated servers should know the level of acceptance of downtime.

Understanding scalability of application

One should have an in-depth knowledge about scalability of the application that is going to run on the dedicated server. The application needs to be studied in terms its ability to run on multiple servers and the impact of the same on growth in number of visitors.

Ease of scalability provides freedom from choosing a specific type of server to run a particular application. However if your application cannot be scaled on more than one server, then you will have to synchronize the application over all database servers.

This can be an overwhelming task. Databases can be easily moved to server with greater storage, RAM, and processing capacity. In contrast, cloud environment facilitates cloning of the server while having a copy running in production and redirecting traffic to several servers by adding a load balancer.

Defining performance needs of your sever

Performance requirements must be understood critically by knowing the expected number of users and requirement of number of servers. It should be noted that presence of multiple hardware choices can significantly influence performance of server.

Choosing CPU/Processor – You are allowed to decide number of cores and processors in a given server. This can be influenced by the type of application and whether adding more core would boost performance or not. Ideally a multi-threaded application does benefit from multiple cores including database servers or web servers.

It is also advisable to take into account performance of core in terms of clock speed in MHZ because even with less cores and greater GHz per core, some cores deliver a superior turnaround time.

In addition to considering expected number of users, you should take advice regarding number of cores and type of processor from software vendor or anyone who happens to manage the application.

Random Access Memory (RAM)- Your RAM options are multiplied if you have a faster CPU and more cores. In case you are not sure about your RAM requirements then it would be easy to select a server that enables addition of RAM if required. You can choose from vast spectrum of RAM choices particularly with double processors.

You should consider the server size while selecting RAM as per the latest technology of DDR4 that facilitates an enhanced database performance. Being a current standard, the price of DDR4 is well within the reach.

Setup for hard drives- In order to immunize your website against single hard drive failure, you need to select a RAID setup. Even in case of a single hard drive failure, you can have your site up and running by the time you replace hard drive, notwithstanding a minor loss of performance.

Your hard drive options can multiply in proportion to the size of your server. You can choose SAS over SATA for twice the amount of performance if you are prepared to pay higher price and accept its lower capacity. However, SSDs are currently in vogue due to their amazing performance that is fifty to hundred times greater than SATA.

Handling spikes with load balancers

If you are running an application that is capable of scaling across several servers, then using a form of load balancers to serve huge number of users that are divided in multiple servers is the most sought after solution. This type of situation is bound to arise as your traffic keeps on rising. Load balancer facilitates directing every request to a particular request to balance the traffic by minimizing chances of excess load on a single server.

Predicting bandwidth consumption

It is easy to define required bandwidth if the traffic is predictable. Choosing a package that offers unmetered billing option or large amount of data traffic to control your spend.

Server location and network quality

Speed of data delivery is directly influenced by the distance between your users and server. Hence you need to choose a host with servers positioned in Europe, if your users are located in Europe. Second factor to consider for faster delivery is the quality of network by testing the network and by checking Network Operation Center page of the provider.

Server management

As a user you need to know the extent of your authority in terms of server management. In order to manage your server you should be provided with facility of remote management with help of remote management module.

Knowledge sharing

It is of utmost importance that your host engages his technical experts during designing a customized hosting solution. You should be advised by the webhost about best practices and availability of a multitude of solutions with recommendation of hybrid solutions that merge different products into one solution.