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Understanding Correlation between a Dedicated IP and Email Marketing

Email marketing has rapidly emerged as one of the most sought after marketing-strategies to connect with customers due to a wide spectrum of benefits including economy, speed, and convenience. Awareness about use of dedicated IP for implementation of email marketing has substantially grown to the extent that these two terms are often mentioned to together.

Assured Email Delivery

Every organization that implements email marketing as a tool to promote business or needs to regularly communicate with business associates or customers via email, must make sure that the emails are securely delivered to the main inbox of desired addresses and not in the spam folder.

Spam folder is the last place one can think of as a final destination of a business email. There are few factors to consider such as sender’s reputation and deliverability of email in order to achieve successful mail delivery. Most of the email filters are programmed to assess reputation of sender’s IP addresses before pushing emails into the oblivion of spam folders.

Dedicated IP assumes importance due to the need for successful email delivery. The article is aimed at conveying necessity of using a dedicated IP instead of a general one can multiply possibility of reaching inbox of the targeted recipient. Dedicated IP has ability to dodge spam folder so that the business mail is delivered into its rightful place.

Value Addition by Dedicated IPs

Dedicated IP is a very commonly used term by people in web hosting business. It accords a special status to the emails by facilitating their faster transportation via an exclusive path. On the other hand, general IP address has to handle a large number of emails from different sources and therefore deliverability of such communications is slow and questionable.

Adoption of a dedicated IP address is essential if you are planning to send bulk emails to routine subscribers. Having an exclusive IP address shields your reputation which would otherwise be hampered due to unethical practices of hundreds of other senders using same IP address. In order to understand this, you should find how a single sender that is engaged in spamming can influence all other users sharing the same IP address to be branded as spammers.

Email communications are also constantly monitored by top-ranking mail clients such as Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo to build databases of blacklisted IP addresses which are known for spamming activities. These service providers sort messages by leveraging blacklist to make sure that their users are protected from being harassed by unsolicited emails.

Some Highlights of Dedicated IPs

Very low bounce rate of emails or rare instances of bulk email communications indicate that you are not an ideal candidate for using a dedicated IP. Ideally, a dedicated IP should be used by senders of bulk emails. In fact, more than one dedicated IP can be used for very high email volumes.

It provides remarkable control on delivery potential of the email communications. If your organization is engaged in sending thousands of emails over a period of five to six days, then a dedicated IP becomes mandatory for saving your messages from being blacklisted.

Second and equally important prerequisite for assured success of email campaign is the email list which must be permission based without a single exception. It would be a great idea to include double opt-in contacts. You need to avoid using public mail addresses such as Yahoo or Gmail while executing email marketing campaigns. Private address is a much better option since it will protect your email from being categorized as a spam mail.

Role of Email Marketing Experts

Reputed email marketing specialists design strategies to protect an organization’s email reputation irrespective of the fact that the client is operating in a shared IP environment. Seamless monitoring of user behavior helps users adopt good email marketing practices by preparing strong email lists.

Email marketing is a complex task which may hamper your reputation as a trusted sender. It is therefore strongly recommended to use a dedicated IP address for safeguarding your organizations best interests. Additionally, a dedicated IP is also the best option to establish your website’s reputation. No professionally operated business would prefer to use an email address that culminates with a generic mail address such as [email protected] and so forth.

What next

Once you have made a wise decision about going for a dedicated IP, then the next step would be to get in touch with the Email Service Provider to find out the most suitable plans from your business point of view. If you wish to gain a flawless reputation for your emails, then the best way is to slowly warm up the freshly adopted email address.

This can be easily performed step by step by slowly increasing the number of emails sent to desired contacts. You need to give some to Internet Service Providers before they can recognize or brand your emails to be originating from a non-spamming email address.


Important Tips for Selection of Hosted Email Services

The digital age has opened a large spectrum of opportunities for entrepreneurs in terms of online marketing, payment processing, and internet enabled communications such as email. The main focus of all online activities must be aimed at establishing a robust and legitimate identity of business.

This brings us to adoption of unique email address which is backed by domain name instead of generic mail address.  The process of availing a domain name to create unique email identity is referred to as email hosting.

Attractive features

Email hosting can be leveraged to upload digital content. This feature of email hosting is just like web hosting and in other words, enterprises can operate official email accounts that help them build unique identity. If your company is using yahoo or Gmail supported email address, then there is a possibility that your potential clients may not perceive your company to be a professionally managed organization.

There is a general feeling that generic email addresses are used by fly by night operators or by companies that may not be serious about services. If you are planning to avail web hosting services from reputed provider, then there is every possibility that email hosting feature is included in the hosting plan. You can also avail independent email hosting option that does not make it mandatory to purchase web hosting plan.


Making a choice

The decision to select a particular email service provider or a specific email solution entirely depends on the needs of the organization. It is actually very difficult to select an email service because the common facility of send and/or receive is offered by every service provider. This underlines the significance of studying features of every potential email service provider and understanding the pros and cons of these services.

In a nutshell, you need to understand and compare email services in terms of the two main email hosting categories that are discussed below.

Host enabled email services

Thus category of email services is commonly encountered in web hosting. Thanks to the competition among hosting service providers, email hosting is usually included in the website hosting package. The quintessential control panel used by almost all web hosts allows a simple and user-friendly email account features. The beauty of cPanel lies in the fact that users can manage web hosting as well as email services from its intuitive panel. The biggest advantage of using these email services is the simplicity and convenience of creating email accounts without any hassles.

However, in spite of such user friendly attributes and benefits of economy there are few downsides to the hosted services that are essentially provided as add-on offerings. These services will be lacking in couple of important features since the services are not part of core offerings.

In the initial phase of web hosting, the add-on email services can be the most attractive feature because the overall requirement of resources is bare minimum. If you are proposing to include large volume of email addresses and thereby need to scale up storage, then this option will miserably fail to support your future plans. In order to make sure that the email solution also grows with you organization, you need to find a dedicated email hosting service provider.

Dedicated option of email service

As the name suggests, dedicated email platform is designed to facilitate a single user and hence it is packed with a plethora of additional features which are not available in the earlier option we have discussed.

The additional attributes of dedicated email service can include calendar management, file sharing, in addition to instant messenger service. In terms of performance also this choice of email service offers far better output as compared with shared mail services that are part of web hosting plans.

By adopting a dedicated email service, you can also design a unique email solution that caters to unique needs of your business with help of customization facilities. Dedicated email helps businesses build a robust communication platform that delivers scalability and flexibility to accommodate growing needs.

Another advantage of these services lies in the continuous monitoring facilities to help large organizations seamlessly handle communication workloads. If you need to have a unified platform to enable resource utilization as well as storage management of your email communications, then a dedicated email platform is the only solution.

In terms of cons, a dedicated email service will result in higher expenditure if you are planning to enable a larger user base to avail email access. Secondly, a new enterprise may not have sufficient expertise to manage web hosting services and email services from two different platforms.

In conclusion

Large enterprises should adopt dedicated email services because these are capable of serving broad spectrum of communication needs. Startup enterprises are not geared up to handle complexities of managing separate services and therefore a web host enabled email service can be a perfect option.