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Relevance of Email Campaigns in Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Among all direct marketing tools, email marketing is probably the most commonly used and powerful option that can be used for nurturing leads as well as for boosting ecommerce sales. If the email marketing campaign is appropriately designed and conducted then it can help build stronger customer relationships in a highly cost effective manner. Although, email is relatively an older medium of communication as compared to Facebook or other social platforms, it is proved to be 40 percent more powerful in terms of acquiring new clients than Twitter or Facebook.

Understanding relevance of email marketing in ecommerce

Email marketing involves building email lists for conducting mass campaigns that can comprise of current client base, potential or warm leads, and other segments of your contacts.

Every business including brick and mortar as well as ecommerce can leverage support of email marketing by accommodating it in its marketing strategy. Email marketing allows a regular stream of emails to be sent to the audience for building relationships and establishing a top of the mind recall. It also helps keep your contacts updated regarding new launches, product or service extensions, to boost sales.

Proper implementation of email campaigns

Email marketing enables amazing returns on investment and it can be used to build ecommerce enterprises since it is not practical to develop face to face contacts with customers who are using ecommerce. It has been demonstrated that email campaigns can account for 50 percent growth in revenues at nearly 33 percent lower expenditure as compared with other marketing strategies.

Online entrepreneurs can exploit their email lists for conducting various campaigns that are being run on social platforms for encouraging clients to follow your business on these platforms.

Email campaigns can be aligned with your blogs for improving your readership. Properly crafted emails can be sent to relevant audience for prompting a right action. There are certain strategies to be followed for designing and executing successful email campaigns. Following infallible tips can certainly help you achieve desired results from email campaigns.

Strategic application of series campaigns

Series campaigns are implemented for triggering email messages to users against specific actions on websites. The series campaign is designed around specific call to action parameters that are being focused by organization.

Welcome series is designed to be prompted by signing up of newsletter, following a blog, or opening account with your service. The welcome series usually begins with a word of thanks followed by reinforcing their trust by explaining advantages. Next email in series can be designed to stimulate the recipient to initiate an action to begin a buying process. This can be either upgrading an account or signing up for a service. The final mail in welcome series can be an offer to purchase supported by a discount coupon.

Series campaign for abandoned cart is another common email campaign to encourage customers to buy items that have already been selected by them. Similarly, a follow-up series is designed to tank your customers for purchasing your service or products.

You can request customers to come back if they have not visited your site for a long time after some amount of initial interest by implementing We Miss You series. These campaigns as part of series campaigns contribute to your overall email campaign strategy.

Focusing on content of email

You need to concentrate on the strength of content of your email message. A poorly crafted mail will have no effect even if it is sent to the right prospect and at the right time. The mail needs to be properly crafted, formatted, and tested before sending it across to the prospects.

Prior to opening any mail the viewer is looking at the subject heading. Therefore a compelling subject heading can improve chances of your mail getting attention. The subject line must be short and crisp because you have only 3 to 4 seconds before the reader is distracted to other messages in his or her inbox. Message should be mobile friendly with a clean layout and draft that will not offend viewer with negative statements.

Copy writing

This can be considered as the most daunting part of email campaigns. While preparing draft, you need to maintain a friendly and personal tone. While presenting your product, do not make the client feel that you are here to make a sale you need to explain value of your product or service to your client.

Segmenting the audience

It will be more apt to divide your audience into smaller fragments to make your campaigns more pointed and sharp focused. This can also help you improve relevance of your messages while enhancing chances of conversions. By improving relevance of your content, you are also minimizing chances of your mail getting ended up in a spam folder. Audience can be segmented on the basis of number of factors such as purchase histories, age, purchase interests, and so forth.

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Key Considerations for Effective Email Marketing Strategy

It is ridiculous to claim that email is on the verge of dying. In fact, it is one of the oldest and the most consistently evolving mediums of electronic communications. It is also regarded as the topmost direct channel of communication based on its daily use. No wonder, email is not only preferred for personal but also for business related communications.

The major attributes of email’s growing popularity are its flexibility and universal acceptance. It is also backed by the modern internet users who using their smart phones and tablets to communicate by using email as the medium of communications.

Large chunk of marketers have agreed that purpose of their email marketing campaigns is to deliver the right kind of content. The ideal email marketing strategy must begin with building the right list and should involve data management and many more important parameters for assured revenue generation. These parameters are individually explained in this article.

Create a strategy for acquisition

It should not be difficult for you to analyze the places that are being used by your customers for connecting with your brand. This can be followed by understanding ways to improve their experiences and use of advanced techniques and tools to boost interactive engagement. If you are employing acquisition forms, then make sure that these are optimized for mobiles so that you do not stand to lose out on your opt-ins.

Importance of mobile optimization

Lack of mobile optimization can be highly detrimental for your email marketing strategy. One of the surveys has pointed out that more than sixty percent US based consumers instantly delete email messages that are not optimized for mobiles. If you are able to present a nicely optimized welcome email fir their trendy mobile screens, then you have won half the battle. It will improve your subscriber’s confidence about an enhanced experience with your brand marketing strategy.

Maintain relevance of the data

It is important to analyze the contents of your communications in terms of their relevance according to variety of parameters related to the target audience including locations, genders and so forth. This will help enhancement of subscriber experience. You also need to prevent pouring of the same promotional information on email as well as on social media. It must be noted that your audience is always looking for variety of information on different channels.

Personalized approach for email communications

Personalized messages are always appreciated by those readers who are already connected with you on social media channels. It is easy to obtain information on browsing history of audience on your website and the same can be used to design personalized messages that are injected with pointed recommendations. It is found that individualized messages improve click through rates by up to 35 per cent and sales conversion rates by as high as 25 percent.

Improved accessibility on multiple channels

You can improve consumer channel preferences by the ability of email archiving and accessing messages at some other time. Thanks to the advanced technology, almost all features of desktop messaging are available on tablets and smartphones. This facilitates parking of messages by consumers for later day reading to access some of the enhanced features of desktops such as larger screens, full function keyboards, and much better internet accessibility. Email has an amazing versatility of connecting with a plethora of internet accessing devices including desktops, smartphones and tabs.

Permission marketing

As per Seth Godin who happens to be the most celebrated online marketers, one must seek permission of readers before mailing them information that is actually being sought after by them. It might sound queer, but that is how it is. You may be tempted to think about the permission as part of some kind of internet etiquettes. In fact, it is the most subtle recognition of the fact that consumers have the right to refuse marketing campaigns being directed at them. This underlines the reason why brands need to gain permission of sending emails by customers. If you have succeeded in obtaining the permission, then the subsequent stages personalization and building the data in association with the consumer are easy.

Email boost deals

Email communication is considered as the most effective medium for pushing across deals to consumers. People seldom miss deals that are delivered in their inboxes than the ones that are offered via Facebook. Ideally, you should leverage social networks to spread the awareness about deals and use email communications to actually break the ice.

Don’t ignore the private endorsers

In the vast ocean of market, the population of consumers who are active on social channels can be considered only as tips of icebergs. The majority of consumers remain silent and difficult to access via routine communication channels. These are the private and introvert consumers who can wield greater influence on other consumers than the users of Tweeter, Facebook, and most of the popular social channels. They can be reached via email communications.

Focus on abandoned carts

Abandoned carts must be analyzed in terms of frequency and the typical purchase window of the items. Emails related to abandoned carts need to be sent immediately to follow up on the customers.

Automation of follow-up emails after purchases

Interactive marketing is all about customer experience, a vibrant website, and robust email communications. Ensure that follow up mails are programmed to be sent with right frequency to customers who have obliged you by making purchases.

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Key Email Marketing Strategies to Boost Conversions

Email messaging has long been facilitating business as well as personal communications. Email has proved its strength as a universally acclaimed medium and is being extensively used across all categories of businesses as a strong marketing tool.

Email can prove to be an effective resource to enhance engagement and enhancement of existing subscriber base. We need to follow some extremely useful tips to improve effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.

Consistent efforts to build the subscriber base

A voluminous and vibrant subscriber base is the foundation of a good email marketing strategy. You need to continuously keep on adding to the subscriber base by designing a balanced strategy that is neither too professional not too personal. The subscribers need to be approached with an offer of a fair trade.

Nowadays, every second business is adopting email marketing strategy that leads to cluttering of the inboxes without any positive responses from the target audiences. This underlines need to add value to your mails. It would be great if you are able to identify trending topics that are able to generate responses.

You can also explore landing pages, website headers, checkout counters or digital ads since these are proven winners. It is however recommended to select the least irritating options.

Optimize the frequency of emails

One should not forget the commonly used cliché that says ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. According to a study there are approximately 17 percent marketers that shoot at least six emails to subscribers and 8 percent marketers send almost eight emails in a month.

Rest of the population of marketers that responded to the survey sends between four to six emails in a month. One must not undermine the number of un-subscribers and it is found that annoying frequency is the most common reason for this.

Benefitting from hidden intelligence

Predictive intelligence facilitates automatic personalization of the email content by understanding and analyzing customer behavior that can be garnered by using web tracking codes. These can be used to influence customer engagement according to the key performance indicators of your business.

There are number of activities including email opens, dropped carts, browsing histories, and web clicks among others that can empower you with cross-channel data. By integration of this data you can get a comprehensive view of subscribers’ preferences. Such data is used for creating and delivering personalized content via a myriad of channels as well as emails.

Use of high-end algorithms helps making decisions as well as recommendations that are generated from observations. This is used for automating content delivery. The interesting aspect of the algorithms is these become more and more efficient with every interaction.

Leverage insights from emails

The most effective method of using analytics by generating email insights is to perform A/B resting. There can be myriad of ways to perform testing, including minor alterations to design, copy, subject lines, frequency, and so forth. Instead of restricting yourself to only the resources provided by email metrics, you can use emails that are supported by Journey Builder for real time tracking of each and every component of the campaign.

This will help you evaluate your success in terms of email campaign objectives in terms of individual customer data. You will be empowered with relevant information to understand the most effective messages and days of campaign to further improvising your campaigns. Additionally, you are also welcome to register for Connections 2016 in order to keep yourself in the forefront of the most recent trends and the latest technologies.

Boost instant responses

The days of addressing individuals with a simple ‘Dear XYZ’ are long over. Modern customers look forward to a more personalized approach that should be backed by the relevance of the content. If the interaction is matching their standards then you can expect instant engagement and the denial can be also be rapid if the interaction is found to be below their standards.

There are more number of Smartphone users that access emails than all other devices. The recent data on record proves that 66 percent of the total emails were accessed via Smartphones followed by 16 percent through tablets. This establishes significance of customers who open their emails while on the go.

Your email campaign must be optimized to be opened on any device if you are serious about engaging with today’s generation. Moreover, the fastest way to connect with people for assured conversions would be via mobile apps. Mobile apps open doors to a whole new spectrum of communication channels in addition to push notifications and so forth.

Using pre-set updates and cross channel resources

It is always better to design triggered updates that can help you send automated mails to customers following their purchases, greeting them on their birthdays or anniversaries, or only sending across a receipt.

While nobody can deny significance of email for any digital marketing campaign, it constitutes only one facet of the entire strategy. The email advantage can be shifted to the next level by using other channels of communications such as SMSs, push notifications and web-based digital ads to name a few.


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Email Server Hosting

Tips to Select the Right Email Service Provider

No business can survive without a robust communication platform. Email has emerged as the most powerful medium for communications related to business operations as well as marketing.

Right Email Service Provider has ability to provide detailed analytics in terms of success of email marketing campaigns. There is a plethora of details that can help assess the success of such campaigns including link click-through rates, delivery success rates, and email-read rates just to name a few. It is also possible to know individuals that have performed any of these actions.

Analytics and reporting are vital aspects of trusted email service provider. In order to understand the key aspects of choosing the right ESP, we need to identify significant attributes of a perfect solution provider that can guarantee a successful email campaign for boosting your business revenues.

Process of selecting Email Service Provider

There could be multiple reasons for a business to look for an email marketing platform such as growing need to become competitive, planning a substantial business growth, or a major shift in the marketing strategies. In many cases companies outgrow their in-house capabilities and feel the need to outsource marketing functionalities such as email marketing campaigns.

Before searching for an efficient ESP, you need to assess objectives as well as goals since these are ultimately going to decide the nature of email solutions you will require for accomplishment of your marketing aspirations.

Importance of sophisticated and future-ready platform

Internet of Things and Big Data are two significant factors that are driving most of the decisions related to enterprise IT infrastructure planning. Similarly, you need understand importance of huge volumes of customer data that is available with you designing optimized email marketing plans.

There are multiple aspects of email campaigns including trigger based sends, cross channel, and mobile marketing that can influence selection of the proper email platform. You need to confirm that the Email Service Provider is backed by expertise and experience in this domain.

If you know your needs for today and tomorrow in terms of strategies and technologies that would be required to run sophisticated email campaigns. Your service provider has to be technologically well equipped to meet challenges of tomorrow’s marketing strategies.

Businesses need to find ESPs that have potential to support their growth plans in future. In short, you ESP should be capable of growing with you.

If you have made a decision to implement an email campaign, then you need to find the right Email Service Provider. There are few criteria to be considered while selecting the right email host as mentioned ahead in this article.

Availability of private IP addresses

Always ask for a private IP address rather than compromising with a shared IP address for sending mails that are part of your email campaign. You need to note that a shared IP address would result in spam complaints that could have been already registered against some other client. Such complaints are bound to affect effectiveness of your campaign due to blacklisting of your shared IP address. Process of removal of your IP address from the blacklist is highly complex and time consuming. Hence it is advisable to get a private IP address from your ISP.

Budgetary concerns

While there is nothing wrong to expect an array of features from your Email Service Provider, you need to make a list of the most important features that are required to support your plans. This will help you find the proper plan that can be easily accommodated within the available budget.

Reputation of ESP

While searching for the Email Service Provider, you need to remember that your association with provider is going to be a long term affair. For this reason you must avoid getting trapped with fly by night operators. It is recommended to check reputation of the service providers by getting referrals or by reading reviews including positive as well as negative ones. Ideal ESP should have robust association with major providers including Microsoft, Yahoo, or Google to name a few. This will also make sure that your mails are not marked as Spam.

It is also possible to confirm reputation of the provider by knowing the length of service. ESP with a long track record is usually supposed to be a trustworthy provider.


It is always preferable to send emails to individuals who have signed up with you for receiving emails including news-letters and other informative material. This is the most ethical way of building contact lists rather than piling up huge number of email addresses that may brand your mails as Spam since most of the recipients would not be expecting such mails. A genuine list of recipients improves delivery rate and protects your IP from being branded as Spam. This underlines importance of the opt-in process.

Robust infrastructure

Established Email Service Providers are backed by state of the art infrastructure that has multiple options of high-speed and secure internet connections to maintain unrestricted availability under any circumstances.


An Email Service Provider or ESP has the potential to transform an organization’s communication capabilities by streamlining business communications and improving ‘customer connect’ for better conversions with help of effective email marketing campaigns.

How to Break Ice and Elicit Response from Headstrong People to Professional Emails

Persistence and creativity are the most important attributes of email marketing professionals. They need to be consistent in their efforts to elicit responses from the recipients of the emails in the hope that their emails are opened and the reader clicks the Call to Action button.


One has to devise a unique strategy for people who are hard nuts to crack. These individuals do not respond in spite of constant persuasion. There has to be a way to make these people sit up and pay attention to email marketing effort.

Yes, fortunately there are some smart strategies that can be implemented to make these people listen to what you want to communicate and most importantly, take action.

Subject line- making a lasting impression

They say, ‘first impression is the last impression’ and this applies to the first impression of your mail as well. We should create a compelling subject line that will inspire the reader to open the mail. If the subject line is mediocre and spam, the reader will never take pains to open it.

In order to make the reader open an email from an unknown sender, the subject line of the email must be able to arouse immediate interest. This can be done by adding news value or lacing it with emotions. The subject line needs to be short and focused with a bit of personal touch to it.

Use first name while addressing recipients

You must appreciate the importance of individual name. Using recipients’ name in the email can certainly make it more personal than professional. Individual name should appear in the beginning of the mail. Use of generic Respected Sir or Respected Madam has become obsolete. Moreover these words do not influence the reader either.

Use of first name should be restricted and one can use it at least twice in the entire mail. It can be used in the beginning while you are addressing the recipient and at the very end to summarize the crux of the mail and thank the reader for spending his precious time to read the mail.

It is always a game of give and take in the world of communication. If you expect your recipient to develop interest in you, then you must also exhibit your interest in his or her work.

Express genuine interest and respect reader’s time

In the introductory stage of your email you can express appreciation about some of the achievements of reader or any other detail or event related with the reader that you think deserves compliment. This is the best way to make the reader feel that you are sincerely interested in their work and it will also make them feel special.

The rapid pace of life demands that your email communications are brief and focused. You should respect the reader’s time and make your communication crisp and succinct. Any reader will first look at the entire body of the mail and if it is found to be lengthy, then the reader might click back without taking pains to go through the lengthy mail. Long emails will result in the wastage of all your efforts.

Being empathetic- improving probability of response

It is a good idea to read your email before hitting the ‘send’ button. Imagine yourself to be the reader and judge your own email with empathy. Remember, the first 15 seconds are crucial and it is the litmus test of your email. If your mail is successful in grabbing the reader’s attention within this period, then you can rest assured that you have won the battle.

There are situations that demand you to seek the reader’s commitment in terms of scheduling a meeting. According to the conventional etiquettes, you may be tempted to ask readers about his or her convenient time.

It has been observed that such requests are usually ignored because nobody wants to go through the schedules of appointments and commit a particular time. Here you need to change your paradigm and offer two or three different time slots for the reader to choose one among these.

Email marketing involves repeated attempts till one succeeds to arouse interest in the recipients’ minds. There is no need to dampen the spirits, if you are not able to receive any response to your initial mailers. There could be many reasons as to why your emails have not been responded.

Usually, high-net-worth individuals such as CEO, directors, and senior managers, suffer from paucity of time and may take two to three days to go through your emails. Secondly your emails might go unnoticed. Hence you need to resend the mail after waiting for three to four days for response.

The most ideal time to send emails is preferably in the morning. This helps your mail get better attention and improves chances of getting opened. You can also choose to send the mail in after-noon. Lunch time is the time when most of the busy professionals can find time to check their inbox.

Email management tools provided by state-of-the-art software such as Business Class Email by Microsoft Office 365. There are many high-end tools that help you efficiently handle your email marketing tasks such as calendar and Outlook.

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