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VPS Hosting Choices Made Easier

When you have made up your mind to sign up for VPS plans, the first step is to identify a good web host. While knowing about the different kinds of hosting providers may be a good idea, the sheer numbers of providers in the market may end up leaving you confused and undecided. You need to know exactly what specs to look for when you are keen on VPS hosting for your business.

Factors to look at when choosing VPS plans:

– One of the first things which you need to worry about is whether signing up for self-managed or fully-managed solutions will be right for your company. Your business needs are what you must consider when making such a choice. Usually most developers will choose self-managed hosting as this will give them more flexibility and control. They will be free to carry out updates and they can minimize sudden unplanned changes. So, most developers feel that there is no sense in paying more for managed hosting which will leave them with lesser control in their hands.

– It is important to look at what will really work for your business and what will not. While plans offering robust attractive specs may catch your eye, you need to look at the bigger picture. For VPS to work well for your business, you need high specs working together with excellent optimization by experts.

– When choosing a virtual private server, your job is to find out how much RAM you will get to ensure that the sites can function optimally. Most VPS will need 4 GB RAM at the least and for multi-media intensive projects, the requirements are going to be much more. Along with higher RAM, you are also going to need greater processing power or CPU. So, your concern should be to get a multi-core architecture like Intel E5 and Intel E7 Xeon multi-processor servers. These are capable of optimizing resource allocations by using multiple cores. They can guarantee seamless performance even when there are traffic spikes.

– Just like RAM and CPU considerations, you must also consider storage space requirements. While traditional HDDs can be cheaper, the focus for businesses today should be to buy SSDs. SSDs will guarantee rapid data transfers and instantaneous boots. Since the SSDs offer much higher data transfer speeds compared to traditional HDDs, this is a big advantage for VPS hosting plans. Moreover, since they are found to be more resilient, they are better suited for VPS hosting which can be prone to sudden failures due to power outages.

– When you choose Linux VPS plans, you know you will get root access. This will allow you to install programs and scripting languages, SSH or command controls and limitless automations as per your wishes. For better server administration or maintenance you are also going to need an intuitive control panel.

– Your clients are going to expect their sites to be up and running 24×7. To make this possible you need to choose a web host which can guarantee dedicated round-the-clock supports. This support is to be available on-demand. So, knowing that there is always someone for technical assistance no matter the hour of day or night is a huge advantage. Most web hosts will offer this technical support 24×7 but you should verify this in advance.

– Besides supports, you will need a host which helps you grow seamlessly. Since the business is always evolving, you need your hosting plans to be scalable. There is no sense in signing up for a one-size-fits-all plan because every plan is not for everyone. At the same time, you must be conscious of the budget at hand.

– Before you sign up with any VPS hosting service provider, you need to investigate its security arrangements for protecting data. While Canada believes in protecting customer information from the government, a US based hosting company will want an open-door policy to enable government access to customer data. This is why offering customers based in Canada for instance with more layers of security is possible.

These are some important things to look at when you choose a VPS hosting provider. You need a reliable and trustworthy host, one that can offer you plans which will give your business the boost it needs. You do not want a provider which will withdraw its supports after a while. So, it is always advisable to check the reputation of the host and verify its credentials before you pay up. You can sign up for free trials too to get an idea of their services before you sign a contract.

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Select Managed VPS Hosting for your business for availing Consistent Performance

Any entrepreneur looking for hosting services to manage their websites has an assortment of different providers to choose from.

The technology and equipment most of these vendors use are similar, but the services they offer may vary.

Therefore it is vital for businesses to be careful while selecting a hosting provider.

One of the predicaments companies face is whether to choose managed or unmanaged hosting.

But to settle this issue, we must first understand what the difference between managed and unmanaged hosting is.

What is Self Managed / Unmanaged hosting?

Unmanaged web hosting is the basic plan with no or very few additional services. In this case, the hosting vendor will provide you with a server and operating system and no more. It means it is now your responsibility to install any software and maintain the setup.

In other words the servers are self managed by you. The responsibility of configuring the server and maintaining it lies with you.

How is Managed hosting different form Self Managed ?

In a managed hosting plan, the vendor can offer a wide range of services. But essentially it will include setup assistance including installing software, server monitoring, comprehensive security, and full back up and storage.

As one IT manager put it, “For our performance hungry applications, we more often than not need the perfect hosting solutions. In such a scenario we have no other option but to go for managed hosting so that our staff can focus more on the core activities of our company”.

The query regarding the need for unmanaged hosting crops up typically when the user upgrades his/her plan from shared hosting to VPS server hosting.

Most entrepreneurs launch their websites with a shared hosting plan because it is the cheapest and also it serves their fledgling business needs.

But as business picks up, their websites experience higher workloads needing more resources and vastly higher level of performance.

VPS or Virtual Private Server is an appropriate upgrade for small and medium businesses to derive advantages of better performance and security.

Some of the compelling advantages of VPS include:

• Scalability
With a good vendor, you can get more resources on the fly. There is no any need for you to transfer files or data bases or change your settings. You can get more resources allocated to you like CPU, RAM and disk space.

• Availability of Managed VPS Hosting with cpanels

You are offered control over the virtual server by getting root access and thereby the ability to write scripts.

• Customer support
It is but natural that with scalability you will get a better level of customer support. When you become part of a VPS plan, there is always assistance available in the form of email, chat or direct phone.

• Security
With VPS you get an isolated container with your own resources. This translates to having the benefits of a dedicated server. The vendor will offer security features tailored to your plan so that you can focus on your business without getting bogged down by technical issues.

Now the question is whether you must choose a managed plan or an unmanaged one.

Yes, it is true that unmanaged one is cheaper and you will have to shell out more money for managed assistance. But in the long run a managed plan can make sense.

Here is what you can gain from managed VPS plans

• Server monitoring
In business, downtime of a website can be an anathema. Apart from loss of revenue, server issues can also mean loss of prospective customers. With managed hosting, the vendor will constantly scan the server for any irregularities in the system to preempt downtimes.
It is rightly said, “Prevention is better than cure”. With managed hosting you benefit by the hosting vendor’s consistent attention given to your system, which by far is more value for your money.

• Security
Managed plans offer you excellent security, far superior to what you can expect in an unmanaged module.

For example you benefit by:

Continuous virus scanning
Getting Operating System updates
Software firewall configuration
Consistent security audits
Spam filtering

• Storage
The storage requirement in an active business environment changes from time to time. Assessing space requirements necessitates specialized skills that only managed hosting can provide in a bespoke manner.

Business benefits of managed hosting are several. Importantly, since most hosting providers focus on their specific area of expertise, the clients get the benefit of latest technology without adding to additional hardware or staff.

Regardless of the benefits of managed hosting, it is however essential that the hosting vendor must be chosen carefully.

Get answers to the following queries before you zero-in to a vendor.

Does the company deliver on its promises, or just guarantees performance?

Is the hosting provider financially sound?

Are the experts that will be made available to you in managed hosting experienced and skilful?

In conclusion, remember that entrusting fully managed VPS hosting services to a provider is a vital decision. If the vendor has a dedicated support team, you stand to get more value for your money by opting for fully managed VPS services.

For comprehensive information on various hosting plans call 1800-212-2022 (Toll Free).

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Managed VPS Hosting With High Scalability And Superior Customer Support At The Lowest Price

Explore Managed VPS Hosting to Avail the Most Rewarding Hosting Advantages

There are many advantages of managed VPS hosting over shared hosting. If your website happens to suffer from deficiency of resources leading to repeated events of downtime, then it is right time to shift your web project from shared hosting to the managed VPS hosting.

Managed VPS hosting not only supports your website with undiluted resources but enables you to exercise root control and freedom to install applications of your choice. Managed VPS hosting users are allowed to choose server configuration as well as operating system including Windows or Linux.

If you are able to find the right managed VPS host, then you will be assured of 99.99 percent network uptime guarantee for incessant availability of your business critical applications at far more economical costs than dedicated hosting.

Need for managed VPS hosting

Customer preferences, variety of business applications and multiple hosting requirements of businesses of different sizes and from different categories have resulted in availability of diverse hosting types including shared hosting, dedicated hosting, free hosting, and VPS hosting.

Any small business that desires to establish its online presence can be confronted with perplexing choices due to sheer number of hosting types as well as service providers offering mind boggling variety of hosting plans. This underlines importance of choosing the option of Fully managed VPS hosting that not only boosts online presence but is also a budget friendly hosting option. Another advantage of managed VPS hosting is freedom from the complex server management.

Brief introduction of managed VPS hosting

If the provider of VPS hosting services undertakes to manage all server related tasks on the behalf of customers, then the service is termed as a managed hosting. These services are operated by technical experts that are available round the clock to make sure that your website and all its applications run without any interruptions.

Server management is a highly complex task and by shouldering the responsibility of supporting you with seamless server management, the host allows you to look after your business and concentrate on its expansion rather than getting entangled in technicalities of server management.

Vital parameters of managed VPS hosting

There is a plethora of services offered to clients of managed VPS hosting by reliable hosts. These include setting up of web based control panel, trouble shooting services, online backup, configuration of operating system, and installation of software applications. Managed VPS hosts are also responsible for periodic updating and patching of software applications, hardware maintenance, security auditing, and comprehensive maintenance of servers.

Owners of online businesses need to consider managed VPS hosting as a necessity rather than an option among different types of hosting. Managed VS hosting is the most important resource for unhindered growth of your online business. Following are the compelling advantages of managed VPS hosting for online entrepreneurs.

Speed of website access

There is ample amount of research available to establish the importance of fast page loading for improved conversions. It is found that websites that are slow and do not load within six to seven seconds are bound to be abandoned by visitors. The delay in page loading can cost your online business in terms of lost customers and missed opportunities of conversions.

Since website speed is looked upon by lading search engines as one of the important ranking factors, you need to take all precautions to make sure that your website loads faster. A fast loading website is regarded for better conversion rates and subsequent revenue generation. This is where managed VPS servers excel and are sought after by businesses that attach greater significance to speed of websites.

Website security

For any online business, the website is as important as the physical ship and therefore deserves to be protected from variety of online threats such as unauthorized access, intrusion, hacking, and more. Managed VPS hosting relieves you from concerns of security of your online venture.

Managed VPS hosts take all necessary precautions by running security audits, firewall configurations, frequent and scheduled data backup, OS updates, virus scanning, and Spam filtering just to name a few. In addition to this all services offered by the hosting providers are supported by proficient software engineers that are in the guard for 24 hours of the day and seven days of the week.

Responsive scalability

Managed VPS hosting is reckoned for yet another aspect known as scalability. Every online business aspires to grow in terms of visitors, customers and subscribers. This needs a hosting solution that is capable of providing resources to support high growth of websites or to handle sudden surge of traffic during peak times or festival periods.

Your growing online business cannot afford to suffer from limited resources that are generally provided in a shared hosting environment. VPS hosting guarantees dedicated resource availability and an isolated existence that is immune to resource consumption of neighboring websites. This also guarantees ease of scaling up or down as per the allocated resources to your VPS hosted website application.

Managed VPS hosting allows dedicated resources such as dedicated IP address, RAM, disk space, monthly data transfer, and CPU. These servers are fully managed by reliable hosting service providers to make sure that websites are operating to their fullest potential with least latency.

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Managed VPS Hosting With High Scalability And Superior Customer Support At The Lowest Price



Augment Web Footprint of Organization with Fully Managed VPS Hosting

Virtualization technology has given birth to some of the most fascinating web hosting solutions including Virtual Private Servers. VPS hosting has been witnessing amazing growth in terms of popularity and is constantly being evolved as far as efficiency and performance is concerned.

Growing acceptance of VPS hosting

If we project the encouraging trends of VPS hosting adoption, one can safely conclude that it may surpass number of users of shared hosting in a short span of time. The overall acceptance of VPS hosting can be contributed to the outstanding value for money offered to users from diverse categories of businesses as well as individuals.

VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting is implemented by building multiple virtual servers on a physical server by using compartmentalization. Segregation of physical server into different virtual servers facilitates separate operating systems for every virtual server. This empowers every Virtual Private Server to perform in isolation with benefits of custom configuration, security policies, without any interference of other hosting accounts.


Secured, flexible and economical hosting

One of the unique characteristics of VPS hosting is its ability to combine economy of shared hosting with privacy of dedicated hosting. This is the principal driving force behind growing popularity of VPS hosting. Every single Virtual Private Server is capable of independently performing irrespective of resource consumption of other websites.

Every single VPS account is backed by its individual operating system as well as hardware resources. It also allows customization and flexibility of using operating system of choice.

Business websites must be offered a secure and resource-rich environment that does not hamper availability and data integrity. In shared hosting a business website can experience downtime due to unruly behavior of another websites. It is also possible that spamming activities involving neighboring website can hamper your website adversely.

Therefore, business owners should think twice before selecting shared hosting for their online transactions. Security is a prime factor for online payments and in shared hosting use of SSL certificates may not be possible. This leaves you with a more secure as well as economical choice of VPS hosting.

Freedom to install desired applications

VPS hosting is also sought after for availability of complete root access to server resources. This facilitates deployment of desired software packages. In contrast, there are several web applications that do not recommend use of shared hosting due to obvious security reasons. It is observed that due to presence of large number of accounts and security optimization, shared hosting offers no support to many applications. There are no such limitations in VPS hosting as users can install scripts according to their choice.

Promotes green hosting

Environmental concerns are important parameters of selecting right type of hosting. Every business is expected to play an active role to promote green technologies. VPS hosting is the most environment friendly hosting among all traditional methods of hosting. Virtual Private Server helps mitigate carbon footprint by minimizing number of physical servers. Since there are hundreds of VPS hosting accounts in a single physical server, there is a considerable reduction in consumption of energy in terms of power, cooling and so forth.

Guaranteed performance

For any web business site or web application incessant online availability is an important criterion. Downtime due to insufficient resource availability is a common concern in shared web hosting. This happens mainly due to resource hogging web applications that can be present in neighboring websites or your own website in a shared hosting.

Alternatively, VPS hosting is highly recommended to start new web applications or business websites that could develop into large websites with huge volumes of traffic. This will help efficient scaling of resources without any possibility of slow page load speeds or downtime.

Virtual Private Server hosting offer an isolated environment of containers that are provided with specific volumes of dedicated resources as per the hosting plan. One of the most striking benefits of these containers is ability of instant resource provisioning whenever there is need to handle sudden surge in website traffic.

Users are able to provide additional RAM with a click of button to meet demands of growing traffic. In order to add resources in dedicated hosting, user has to make a request to hosting service providers and then a technical support executive would physically allocate the same. This can be a highly time consuming exercise leading to loss of visitors due to downtime.


Thanks to growing adoption of VPS hosting and simultaneous maturing of virtualization technology, VPS plans have become more affordable to majority of website owners. It is hardly any surprise that VPS server hosting is being adopted by websites of all sizes and from all business categories.

In order to derive maximum possible benefits of VPS hosting, one should to find the right host that has ability to provide trusted and technically proficient hosting. Fully Managed VPS hosting empowers users with intuitive control panels for effective management of website performance. Outstanding controls, scalability, security, isolation, and flexibility are some of the attributes of VPS hosting that will provide a great hosting experience and assurance of a robust web footprint to you.

Major Factors that Differentiate Fully-managed and Self-managed VPS Hosting

Using a Virtual Private Server is identical to use of a dedicated server in a shared hosting environment. VPS is an economical option to a dedicated server hosting. It also imparts an isolated environment that more secure than shared hosting. If shared hosting is known for economy and dedicated hosting is regarded for privacy, then VPS hosting is the golden mean between these two with availability of economy as well as privacy of hosting environment.


Understanding the way a VPS works

Technology of virtualization has helped divide a single physical server into multiple virtual servers. It enables simultaneous running of several virtualized operating systems. Virtual Private Server behaves as a dedicated server and shares a portion of the physical server with users of other Virtual Private Systems.

With facility of running an independent operating system, a VPS server runs in an isolated environment even though it is sharing resources with other VPS users on the same physical server. Such an arrangement can support websites that are receiving millions of hits every day.

Shared hosting is best suited for static websites with limited range of visits per day such as small scale online enterprises, personal sites, blogs, personal galleries, and limited forums. However, with growth in number of visitors or frequent instances of downtime and slow page loading, a shift to VPS hosting may become a necessity.

Website administrators or site owners need to be very particular while zeroing in on a VPS hosting service provider. There are two types of VPS hosting services including self-managed and fully managed VPS hosting. The major difference between these two versions is the way the server management is performed.

Attributes of fully managed VPS hosting

Virtual Private Server management is highly complex and involves a great deal of technicalities. In a fully managed VPS hosting, website owners are completely absolved of all responsibilities of server management. This type of VPS hosting is preferred by users that do not have technical manpower to manage server operations.

Fully managed VPS hosting offers a plethora of advantages to users. The most striking advantage is reliable server management by the host that guarantees hassle free website performance and assured availability of all web applications.

Fully managed VPS hosting facilitates complete maintenance of server to help website run without any technical glitches. Users are not required to be worried about keeping hardware or software updated for smooth website functioning.

Management of traffic spikes is vital for reducing periods of downtime. Providers of fully managed VPS hosting shoulder entire responsibility of server monitoring and resource provisioning during periods of traffic spikes.

Clients of fully managed VPS hosting can look forward to seamless data protection by consistent checking of data files for any weaknesses and bugs. This is followed by regular data as well as application backup to safeguard mission critical business applications in the event of an unexpected event.

With incessant monitoring of servers, fully managed VPS providers make sure that there is no threat from viruses, malware, or spyware to the integrity of data and performance of applications. Users are also offered robust technical support guarantee due to presence of dedicated technical experts that are available on round the clock basis to resolve issues related to formatting or other technical matters.

Few drawbacks of fully managed VPS hosting

Few demerits of fully managed VPS hosting need to be noted along with the broad assortment of advantages. One of the most obvious concerns with a fully managed VPS hosting is its relatively higher price tag in comparison with self managed hosting.

If you expect full-fledged server control, then the same cannot be guaranteed in a fully managed VPS hosting environment. Most of controls related to server operations are with the host.

Installation of new software application or a piece of hardware can take longer time in fully managed VPS hosting than self managed hosting of Virtual Private Server. These operations can be instantly performed by your in-house technical experts in self managed VPS hosting. The delay is mainly due to the implementation

Self managed Virtual Private Server hosting

The name itself implies that users are responsible for complete server management in self managed VPS hosting. The host is only supposed to make a functional Virtual Private Server available to user and does not shoulder any responsibility of operating or maintaining the server.

Self managed VPS is a great option for users that need to have exclusive freedom of operating their server. Such users are backed by sound experience of managing servers and also backed by technical personnel to look after seamless running of servers.

Freedom offered by self managed VPS hosting facilitates users to install applications of their choice and set controls for accessing data. It also grants them total freedom to control all aspects of VPS server. The freedom also extends to management of security levels and helps users become self reliant in all matters related to management of their VPS hosting including installations, updates, and more.

Self managed VPS hosting can be challenging is users are not well conversant with intricacies of server operations. Therefore a fully managed VPS hosting can be the ideal way of webhosting if you are not able to handle sever management on your own.