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An Innovative Approach for Server Hosting in a Dedicated Way!

An Innovative Approach for Server Hosting in a Dedicated Way!

Go4hosting dedicated server hosting is seen as a holistic package, for the effective operation of hosting system across the servers. Go4hosting dedicated server hosting, offers well-managed platform for selecting the managed host for business operations.

With decision about the dedicated server hosting showing complete presence for present as well as future perspective. Being the most effectively operating and devoted windows dedicated server hosting functions that can handle your complete business growth well. Living in this century, the business organizations operate only on the profit motive with an answer of handling business systems on regular basis. By offering a detailed understanding and a vision for enacting on the system for business potency, dedicated server hosting offers best operating arrangements for your business concern and issues. Go4hosting dedicated server hosting can be devoted completely to an obsessive hosting firm that are being managed in today’s extremely competitive business setting. All the dedicated server hosting functions, offer the businesses an improved security for businesses providers.

Critical aspects before opting the dedicated Server!

  • Management of Dedicated Server: The dedicated Server hosting may be managed effectively by an interior system of management. For having a wholly devoted and dedicated work supply that contains a complete answer and management over the operating of the whole server. By the assistance of a totally dedicated software, you want to install or work for the management of separate work data in order that you’ll run the info simply.
  • Protected policies: the first advantage of the operating for a loyal and a managed server is that you simply can work on the administration of the system. With improved security features, along with the specific potency limit, Go4hosting dedicated servers offers you whole authority for logining across the page for the panel that has SSH and WHM technology. As by the assistance of IP functions, that are primarily based on the hosting functions of dedicated service hosting. With better management system, we offer the foremost effective firewalls for safety  within the system.
  • Fully dedicated server: Not all the users have similar functioning of devoted and dealing dedicated server. It’s important for handling the distinct managed and loyal server for the functioning of the system functions. With the magnetic disk, processor features, and the functioning RAM for your server all the system management is done quite effectively.
  • Data Systems: All the dedicated server hosting functions are having an entire backup for the services which are managed by a devoted and managed dedicated server. It offers distinct and different products for the hosting servers, to have maximum visibility is what aids the client expertise to a loyal server.

The dedicated hosting services along with Go4hosting offers a dependable, secured and unfailing business growth chance for businesses. Go4hosting, confirms that the most effective utilization of your Dedicated Server hosting functions are completely adaptable for business expertise for your business.

Go4hosting makes certain that the most effective utilization of your Managed Dedicated Server Hosting is completed by customizing the system services to offer an excellent expertise for your business together with the most profit attainment. You may have a warranted period with our Go4hosting dedicated server hosting with best servers as it is an important issue to really have the best server functions.

Semi Dedicated Server Hosting

Advantages and Disadvantages of Semi Dedicated Servers

Since there are many kinds of hosting plans in the market, one will come across semi dedicated hosting solutions as well. For the common man, these choices are quite baffling and he may find it very difficult to make the right choice for his site. To begin with, as a consumer, you need to understand each of these hosting plans and what they offer. A semi dedicated server is one such physical server which offers dedicated resources like the processing power, storage and memory which are divided between many hosted sites. So, a semi dedicated server will usually host about a dozen customers as compared to shared servers which may accommodate thousands of clients.

What is semi-dedicated hosting?

In semi dedicated hosting the resources will be allocated to clients and monitored by the host. This is done to ensure that all hosted sites get resources. So, in a semi dedicated server, you will not be able to enjoy autonomy and control over your server; the only control you have is in terms of the resources you get to use. Because this term “semi-dedicated” is not really technical by nature, people tend to interpret it differently. Some say it is a mix of shared and VPS hosting, some say it is more reliable compared to shared hosting and so a better version of it, while still others consider it a hybrid version of dedicated and VPS hosting.

Benefits of choosing semi-dedicated servers:

1. In terms of costs, semi-dedicated servers are preferred as operating costs are cut down. This is possible as you split costs of one physical server amongst many sites. So, shared costs imply less per capita cost. Since resources are assigned to each client, you will not have to worry about others taking away your resources.

2. When you choose managed servers the provider maintains the servers. So, they look after hardware replacement, monitoring and application support. Semi-dedicated hosting will also cover some degree of server management. These servers get provisioned on mainly high-end hardware.

3. People are often skeptical about security aspects of such hosting solutions. But these semi-dedicated servers are not in any way less secure compared to fully-dedicated servers. All resources and security arrangements are provisioned by the host. So, your security arrangements will be separate from that of others. You may also install additional measures for greater security.

Disadvantages of semi-dedicated servers:

1. Besides these aforementioned advantages of using a semi-dedicated server, one should be aware of the shortcomings too. There are indeed some weaknesses in this type of hosting solution. The user will have to give up much of the control that he may enjoy in full dedicated server hosting. On its part, the host has to make sure that all hosted sites get guaranteed resources. So, some configuration options will invariably be limited to guarantee equality of access and consistency of services.

2.Just like in the case of VPS hosting and shared hosting, there are chances of you facing both scalability problems and migration related issues. Many hosts will offer a semi-dedicated server to work like a virtual private server in order to cut down on costs. This will however lock the application to a specific location and the clients may face downtimes when they need extra space.

Who can benefit from a semi-dedicated server?

Small and medium sized websites or dynamic sites can benefit most from such a hosting solution. These websites will need low to moderate disk space and will be handling less dynamic data. Sites which deal with huge volumes of dynamic data and high end processing need more resources.

A semi-dedicated site can handle traffic based upon multiple factors; ideally dynamic sites which have about 10,000 users or static sites which have about 50,000 users a month should opt for dedicated hosting. The semi-dedicated servers can run many processes like Apache or LiteSpeed and small databases like MS SQL or My SQL. So, in short, processes which do not need a lot of processing power may do well in a semi-dedicated setting. Those processes that need a lot of CPU should never be run on such servers; for instance, large databases will need higher CPU which exceeds capacity of semi-dedicated servers. High-end applications like intensive computing or financial trading in real time demand a lot of resources. When semi-dedicated servers are forced to process too many things at the same time, their performances are affected. So, semi-dedicated servers really act like hybrid hosting solutions. You must assess your hosting needs first before signing up for these. When choosing semi-dedicated servers from any host, you need to make sure it can give you 24×7 supports and scalability to encourage growth.

Dedicated Server

Adoption of Dedicated Hosting Boosts Your Business Prospects

Dedicated server hosting is similar to staying in a spacious bungalow that provides exclusive access to all amenities and sufficient space to grow your family. New business can manage with a shared hosting which is similar to a bachelor’s accommodation. However, adoption of a better choice of hosting becomes necessary, as the needs of websites grow in response to the expansion of business.

Unlike shared hosting, users of dedicated server hosting are allowed access to all resources of the server without any interference by neighbors. It is a perfect hosting option for business or ecommerce website that need to attract hordes of visitors by providing sufficient server resources for assured performance of websites and other mission critical applications.

Being one of the most extensively adopted and traditional ways of hosting, dedicated hosting has evolved to become a highly matured choice for running business websites. Users can look forward to proactive maintenance of serves by hosting service providers in addition to expert technical assistance at anytime of the day for 365 days in a year.

There are a multitude of reasons for adoption of dedicated server hosting by successful business enterprises. These are being elaborated in this article.

Secure hosting

Security is the most significant requirement of business websites because the entire gamut of business processes depends on the performance of business website. A slight security flaw can not only jeopardize business operations but may also lead to breach of sensitive information.

Thanks to the stringent security arrangements in a dedicated hosting environment, your server cannot be accessed by anyone but you and the service provider. Established hosts make sure that the server is protected with help of access control systems and biometric detection equipment surveillance systems and so forth.

In order to provide assured security against DDoS attacks, some service providers employ advanced security measures including firewall applications, stricter login criteria and automated server monitoring to name a few.

Dedicated servers are inherently secure because no neighboring website can intrude upon the privacy of your hosting arrangement like shared hosting services.

Guaranteed performance

In addition to being a secured hosting option, dedicated server hosting is highly appreciated for excellent performance of your business critical web applications and websites. Whether you are showcasing high definition visuals or bandwidth guzzling videos, your website continues to operate without any hassles due to dedicated resource allocation.

Modern generation is extremely impatient and young visitors hate to stay on websites that take longer time to load. Your website with dedicated server hosting support is designed to offer enhanced user experience due to fast loading pages. This will lead to more number of conversions and higher profitability.

Reputed dedicated hosting service providers commit themselves to stringent Service Level Agreements that cover vital issues such as resolving hardware glitches n addition to a promise of round the clock expert assistance and guaranteed uptime in excess of 99.99%. The uptime assurance is further boosted by ITIL compliant processes along with availability of enterprise class servers and spares.

Cost optimization

Business enterprises need to achieve an optimum level of expenditure for operating IT infrastructure. Unlike an onsite IT infrastructure, a hosted server arrangement proves to save significant costs due to absence of overhead expenses such as cooling systems, security measures, floor space, staffing expenses, and bandwidth or energy related expenditure to name a few.

A dedicated sever hosting ecosystem obviates all these costs and your enterprise only needs to pay for services. In short, you are able to avoid huge capital expenses without incurring significant amount of operating expenses. Since the service providers purchase hosting equipment such as servers and networking hardware in bulk quantity, clients stand to gain from economies of scale. This is also true in case of procurement of bandwidth and software licenses to run applications and operating systems.


Dedicated hosting is a reliable resource for business websites on account of multiple reasons. The most vital resource for any website is the availability of seamless bandwidth. While, the bandwidth availability in case of shared hosting is questionable due to involvement of hungry neighborhood, a dedicated server makes sure that your website continues to consume reliable level of bandwidth.

Secondly, your dedicated server is backs by exclusive availability of processing power that would never be shared by any other website. This assures outstanding performance of your business critical applications at all times.

Freedom and flexibility

Users of dedicated server hosting are free to choose applications and security measures as per their requirements unlike a shared hosting environment which restricts your choice of these features. Management of server configuration is entirely within the scope of customers. In short you can enjoy unlimited customizability, control, and flexibility of the server environment for optimum performance of your business website if you opt for dedicated hosting.

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Choosing a Dedicated Server

Choosing a Dedicated Server to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Every business can derive a large array of advantages by establishing its online presence. However, there are many organizations and small enterprises that exclusively depend on their websites for their business activities. These business entities need to consider dedicated server hosting for handling mission critical applications and managing sudden spikes in traffic.

Ultimate advantages of dedicated severs

Although, businesses can choose from a variety of hosting plans, there is no substitute to a dedicated server, when you need to host resource intensive websites. Dedicated server hosting has been proved to be the most logical choice on account of their flexibility, security, and reliability for conducting a wide spectrum of business operations.

You can expect to offer a satisfying browsing experience to visitors by supporting your business sites by adopting a dedicated server to operate critical workloads. There are hardly any resource-constraints in dedicated server hosting that are usually found in shared hosting plans.

You can expect the following features by adopting a dedicated server for your business website:

• Sufficient space and bandwidth
• Greater security of server
• Ease of upgrading to support growth of the business
• Minimum downtime to enhance customer satisfaction
• Excellent uptime guarantee
• Availability of proactive technical support
• Reliable server performance

Situations that demand dedicated server hosting

It is quite natural for a small business to consider shared or VPS hosting plans that assure affordability of a multi-tenant hosting arrangement. However, one cannot hope to continue using the same type of hosting plans because growth in traffic or business can put great strain on limited resources offered by such basic hosting plans.

A dedicated server may become a necessity, if the current web hosting plans are no longer able to sustain growing resource needs of websites. Hosting resources need to be upgraded in response to increasing number of concurrent visitors and frequent traffic surges.

A business may be operating through a single or multiple sites. However, the need for a dedicated server transcends the total number of sites required to manage the business. Any website that encounters high traffic must be backed by optimum resources such as bandwidth, memory, CPU, and so forth. Hence, a dedicated server is an essential prerequisite for a site of any size.

The need for a dedicated server is not only felt by owners of businesses that operate a large number of sites but also by those who are counting on a single website. Huge traffic volume is the single most common reason for leveraging dedicated server hosting.

It is quite logical to expect that resource needs grow exponentially as more and more software applications are adopted for supporting a variety of business processes. Hosting platforms that rely on dedicated servers can even cater to hardware intensive hosting environments.

Cramming your website inside a straight-jacket of shared hosting plan can lead to stunted growth of your business. Your hosting platform must be capable of supporting your ambitious business growth plans. Dedicated server hosting plans are extremely accommodative in terms of resources and other factors such as speed and security.

Sufficient availability of resources and fast page load speed are the most essential attributes of successful websites. In spite of its higher price, a dedicated hosting plan can definitely pay for itself over a longer period. Similarly, if you are nurturing a vision to build a great website that is set to grow in terms of traffic as well as applications, then you need to consider the choice of a dedicated server.

Remarkable flexibility and security

Business websites need a lot of customization and a dedicated server hosting is designed to boost flexibility as it allows improved configuration. This feature of dedicated servers helps enhance user experience to a great extent.

Dedicated server hosting is a perfect choice for websites that need to operate with greater security. Websites of organizations that handle sensitive information or commercial websites that enable online transactions must incorporate stringent security measures for safeguarding critical information.

In case you are proposing to boost your website performance by upgrading to a dedicated server hosting, then you should look for the three most important factors including round the clock technical support, enterprise grade server, and provision of optimum bandwidth as well as space.

Selection of a right operating system such as Windows or Linux can go a long way in ensuring desired performance of the business website. Similarly, one must provide right level of security by adopting state of the art security measures including firewall, DDoS protection and so forth.

Modern business websites strive to provide flawless user experience by minimizing the scope for downtime and this necessitates inclusion of RAID arrangement for security of mission critical data. It provides assured data protection in the event of disk failure.

Dedicated server hosting providers of repute, make sure that their clients’ websites are capable of boosting confidence of visitors with help of advanced security measures and a guaranteed uptime.

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Dedicated Server

5 Reasons to Invest in a Fully Managed Dedicated Server

Businesses that need enhanced reliability, security, and resources may want to have their own server. They do not want to share their server with other businesses. A dedicated server offers powerful features such as enhanced resources. However, businesses may find it an added effort and expenditure to maintain servers on their premises. Therefore, they look for a fully managed dedicated server.

A dedicated server offers the entire resources available with a server. This means a dedicated IP address, plenty of bandwidth and disk space. Businesses hire a server from a service provider, instead of buying their own server. Or, they could choose to buy their own server, but host it at the space they rent at the service provider. The service provider, who specializes in managing servers and offering hosting services, gets the contract to manage the client server. Therefore, businesses do not have to worry about aspects such as space, security, maintenance and so on.

There are many benefits to this arrangement. The major benefit being that you do not have to rely third party servers. This means there is plenty of control in the hands of the business owners or administrators. They can use all the resources on the server, which can be considerable. They can choose to use as much bandwidth as needed. Whether you have a single high traffic website or multiple websites, a dedicated server will be able to offer all the resources needed.

No downtime
There is no time lost, either in implementing decisions or maintenance. If the business needs more bandwidth on short notice, they do not have to contact the service provider to get them more bandwidth or switch to a new hosting plan. Instead, they can simply allocate more resources from their server, to their websites. Also, the business can choose to conduct maintenance as and when needed. Thus, problems can be quickly fixed.

Add applications
Hosting services generally place restrictions on the use of applications on websites and control panels, based on numbers, type, and so on. A business with their own server is free from these restrictions since their server or plan does not belong to a third party. As such, businesses have more freedom to add certain types of applications, to improve processes and functionality. A dedicated server allows for businesses to quickly add applications as well. There is no need to request service providers, wait for their decision, before applications can be installed. As such, using a dedicated server also speeds up the maintenance and installation processes.

Most businesses that use dedicated servers do so with an eye on safety. If your server is controlled by another party, you will always be watching out for unauthorized access. If a business has its own server, there is no need to worry about safety. Safety is guaranteed if you are hosting the server on your own premises. Should you not be able to make adequate arrangements for safely keeping the server on your premises, you can rent rack space at a web hosting company. However, you have full control over who can access your server. Many businesses may choose the added protection of a cage, to ensure that only known people are allowed access to the server. Also, a dedicated server allows businesses more leeway in terms of what type of antimalware or firewalls they will use, and which security measures they want to use. So, you might want to ensure that the server does not connect with particular websites, and that the technical team is able to install security software whenever needed.

Reasonable cost
Dedicated hosting plans may be among the more expensive plans for small businesses. However, over the long term, a dedicated server might be well worth the expenditure. It offers more reliability, resources, and security. It allows businesses to install software for smoother and safer operations. Many dedicated servers may offer pre installed applications, which can help the business save money.

Dedicated IP address
One of the major benefits of using a dedicated server is that the IP address is uniquely yours. Your business does not share the address with other businesses or people. This goes a long way in establishing your business reputation. In particular, if you are worried about a competitor or a disreputable website sharing your IP address, then a dedicated server might help with your concerns. Also, this protects against spam that may originate from another site on your shared server, but may result in the entire server being blocked, thus shutting down your business operations. A server entirely your own also makes it more difficult for malware to find your server.

With so much on offer, it is natural that businesses with large resource requirements are switching to dedicated servers for their website hosting needs.

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Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server Hosting – Why Your Business Can Do Better With This Powerful And Comprehensive Hosting Solution

Information technology and servers are somehow obstinately linked. Almost everything related to information technology requires end management by servers thus making them the backbone of any IT infrastructure. While choosing servers for hosting your websites, you will be offered options like dedicated server, shared server and virtual private server. Of all these, dedicated servers are regarded as the best. This post will discuss why dedicated servers find favor among businesses and individuals when it comes to choosing an efficient and powerful server management system.

What Dedicated Server Stands For

To understand how dedicated server hosting works, you must first know the basics of dedicated server hosting system. As is evident from the name, this is a machine or system that’s fully dedicated to one user which could be an organization or individual. Unlike shared or virtual private server, you will not have to share the server or any part or portion of it with other users. You will have full and exclusive access to all the resources allotted to your dedicated server according to the chosen plan.

It is designed to meet the hosting requirements of one entity and the whole set of computing resources will be dedicated to that entity. In most cases, the dedicated server performs like a server that’s in-house but generally it is managed and deployed by a third party service provider. The company or individual using the service will have to access the functions of the dedicated server over the internet.

Types Of Dedicated Server

This brings us to the next stage of the analysis. This involves understanding the different types of dedicated servers. They are of two types – managed dedicated server hosting and unmanaged dedicated server hosting.

Managed Dedicated Server

In a managed dedicated server hosting arrangement, the data that goes into the servers provided by the client. The responsibility of the web host is to manage other areas of the hosting system such as server deployment, running and maintenance. They are also responsible for a glitch-free performance of the server and must ensure that troubleshooting process is initiated instantly at the first sign of problem.

Managed dedicated hosting can be compared to a preset system which you can simply set up and forget. It is best recommended for medium-sized and large organizations where the personnel are busy dealing with other crucial business management issues and will have scarce time on hand to deal with server management and operations.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Unmanaged dedicated hosting is different from managed dedicated hosting on many counts. In this type of hosting arrangement, the client will be solely responsible for the operation and management of the server and will also have to deal with any technical issues that they might run into. The role of the web host or the third party hosting provider is limited to providing storage space and security of the server. They will also be responsible for ensuring that the bandwidth allocated to your organization is made available at all times.

Companies choosing unmanaged dedicated server hosting service will generally have an in-house team to take care of server resources management and other critical aspects of server operations. They will be responsible for the day to day running and upkeep of the dedicated server.

The Situations Ideal For Using Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers are the costliest server hosting option because of the many benefits the service offers when compared with shared and VPS server hosting. That’s the reason why it can be used more by organizations with good financial stability as the cost of installing, running and maintaining dedicated servers can be quite high.

Dedicated server is recommended for following situations

  • Company websites that attract high traffic and hence need a dedicated bandwidth for the smooth functioning of website and applications
  • It is also recommended for businesses that use dynamic website which need regular changes and updates
  • Dedicated servers can help companies looking to fortify their online presence

There are multiple advantages of using dedicated server hosting for your business. These include:

  • High reliability and superior performance
  • Guaranteed security
  • Obliterates the need to buy additional equipment
  • Comes with guaranteed uptime for optimum availability
  • You get full and exclusive access to all the resources needed for smooth running of business regardless of the traffic density

In Conclusion:

It is obvious that despite being one of the most expensive server hosting options available currently, dedicated server hosting is an expensive proposition, it is a great solution given the several benefits it offers. When you opt for dedicated server hosting, the service provider puts out the entire server machine at your service. You are free to utilize its resources the way you want to improve workload, maximize uptime and boost availability. You can also get unrivaled level of support round the clock for ensuring smooth business operations.


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How Can Retail Business Benefit from Dedicated Hosting?

When you are planning to launch an online business, it is important to choose the right kind of web hosting services for your site. Given the economic difficulties that modern businesses must face, it is necessary to choose a web hosting solution which allows optimum resource utilization. Dedicated hosting allows you to enjoy an entire server exclusively for your own use. This means that you will have complete control over resource allocation and you can even upgrade resources when you need them.


You can actually end up saving when you decide to choose dedicated hosting for your retail business.  Buying dedicated servers will spare you of the trouble of getting extra resources like higher bandwidth or greater disk space when your site grows and you start to get more incoming traffic.

Your IT teams are expected to work on a continuous basis to make sure that your site does not face downtime. This is important because if your website slows down or it crashes, you will end up losing many customers. In a retail business, the POS or Points of Sale have to be accurate, offering instant inventory records so that there are no discrepancies. It is important to keep the system updated as far as inventory in the warehouses is concerned.

This will ensure that businesses can place orders for refilling their warehouses and they do not lose clients. Losing prospective or existing clients is something that no entrepreneur can afford to experience. To get all of these moving smoothly, it is imperative to get dedicated servers. Dedicated servers will be able to guarantee the reliability, scalability and stability an online business requires.

Most businesses find maintaining private data centers a rather costly proposition. This is because a business will then have to bear both capital costs for buying hardware and software, and also operational costs for hiring and maintaining IT teams. The end result is a huge investment for any retailer. Although shared hosting plans seem to appeal to retailers because these are low-priced, it is better to choose dedicated hosting which can guarantee efficient utilization of resources.

With dedicated server hosting, you can be sure of quicker processing of communications and faster transfer of data between the POS terminals and the accounting systems. Applications like the CRM or Customer Relationship Management are used for helping businesses. Whether it is monitoring site performance or maintaining servers, managing security or overseeing capacity, the dedicated web host will have the required expertise to make sure the systems work optimally. Dedicated servers help to reduce complexities in managing this whole system.

Dedicated servers will make sure your online business does not get affected by spammers and hackers. This is because dedicated hosting plans will guarantee a far higher degree or security. This is especially significant for businesses which deal with online financial transactions over SSL or FTP.

Since you do not have to share the server space with co-users like in shared hosting, you do not have to worry about malicious activities in neighboring sites. When you have server resources under your control you can reduce downtimes. Managed dedicated hosting is preferred by businesses that do not want to deal with server management problems. In this type of hosting, the host will look after the servers and troubleshoot all server-related issues.

All servers have a unique IP address which is a precondition for getting SSL certificates for an ecommerce site. Without this certification, handling customer data online may become risk-prone. So, to conclude, dedicated hosting is a must for ecommerce sites or retail businesses because they handle online financial transactions. When you run a fashion blog or an individual website, you can choose VPS or shared hosting which is a cheaper yet reliable option. But with an online business or a gaming site, you cannot rely on shared hosting, or for that matter, VPS hosting. The traffic to such sites is very high and dedicated hosting is the most preferred solution under the circumstances.