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Semi Dedicated Server Hosting

Advantages and Disadvantages of Semi Dedicated Servers

Since there are many kinds of hosting plans in the market, one will come across semi dedicated hosting solutions as well. For the common man, these choices are quite baffling and he may find it very difficult to make the right choice for his site. To begin with, as a consumer, you need to understand each of these hosting plans and what they offer. A semi dedicated server is one such physical server which offers dedicated resources like the processing power, storage and memory which are divided between many hosted sites. So, a semi dedicated server will usually host about a dozen customers as compared to shared servers which may accommodate thousands of clients.

What is semi-dedicated hosting?

In semi dedicated hosting the resources will be allocated to clients and monitored by the host. This is done to ensure that all hosted sites get resources. So, in a semi dedicated server, you will not be able to enjoy autonomy and control over your server; the only control you have is in terms of the resources you get to use. Because this term “semi-dedicated” is not really technical by nature, people tend to interpret it differently. Some say it is a mix of shared and VPS hosting, some say it is more reliable compared to shared hosting and so a better version of it, while still others consider it a hybrid version of dedicated and VPS hosting.

Benefits of choosing semi-dedicated servers:

1. In terms of costs, semi-dedicated servers are preferred as operating costs are cut down. This is possible as you split costs of one physical server amongst many sites. So, shared costs imply less per capita cost. Since resources are assigned to each client, you will not have to worry about others taking away your resources.

2. When you choose managed servers the provider maintains the servers. So, they look after hardware replacement, monitoring and application support. Semi-dedicated hosting will also cover some degree of server management. These servers get provisioned on mainly high-end hardware.

3. People are often skeptical about security aspects of such hosting solutions. But these semi-dedicated servers are not in any way less secure compared to fully-dedicated servers. All resources and security arrangements are provisioned by the host. So, your security arrangements will be separate from that of others. You may also install additional measures for greater security.

Disadvantages of semi-dedicated servers:

1. Besides these aforementioned advantages of using a semi-dedicated server, one should be aware of the shortcomings too. There are indeed some weaknesses in this type of hosting solution. The user will have to give up much of the control that he may enjoy in full dedicated server hosting. On its part, the host has to make sure that all hosted sites get guaranteed resources. So, some configuration options will invariably be limited to guarantee equality of access and consistency of services.

2.Just like in the case of VPS hosting and shared hosting, there are chances of you facing both scalability problems and migration related issues. Many hosts will offer a semi-dedicated server to work like a virtual private server in order to cut down on costs. This will however lock the application to a specific location and the clients may face downtimes when they need extra space.

Who can benefit from a semi-dedicated server?

Small and medium sized websites or dynamic sites can benefit most from such a hosting solution. These websites will need low to moderate disk space and will be handling less dynamic data. Sites which deal with huge volumes of dynamic data and high end processing need more resources.

A semi-dedicated site can handle traffic based upon multiple factors; ideally dynamic sites which have about 10,000 users or static sites which have about 50,000 users a month should opt for dedicated hosting. The semi-dedicated servers can run many processes like Apache or LiteSpeed and small databases like MS SQL or My SQL. So, in short, processes which do not need a lot of processing power may do well in a semi-dedicated setting. Those processes that need a lot of CPU should never be run on such servers; for instance, large databases will need higher CPU which exceeds capacity of semi-dedicated servers. High-end applications like intensive computing or financial trading in real time demand a lot of resources. When semi-dedicated servers are forced to process too many things at the same time, their performances are affected. So, semi-dedicated servers really act like hybrid hosting solutions. You must assess your hosting needs first before signing up for these. When choosing semi-dedicated servers from any host, you need to make sure it can give you 24×7 supports and scalability to encourage growth.

DDoS Attacks

How to Keep Your Infrastructure Safe from DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks seem to be on the rise and many instances of these attacks have affected popular sites like Twitter, Netflix and Reddit. Cyber threats should never be overlooked and one needs to learn from their mistakes to ensure that these do not happen again. The DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks are those which will strike servers over and over again through a big group of many interconnected servers.

Very often, these attacks are deliberate and people try to use them to buy hot-selling products like concert tickets. But these are usually caused by participants who have had their devices infected with malware. Here, a malicious group specifically targets businesses with a view to sabotaging them. In such a botnet attack, this network of infected devices will start sending requests to targeted servers. The number of requests keeps growing to such an extent that the device fails to respond after a time.

Malicious actors will keep hunting for newer targets and to keep your business protected from these, it is imperative for you to take up these measures:

Monitoring Traffic Patterns: To start with, you need to monitor your site traffic to look for unusual patterns. As a business owner you must be familiar with the kind of web traffic you get on your site. Increase in traffic may be due to new advertisements or promotions or events. So, when you notice unusual increase in traffic for some other reason, you will become suspicious about it. Any DDoS attack will typically be preceded by small-scale attacks before a full-blown intrusion takes place. The attackers are known to prefix a time when they will carry out their attack; especially choosing heavy traffic days like Christmas and Thanksgiving. During such periods, it is very easy for the attackers to mix with the regular traffic and then crash the server.

Offering More Resources to Network: When you can give more than enough resources to your network you can prepare your site to handle DDoS attacks. So, if you can arrange for high bandwidth you will able to help it withstand sudden traffic spikes that may be brought about by such attacks. You will gain precious time to tackle the crisis better. So, ideally your network should be able to handle nearly six times the standard traffic demands. Apart from arranging for more resources for your network, you need to ensure that upstream providers have necessary resources for handling DDoS attacks.

Uninterrupted Vigilance: It is very important to remain alert and vigilant to spot such attacks. Security incidents may be very rare occurrences but very often this leads to complacency amongst security staff members. There is a consequent lapse in security and the site becomes highly susceptible to cyber attacks. Your job is to assess your strongest network points for loopholes. When you fail to do this, you may not be prepared to withstand the onslaught of a DDoS attack. Your provider should be able to offer failure analysis, multiple network diagnostic solutions and consulting services which can help your business to do away with any such complacency and maintain preparedness at all times.

Choosing Dedicated or Hybrid Servers: To protect one’s business from DDoS attacks a good idea is to sign up for dedicated servers or hybrid servers. These hosting solutions will guarantee that your business enjoys a server’s resources exclusively. In shared hosting or VPS hosting, security options are far restricted and these are typically deployed by the host alone. So, recovery from such cyber attacks in shared servers takes a while.

Installing Regular Updates: It is also imperative to install regular updates to ensure that the security of your site is not threatened by DDoS or any such attacks. The DDoS are usually targeted at exploiting those aspects of security arrangements which have recently been found to be inadequate. When you can install security updates for open source applications right after they get released, you can protect your site better against any cyber attack. Updates are usually overlooked but should not be because when you install a recent update, you can be certain that any security holes left behind in the earlier versions would have been rectified in this version. You should ensure that all updates get installed automatically so that you always have the best protection for your site.

These are some key considerations which can make your work easier when it comes to handling cyber threats like DDoS attacks. These will always be prime causes for concern for all businesses but implementation of these suggested measures can control the damages to a large extent. These offer multiple protective layers for your website and give you peace of mind. So, your hosting provider must include all the latest robust security offerings and solid support in case a DDoS attack occurs.

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Reasons to Make Your VPS Servers DDoS-Protected

Any online business can be affected because of the DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks. The risks are manifold when you have virtual private servers. So, it is very necessary to be aware of the risks of DDoS attacks for VPS servers and how you can adopt suitable measures to combat these problems. When a DDoS attack occurs, the site often goes offline. In short, no visitor is able to access your website at this time. The main reason for this inaccessibility is because the attacks cripple the server and the server is unable to respond to the huge volumes of requests. As a result, users cannot access any application running on such a site.

Risks for VPS servers in case of DDoS attacks:

Besides the inconvenience for customers that are not able to access the website, there are many other harmful consequences. DDoS threats can culminate into lethal cyber crimes. Activities like malware activation, virus attacks, network breaches, thefts etc can all take place because of these attacks.

One of the biggest threats is obviously the huge revenue losses on account of these attacks. When critical applications become unresponsive and the entire site slows down, the results can be disastrous for any business. Newstar.biz and Harris Interactive have undertaken studies to show that nearly 84% of businesses have been affected because of at least a single DDoS attack in the past one year. Incidentally, for most of these businesses, the revenue losses came at the time of peak season sales. During peak times, hourly revenue losses because of DDoS attacks can be colossal depending on how large the organization is.

Another reason why VPS servers must be DDoS protected is because of data breach threats. The DDoS attacks usually provide the perfect cover for many lucrative crimes. So, using these crisis situations, hackers can get access to your network; they can even steal sensitive data. So, the security arrangements undertaken by your host must be robust and fault-proof. The provider needs to carry out regular data backups which should be spread across remote servers in different geographical locations.

When there are frequent DDoS attacks on any website, the customers are likely to lose their trust and confidence. Your website and network must be available and accessible at all times to preserve customer trust. When the existing clients are satisfied, they rate your site well and this attracts new clients. When a DDoS attack occurs, the primary target is the critical infrastructure. This automatically affects network performance and causes dissatisfactions amongst buyers. They tend to navigate to other sites and this makes it very hard for the business to get new customers.

When there are frequent DDoS attacks the business reputation is affected. Brand image is the key to success of all businesses and loss of client trust will tarnish their credibility in the market. Whenever the reputation of a business is threatened, rebuilding customer trust takes a long time.

In the recent past, cyber crimes have grown more and more commonplace. The attackers demand ransoms by threatening businesses with such attacks. Usually the criminals send a message that they are planning to launch such an attack and demand a ransom by a specific deadline for stalling it. At times, they even carry out small-scale attacks just to prove that they can do it.

When the applications become unresponsive due to DDoS attacks, the customers start to call up your representatives to demand explanations. To handle these calls and queries, you will need to invest additional funds into creating active help desks. The web hosting services typically face the biggest threats from such attacks. The main reason for this is that every time there is such an attack on any of a hosting provider’s clients, the risks of an attack on the other clients becomes very high since they often share infrastructures in common.

Since every website environment is unique, a host cannot deploy a one-size-fits-all solution for protecting all its client sites against DDoS attacks. So, a solution that works well for a certain website may not work as well for another site. For virtual servers which have firewalls installed, these are meant to guard against such attacks. The firewalls typically have “allow” and “deny” protocols but attackers can gain entry through the same ports which users are granted access from. Some business owners may feel that DDoS attacks will never happen on their sites because their websites are not very popular. The truth is, the attacks are distributed in nature and they will not depend on your organization’s size.

Hackers are usually tempted to carry out DDoS attacks because of the money involved. They can demand ransoms by threatening to disrupt services. So, as a business owner, you must not accept revenue losses and loss of business credibility because of these attacks. The remedy therefore lies in getting a DDoS protected virtual private server. This DDoS-protected virtual server is housed in a server farm which is equipped to combat DDoS attacks. So, these need robust hardware firewalls and a high transfer limit. Using such VPS servers you should be able to successfully prevent protocol-based attacks, DDoS volumetric attacks, specific server or application attacks etc.

VPS Hosting India

Need for VPS Hosting for Businesses

Building a website for your business, whether small or big, is always a challenge. The trick is to find the perfect hosting plan to launch the business. This is not an easy task by any means because it requires you to consider many different options. There are many web-hosting service providers out there and before you put your trust in one; you must be cautious and prudent. You will find many providers offering free hosting plans. It is best to avoid these, even if you may be starting out, because they are usually not reliable. You may end up spending much more than you could have even imagined.

For businesses when they are just starting out, shared hosting plans are preferable. These are budget-friendly plans and great for individual websites and blogging sites. However, when your website starts to get more traffic you will need more resources like higher bandwidth and greater server space and memory. Shared hosting plans may not be able to offer you such resources for business expansion. This is when a VPS hosting plan can be your best bet.

What is a VPS hosting plan?

In a VPS plan, a single physical server will be compartmentalized to create many virtual servers. These servers can run independently and they ma install custom software or applications of their choice. They can also install an operating system of their preference, whether Windows or Linux. VPS hosting is very much like dedicated hosting, except that you can get it for lower costs. Every virtual server enjoys dedicated resources and users can request for additional resources as and when they need them. So, these servers are practically dedicated servers for the individual websites although they may be on the same physical server.

When you have a good budget to work with and extremely well-versed with technicalities of running servers, you can opt for on-site hosting solutions. But, if you do not have a capable IT staff to assist you, it is recommended that you outsource your hosting needs. Most businesses choose the second option because maintaining virtual servers in-house turns out to be a very costly proposition. You will need to carry out routine updates for maintenance of these servers. So, it is simpler to search for a web hosting service provider instead. While businesses which are start-ups choose shared hosting, the ecommerce sites prefer to sign up for dedicated hosting. Small and medium sized enterprises also turn towards VPS hosting which works like a middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

What benefits can you get with VPS hosting plans?

With VPS hosting plans, it is possible to tweak server settings to suit your interests. You can reboot or restart the server if needed and adjust its settings. You may install tailor made applications or software to benefit your business. All this is possible because as users you have the root access to these servers.

VPS hosting is good for businesses because it is much less expensive than dedicated hosting. Installing on-site servers is costly and will need regular maintenance. Moreover, dedicated hosting which provides dedicated resources to your business may not be the best solution since you may be paying for many features and functions that you do not need and will not use. So, VPS hosting plans work as the perfect compromise. You will be able to enjoy almost the same benefits of dedicated servers minus the steep costs.

VPS plans are perfect for those businesses which have huge volumes of traffic during certain periods of the year. During such traffic spikes, these sites need more resources. So, with VPS plans, they can avail of these extra resources for the time being.

Moreover, with VPS plans, you can also get better security and your choice of an operating system. So, for companies which use applications that need .Net technologies, Windows virtual servers are the best choice since these will run only in a Windows environment. For companies that use open source scripts like Python or Ruby or Perl, Linux VPS servers are preferred.

Finally, VPS hosting plans will offer round-the-clock monitoring of servers and you can expect to get 24×7 supports from your web hosting provider. When you are faced with technical problems, you simply have to get in touch with the customer service experts and they will resolve these for you in no time. Supports are usually given through phone calls, emails or live chats.

These are the basic advantages which you can get when you choose VPS hosting for your business. It is the perfect way to get your feet wet before you take on dedicated hosting plans. This makes it a great hosting solution for all kinds of businesses, especially the SMBs which lack the technical expertise or the funds to buy dedicated servers.

VPS Hosting India

Remarkable Attributes of VPS Hosting

Hosting a business website by using a Virtual Private Server is a slightly complex process to understand in comparison with shared hosting and dedicated server hosting arrangements. Unless one knows the process of web hosting and salient features of Virtual Private Servers, it is difficult to know what VPS hosting is all about.

Web Hosting

In order to make sure that a website is accessible to users, it must be backed by a web host that provides an internet enabled platform for the website’s online visibility. Large organizations build in-house infrastructures to host their websites. However, small and medium businesses need to depend on third party support for running their web operations.

Web-hosting providers offer preconfigured plans for operating websites of clients and supporting the website by provisioning web servers. The hosting services provide reliable support to enterprises that have no in-built IT infrastructure or are not equipped with professional IT personnel to look after onsite management of websites.

Categorization of web-hosting is important to provide individualized services to clients with different requirements in terms of costs, security, operational controls, and so forth. Therefore, we often come across three major services while referring to hosting plans. These include shared server hosting or shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting.

Significance of web hosting

Web hosting is highly complex and cost intensive phenomenon. You must have high end facilities for seamless running of web servers in a redundant environment. The facility must be secured from physical as well as network threats and monitored on 24 hour basis by expert professionals and state of the art tools.

Need to have a large scale web-hosting to facilitate individual enterprises resulted in establishment of hosting service providers with their own data center facilities. Since web-hosting is essentially an internet related activities, these facilities need redundant and robust networking facilities.

In order to enable different categories of clients to host their websites, web-hosting companies created various hosting plans. Every hosting plan is designed to cater to a specific category of business in terms of bandwidth requirements, and security policies.

Third party services of web hosting are ideal for companies with either limited or no IT infrastructural facilities. Hosting a website by using onsite infrastructure needs support of a strong data network. Outsourced web-hosting services are preferred because your enterprise can leverage shared data center facilities to back your website operations without need to invest in procurement, maintenance and operating an onsite infrastructure.

Shared hosting- This is the most economical category of web-hosting because the service provider assigns thousands of websites to a single server. If your website is supported by a shared hosting plan, then it is actually sharing the resources of a single server along with a multitude of other websites. Shared hosting is a preferred choice for small or new businesses due to its amazing economy.

Dedicated server hosting- It is easy to understand that dedicated server hosting is exactly opposite of shared server hosting since it does not involve sharing of server resources with other accounts. Dedicated hosting is the most ideal choice for resource intensive websites. Your website is assured of an entire server for its smooth operations without fear of resource restrictions. However, it can be a significantly costly proposal for businesses with limited IT budgets.

Virtual Private Server hosting- VPS hosting offers an intermediate option to businesses that need to operate their websites in a resource-rich environment without incurring huge costs of a dedicated server. It is the perfect choice for websites whose resource needs have outgrown the shared server hosting and therefore need to upgrade.

Golden mean of hosting

It is easy to appreciate now, as to why VPS hosting has gained amazing popularity in the web-hosting world. Your business can continue to grow without fear of any other website encroaching upon your resources without having to pay exorbitant charges of dedicated server hosting.

A Virtual Private Server is an ideal arrangement for companies that need to have an individual resource of a server that offers unlimited access to its resources for running specific applications in isolation for enhanced security and guaranteed availability. A VPS offers all attributes of a dedicated server without causing strain on the company’s IT budget.

VPS is often compared to a residential apartment that offers greater privacy and access to isolated resources to an individual, as compared to chaotic co-existence in dormitories.

Virtual compartmentalization of a physical web server is the basic idea of Virtual Private Server. A VPS environment consists of several websites running with individual operating systems and full root access to main server. Customers of VPS hosting are offered unrestricted freedom of hosting without fear of resource encroachment by neighboring websites.


Advances in virtualization can be attributed to development of Virtual Private Server hosting plans that are remarkably affordable. Users can choose either a managed or an unmanaged VPS hosting plan depending upon their individual capabilities.

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VPS Hosting India

Powerful VPS Hosting for an Improved Web Performance

Website owners prefer to go for Virtual Private Server hosting for enhanced control and availability of more options in terms of customizable solutions for management of specific business processes.  VPS facilitates instant start to new business ventures without need to build costly hardware or networking infrastructure.

However, a Virtual Private Server can be conceptually perplexing to new entrants due to its unique architecture that combines vital functions of a dedicated server hosting and economy of shared hosting.

Therefore, a Virtual Private Server can be considered as a hybrid server that offers some of the most fascinating attributes to its users. It is not just a blend of shared and dedicated server but is far more superior to these hosting options.

Enhanced ROI

If the page loading time of your website happens to be longer than just few seconds, then the visitor is most certainly going to move away from your website. This will not only impact the ranking of your business on leading search engines but will also be detrimental to revenue generation.

Faster loading websites facilitate easy browsing and also enable online sessions such as chatting. Most of the Virtual Private Services are found to support instantaneous page loads for an assured online existence.

Every website is supposed to offer a faster browsing experience to its visitors without fear of downtime for higher Return on Investment (ROI). VPS hosting enables businesses to achieve this by improving page loading speeds so that there is a better scope for conversion.

Control and affordability

As mentioned earlier, a Virtual Private Server covers the best features of shared as well as dedicated server hosting. Moreover, you will enjoy an unrestricted accessibility to your server with facility to install software of your choice and authority over most of the important features of server. This is one of the most sought after features of a dedicated server. Needless to mention, a shared hosting environment does not provide any control on the hosting environment to users.

Nevertheless, a shared hosting facility is able to ensure economy of a multi-tenant arrangement. Although, a majority of providers of shared hosting services boast of unlimited services. This can often prove to be unrealistic, since no service can be considered to be unlimited without an assurance of seamless performance without any downtime.

Superiority over shared hosting

Services of Virtual Private Server hosting are not only superior to shared hosting in terms of quality but are also as affordable as shared hosting. This is mainly due to a multi-tenant environment of VPS hosting. Although, a Virtual Private Server has an individual existence, it is sharing the main server with other websites in a common environment which is similar to shared hosting arrangement.

Users of Virtual Private Server are provided rebooting facility for grater individual control over the entire sever ecosystem. It also allows you to reset the controls in the manner that suits your business priorities.

Cost of any VPS hosting plan can be adjusted to suit individual budget by way of customization. If your business does not need some of the features of a given VPS plan, then you are allowed to reduce number of such features for greater cost efficiency.
Choosing the right VPS service

Finding a perfect provider of VPS service can be an extremely daunting process due to presence of a large number of hosting companies. However, you can reduce the complexity of this by understanding your priorities and then finding a service provider that fulfills these.

To begin with, you need to find out what type of an operating system would be ideal for your website. This will help you select either a Linux distribution or a Windows operating system.

Security aspects

Secured web hosting is primarily concerned with security of your server such as a Virtual Private Server because it holds vital data in relation with operations of your website or business.

Security in web hosting has a broad connotation because it must take into account storage, management and retrieval of data, in addition to enabling a strong visitor management.
VPS hosting providers must be able to guarantee seamless performance of websites and their vital features in spite of ups and downs in number of concurrent visitors. You need to check uptime guarantee along with a host of technical specifications such as RAM, disk space and CPU. These features should be in accordance with the volume of traffic.

Unique hosting plans

Web hosting companies try to design different hosting packages to suit individual needs of businesses. Thus you can have hosting plans for beginners, professionals, small enterprises, or large conglomerates. In addition to these standard plans, reputed hosting services can also help clients design bespoke hosting plans if the requirements happen to be more individualistic.

You will find VPS hosting plans to be a shade costlier than shared hosting plans but considerably more rewarding in terms of their features. You can choose a VPS hosting option for operating business critical website without incurring huge costs of dedicated server hosting.

Windows VPS

Reasons Why Getting Extra Storage on Windows VPS May Be Beneficial

Ecommerce websites are often found to experience downtimes and may lose responsiveness. In situations like these, it becomes hard to access these sites and getting extra storage becomes a necessity. Choosing additional storage from Windows VPS may just what you need. This is believed to be the perfect solution for businesses which want to migrate from shared hosting environments and companies keen to launch new websites. Such businesses are on the lookout for cost-effective Windows hosting solutions. However, administrators need to consider the kind of storage they need.

So, when you have limited memory which is much less that what is needed to run your site applications optimally, your site experiences poor speed and inferior performance. But to know exactly how much of storage is right for you may be a confusing decision to take. Even when you are looking for cheap Windows VPS hosting plans, you need to consider both past and current storage needs and make arrangements for the future growth. There are some measures which you can adopt in order to assess the past usage and current RAM usage. These measurements will help you understand how much your current storage needs are and whether these are being met or not. You will need to remember that these estimations must take into account antivirus programs, firewalls, spam channels and email customers because these all need additional RAM.

Monitoring Tools:

Although anticipating future RAM needs may appear difficult, there are instruments like Windows Performance Monitor which lets customers monitor some important measurements. While predicting future needs may be hard, one can determine “conferred bytes”. This refers to memory which you currently need for running computer applications and the framework segments. When you can determine the amount of RAM that is being used you can figure out whether the framework needs more memory, and how much additional memory is needed. These are situations which justify signing up for cheap Windows hosting plans.

What advantages will you get by extra storage in Windows VPS?

You need to find out how allocation of memory through cheap Windows VPS plans can be beneficial for your business. When you get additional dedicated RAM, you will enjoy the following benefits:

To start with, your business will be able to enjoy greater speed. The need for RAM may vary, depending upon the nature of your applications and the working framework.

With Windows VPS, you can also benefit from improved site performance. You need to understand that visitors will not stay on your site unless it loads quickly enough. So, when the when pages are sluggish and take very long to load, the guests tend to navigate elsewhere. Any drowsy website with web pages which take more than a couple of seconds to load will never appeal to customers.

They will not be tempted enough to stay back on the site to buy a product or service. However, when you are able to gauge the amount of Ram your applications require, you can enjoy enhanced site performance as you are free to expand your operations seamlessly.

With Windows VPS, you can also enjoy consistency of service. This implies that when you are provided with a definite amount of RAM, you will be able to access it whenever you feel the need for it. This is especially useful where you have multiple applications running simultaneously.

With VPS solutions, you can also guarantee application responsiveness. So, when your working framework has enough memory, it means that all basic applications work optimally. They can be accessed at all times and they will work just fine when you need them to. So, as business owners, you need to be able to use every asset in your company and ensure that it can run seamlessly.

These advantages show why it is important to get additional RAM when you have the opportunity. You need to make sure that the hundreds of visitors that come to your site do not leave it without making a purchase. Your organization’s PC framework may have been given a definite amount of physical memory but this is often not enough for all your applications and framework to run optimally. When you notice that your website is not behaving as expected, you need to get extra storage on Windows VPS.


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What is VPS Server?

VPS Guide for Beginners – What, Why, and When?

This blog is meant for the beginners to VPS (Virtual Private Server). There are three aspects that will mainly be discussed in this guide –

• What is VPS?
• Why and when do businesses need them?
• When is the right time to upgrade?

What is VPS Server India?

Server, as we all know, is a powerful computer that helps in saving data as well as files of a website. When a person searches for your website then it is the server that serves the data as well as different files of the site to the user in a presentable and user friendly manner. There are mainly two kinds of servers.

• One is machine server, as seen in case of shared servers or dedicated servers.
• The other kind of server is the virtualised ones, where specialized software was used for
creating virtual spaces. This is what VPS is. Virtual servers are created within machine servers and each of these VPSs act as individual units, providing users dedicated-environment like experience. Here, the resources of each VPS are dedicated for particular businesses or individuals. The only thing that is shared in VPS is the underlying hardware of the machine server. Multiple Virtual Servers are present in machine servers and each VPS is completely separated virtually from the other by using software. Whether it is the CPU, RAM, or disk space, all the server resources of a single VPS are dedicated for a particular user or business entity only.

Why and when do businesses need VPSs?

VPS is generally preferred by medium sized businesses or even start-ups with robust growth potential. The basic reason of such presence rests upon two aspects –

1. The first aspect is definitely the fact that each VPS in a machine server acts like a dedicated server by providing a particular user with dedicated disk space, RAM, and CPU.

2. Another reason why small to medium sized businesses opt for VPS is because of the fact that they cost significantly less than the dedicated servers.

Comparing VPS with Other Most Common Forms of Hosting Solutions

To get a comprehensive picture of the hosting solutions are very important so that all the hosting solutions can be compared with VPS. Let’s start with the most popular and the cheapest hosting solution and it is the shared hosting solution in India.

• Shared Hosting

In this kind of hosting solution, the server resources are shared by the users along with the IP address. Whether it is RAM, CPU, bandwidth, or disk space, all are shared by multiple users or website owners. One of the major advantages of such arrangement is that they are highly affordable because of the fact that the cost of maintenance of the server is being shared by multiple users, thereby driving down price of shared hosting plan of each user. It is similar to the concept of living in dormitory arrangements in rest houses or hotels. That’s why shared hosting plans are available at highly affordable prices. However, these plans are disadvantageous for fast growing small businesses or even the medium sized businesses because spike in one website’s traffic suddenly will adversely affect the proper functioning of other websites. Website owners have least control on shared server resources.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is dedicatedly used by a single business entity. Therefore, all the resources, right from hardware, CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and disk space of a dedicated server are used by a single business organisation only. That’s why the price of dedicated hosting is also significantly high. When it comes to control over server resources, dedicated server hosting types provide customers with the best hosting solution. This solution is best for large companies whose sites get loads of traffic on a daily basis.

• VPS Hosting

VPS fills up the yawning gap between shared server and dedicated server. It provides small to medium sized companies affordable hosting solution, thereby providing dedicated hosting-like experience at best price, much lower than that of dedicated servers but higher than shared servers. The only thing that is shared in VPS hosting solution is the hardware of the machine server in which the VPS is located. What you will not get here when compared with dedicated server are Root Access to MySQL Server and isolated CPU. To put it in simple words, it can be said that VPS provides dedicated hosting like experience but at affordable cost. VPS’s cost is double than the shared hosting solution. But its cost is around 1/10th of the dedicated server.
When is the right time to upgrade?

If you are still using a shared server for your fast growing website then you may need upgrade only if

• you are worrying about security of data
• your site starts getting high volume of traffic
• you site is experiencing downtime repeatedly and also running slowly than normal
• you have a ecommerce website
• you require to install customised software, other than that offered by the shared server generally

• you start getting server errors frequently

These are the factors when a website owner should contemplate about upgrading the server from shared to VPS hosting.

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How Windows VPS Helps Internet Marketing

How Windows VPS Helps Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is one of the most effective and popular ways of earning money without stepping outside your homes. At the same time, you will need to invest a lot of time and energy in choosing the right kind of hosting solution for your project so that your time is not wasted. Many individuals turn to traditional web servers to get started but when the site begins to expand, they may upgrade to virtual private servers. When you choose Windows VPS plans, you are likely to enjoy many attractive features and a higher degree of flexibility.

What factors make Windows VPS ideal for internet marketing?

• The main advantage of choosing Windows VPS solutions for internet marketing is its usability and reliability. Windows operating system is also found to be cost-effective and far less demanding as far as supervising the OS is concerned. Users are given dedicated assets like RAM and processing power or CPU, disk space and bandwidth. So, VPS hosting services in India offer client enterprises with a stable and robust infrastructure.

• With Windows VPS plans, users can also hope to tweak server settings to suit their interests. You can use this virtual server just like you can use your own computer at home. You are given the freedom to run different types of SEO tools. Using these servers you can run multiple programs at high speeds which will help save time. Windows VPS plans also guarantee that work progresses and the virtual products continue to run, even if the power goes down.

• With Windows VPS, your website can run faster and the applications can be loaded all at once. You will be given unlimited messages that guaranteeing that correspondence are seamless; so guests are also satisfied and this translates into more business opportunities for you.

• Windows VPS also offers specialized equipments which are needed for running websites and there are committed experts to resolve and troubleshoot technical problems, if and when they arise.

• The main idea behind internet marketing success is convenience. You should be able to earn money working from home and still have time for other things. So, when you choose to use VPS plans, your work is made even easier. You are free to leave the software running for an entire day even in your absence. Automation is what works for you and the server can carry out all tasks for you. The servers will ensure that the work is never disrupted and the software runs, even in case of outages or if the web crashes.

• Unlike solutions provided by the cloud vendors where you will not really have control over the virtual servers, here you can customize the server to suit your requirements. You can change everything, right from your IP address to RAM depending on your budget. You will be granted complete access to the server and you may have many users; you may also install an OS of your choice and reset passwords if you like.

• Like all other activities which take place online, internet marketing tools are vulnerable to hacking attempts or spam. So, you will need a dedicated team of experts who will install malware and effective firewalls to secure data. Emails have to be secured through passwords and the security must be tested by teams working round-the-clock. There should also be provisions for daily backups to ensure that you can access past data if you need to.

• Like other cloud hosting servers where it is possible to access data from anywhere in the world as long as you have the correct IP address, in case of Windows VPS too, you will enjoy the added advantage of availability in as many as 14 countries. So, you are expected to get access from almost anywhere on the globe and you can connect from Android or Mac or Chrome browsers.

• Although Windows VPS appears to be slightly costly when you have just entered the world of internet marketing, very soon you will see that its features outweigh the costs.

To conclude, Windows VPS is found to be ideally suited for promoting internet marketing. As all successful online ventures, you will need resources and high-end features to enjoy best results. The website is what drives your business in internet marketing, and therefore it should perform well and must appear impressive at the same time. For this reason, Windows VPS is the best choice as it allows your site to run faster and loads all applications at the same time. It provides for unlimited email services to make sure communication is seamless. All these factors ensure high user satisfaction and bring you good business revenues. Apart from everything else, it is easy to use Windows VPS, even on your own desktop. You can rely on their customer support teams to walk you through the process and you can also consult their video tutorials.


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How to Be Sure You Found the Right VPS Hosting Provider

When you have started out with shared hosting plans, you can enjoy significant cost-savings. However, shared hosting has its set of drawbacks. One of the most important ones is that you cannot get unlimited resources. You will then need to upgrade to a VPS hosting account which can offer you nearly all benefits of dedicated hosting at far lower rates. So, a key reason to shift to VPS hosting is to get better loading speed and improved site performance. In short, when you choose a VPS hosting provider, you need to ensure that it can offer you scalable resources.

When choosing a VPS Hosting  provider, you must also ensure that it can offer you out-of-the-box solutions for your problems. It should offer you additional resources like higher bandwidth or space or processing power, as and when you need them. Larger companies will offer better technical supports and greater discounts. All businesses are looking for web hosting services which can offer them good technical supports. When you are comfortable searching for solutions to technical problems on your own, you can settle for a cheap plan. But, if you are counting on support from your provider to troubleshoot your problems, you will need to investigate its support channels. The hosting company should ideally offer its support through phone calls, chats and emails.

When you own a relatively large ecommerce website, you will automatically require greater RAM. So, you need a VPS hosting provider which can guarantee you more RAM to run more applications seamlessly. Likewise, when you have a lot of images on your website, you will need more disk space for storing these. When you sign up with any VPS host, you need to consider all these factors to be sure you are getting what you are paying for. At times, it may make more sense to pay a little extra to get a host which focuses on customer services.

So, finding that perfect hosting plan is definitely not easy. Getting the perfect combination of features in hosting plans and the perfect management has always been costly. But, today you will find many hosting companies offering packages for low costs to benefit the average users. Though the prices are low, these packages extend full control of the servers to the users. So, users have been able to come up with customizable hosting environments at a fraction of the costs. Reviews of three popular VPS hosting companies can give you an idea about this.

  • To begin with, Amazon LightSail is a relatively new addition to this list of VPS web hosts which allow businesses to integrate with AWS or Amazon Web Services products. This also offers a superior backend infrastructure and competitive prices. So, it is a fantastic choice when you are looking for the best VPS providers.
  • Another reputed and reliable VPS hosting provider is Digital Ocean which had earlier worked mainly with the smaller businesses. This hosting company too offers excellent prices, simple installations and unparalleled customer service supports. Users are free to launch any number of apps on their virtual servers. This helps to eliminate the cumbersome task of running multiple scripts in order to set up different programs. You can start hosting apps right away; this feature allows Digital Ocean to enjoy an edge over its competitors.
  • Finally, Microsoft Azure has mainly targeted large companies which need an excellent ecosystem that includes effective firewalls, load balancers, SQL servers and CDNs. Like the AWS, this hosting provider will let you integrate with other products from Azure; you are free to create Windows environments and use Windows products such as MS SQL servers. But both Azure and AWS take a while to adapt to because the learning curve is more for both.

Each of these hosting providers has a lot to offer, depending on what your business needs are. When you are thinking of hosting a web app which needs limited space, Digital Ocean may be a good choice. When the applications you have launched are likely to grow fast and may need additional resources, you should choose Amazon LightSail. For those looking to build a fully-networked ecosystem with multiple virtual machines, firewalls, and databases and managed CDNs, Microsoft Azure is recommended. Whatever you decide to sign up for, it is advisable to go for a free trial period to see how they work. While LightSail does give its clients a free trial, Digital Ocean or Azure do not. However, they will offer you low-cost options for you to start with. You can upgrade these later as and when you need to. Discontinuing their services is not an issue and deleting servers is also hassle-free.

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Upgrade VPS to Windows Server

Is there any Reason to Upgrade VPS to Windows Server 2016 OS?

Windows Server 2016 is Microsoft’s latest server operating system (OS). On September 24th 2016, it was released. Wide array of prominent as well as new features have been introduced here. This is the reason why you should upgrade your VPS to the latest operating system – Windows Server 2016. Now, let’s check out what are so special about Windows Server 2016?

1. Internet Information Services 10.0

When you buy Windows Server 2016, the first thing that gets shipped with it is the Internet Information Services 10.0 or IIS 10.0, in short. There are multiple other features that come with the Windows’ latest OS, which can make your website lot faster. It will ultimately have far better user experience, thereby enhancing your business prospects.

2. HTTP/2 Protocol Support

When compared with the HTTP protocol of last decade, HTTP/2 Protocol is a major update. Connection reusability is one of the best things that the new Windows OS brings with itself. The new protocol helps in improving the load time of a web page. Now, let’s have a lok at the amazing features and facilities that this protocol brings with itself –

• Multiple requests can now be handled by a single connection. In case of older and more popular HTTP protocol, a request had to wait until and unless a new connection is being established. In fact, new requests could also had to wait till the existing connection gets idle. However, when you use HTTP/2 protocol, the waiting time for the request gets reduced. This ultimately lessens the page load time and opens a web page faster.

• Data compression is a normal thing in case of older HTTP protocol. However, the header is not sent in a compressed manner. This is the reason why redundancy can be seen between requests. That’s why the browser is required to send smaller packets that will include headers. With the use of the newer HTTP/2 protocol, reduced redundancy between requests can be witnessed. This ensures that the first connection remains faster. This is yet another reason why you should upgrade to HTTP/2 protocol or upgrade to Windows Server 2016 OS.

• One important feature that you can get with the new and improved OS from Microsoft is the concept of PUSH. Let’s suppose that there are over hundred requests. In case, you browse some web page, you will get just a few (say, twenty) requests. When PUSH is available, all cache (which can be one hundred cache) can be stored because it is supposed that all cache will be requested. Therefore, latency benefits can be enjoyed by the users. With the stored cache, the owner can also reuse them on other web pages.

3. IIS 10.0 On Nano Server

When you buy Windows Server 2017, there will be the optional instalment requirement of the lightweight Nano Server. This also means that only a very small space is required by the hardware resources.

IIS 10.0 On Nano Server supports multiple technologies, thereby making it easier for users to work. Some of the workload supports available include PHP, Apache Tomcat, and ASP.NET Core.

4. Supports Wildcard Host Headers

Internet Information Services 10.0 now supports Wildcard Host Headers, which allows the former in supporting and serving a single site’s subdomain requests. An example will make it easier to understand.

Suppose, there is a website called XYZ.com. Now, let us assume that there are three subdomains of that site. The subdomains can be subdomain1.xyz.com, subdomain2.xyz.com, and subdomain3.xyz.com. Once Wildcard Host Header is supported by IIS 10.0, all these subdomains will be valid hosts for xyz.com.

While you are setting up the site in Internet Information Services manager, you can add the wildcard host header of *.xyz.com.

5. Windows Defender

By upgrading your VPS to Windows Server 2016, you will now get Windows Defender, which is a built-in anti-malware application. This application helps your system by protecting the same from all kinds of known malwares. It is also being kept updated through Windows.

One of the important aspects to note here is that the Windows Defender in Windows Server 2016 runs without any Graphical User Interface or GUI. This is a very essential trait because it comes with many benefits. Without the GUI, there is no excess consumption of server resources, which can be utilised elsewhere. Without any GUI, the chances of security vulnerabilities also decrease.

In case, a user needs Graphical User Interface, it can be installed in an easier manner through the use of Windows powershell by issuing some commands. However, for doing that the user must be the Administrator User.

What are the New features of Windows Server 2016’s Web Application Proxy?

There are many new features including HTTP Publishing, pre-authentication for HTTP Basic Application Publishing, HTTP to HTTPS Redirection, and other features that include RDP gateway apps publication, improved error handling facility, improved service log, and many more.

These are the reasons why you should upgrade your VPS to Windows Server 2016 OS.

VPS Hosting India

Can Adopting VPS Solutions Improve Site Page Speed?

The relationship between a website’s page loading speed and the hosting solutions used by the site owner cannot be undermined. Without the right web hosting solutions, your website page speed can be significantly slow which may adversely affect your profits. With the emergence of new technologies, users expect sites to load much faster than before. Studies on this factor have revealed that most users will not visit a certain site if it fails to upload quickly. So, for better profits and higher sales, it is absolutely imperative that the web pages load faster. You can guarantee better customer satisfaction and ensure that they find your content relevant. This means increase rates of conversions and higher profits as there are more recorded sales.

What happens when pages take longer to load?
There have been numerous studies to establish the close relation between user experience and page loading speed. With a low loading website, user experience suffers and this can mean big losses for the business. For instance, surveys undertaken by Gomez.com and Akamia reveal that about 47% of buyers will leave a site after two seconds if the page does not load in that time. When the site fails to load in 3 seconds, they shift elsewhere. So, page loading speed will impact viewership significantly. Other related studies have also proved that when a high number of buyers have experienced a slow loading site while shopping, they are likely to share their experiences with their friends.

It has been site that ecommerce sites like Shopzilla witness a 25% hike in viewership and generated higher revenues when it could upgrade its page loading time. Ecommerce websites which earn huge revenues can lose a huge amount of money even if there are delays of a second. Search engine optimization includes critical factors like page loading speed alongside keywords and relevant back links. Google has reiterated the value of a fast loading website for everyone. When the pages load quickly, users are satisfied and likely to spend more time on the site. But, when pages take long to load, buyers will spend minimal time on that site. With the help of SEO tools like Google Analytics, it is now possible to determine and assess page loading times with a view to improving them.

How can you ensure that page loading is faster?
To enjoy higher rankings in search engines, it is not only enough to have faster page loading times. Along with this, the content should be keyword-rich and there should be relevant back links. However, when you can take care of the page loading time, you can enjoy an advantage over the others. This is because there are thousands of other sites out there seeking to get more clients.

Which hosting plans can offer better page loading times?
When you must upload a web page, there are many codes that will run to respond to different user requests. To generate only a single page, there may be hundreds of database queries being run. Such activities are to take place on the servers where your ecommerce site is getting hosted. When the servers are powerful and reliable, the pages get loaded faster.

When you choose shared hosting, you are expected to share resources with many other sites housed on that same server. So, chances of resources getting over-used by some clients are very high. As a result, your site may slow down. You need to choose the right type of hosting solutions to ensure that this does not happen.

How does VPS hosting help in improving website speed?
With VPS hosting, you can get an adequate amount of memory, CPU, bandwidth which is allotted to your hosting account. Each of the virtual servers housed on a physical server is independent and has its own resources. Users are given root access to servers. So, they can reboot the server is needed and adjust its settings. They can install custom software to satisfy their business requirements. They may even tweak the server settings to improve page loading speeds.

In order to understand how far VPS hosting plans can improve page loading speed, tests have been conducted. They were carried out on the better known content management systems like WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Joomla, on SSD VPS packages and also on shared packages. Marked improvements were noticeable when hosting was upgraded from a shared package to a VPS package. This shows that VPS plans are preferred by businesses which are resource-rich and receive high volumes of traffic.

When you have access to servers and its resources, you are going to have higher processing power and better memory. This implies that the servers will be able to respond to the queries much faster. A VPS SSD or solid state drive will be able to load the files faster compared to a hard drive. This will indirectly guarantee better site performance. When you have your databases and resources on your server, your site performance is automatically upgraded because you do not have to share resources from some other server.

Go4hosting personalized VPS server India plans include everything that a business may need to manage current and futuristic business needs. To fulfill your business requirement mail us at : [email protected] and you can directly reach us at 1800-212-2022.

The Applications And Services Which Are Best Powered By VPS Server

The Applications And Services Which Are Best Powered By VPS Server

Websites with a demanding CMS or one that attracts a large number of visitors consistently can be managed better with VPS hosting. VPS or Virtual Private Server is a hosting system that’s acknowledged by hosting experts a truly and fully capable of performing all basic and advanced tasks associated with server management. VPS can also help boost performance and productivity of your servers.

There are many applications and services for which VPS server can be used to boost output and performance. We have identified five such services that are best served by VPS.

For Hosting Websites:

If you are planning to use a server to host your website, it makes sense to choose VPS server hosting. With VPS you are assured of more resources such as CPU, RAM and HDD which are all vital to improve website performance. Most server hosts freeze CPU utility when the traffic to your website grows beyond a specific threshold. This can result in slow loading of websites resulting in a disappointing user experience. Such situations can be avoided by using VPS hosting.

VPS servers allow you to manage the challenges of your workplace better. You have the freedom to choose CMS, database, control panel and other features according to the operational needs of your website. You can manage multiple websites through a single control panel. All your accounts will be with one server host which will make management easy. With VPS hosting, you can also enjoy full administrative root access.

For Setting Up An Email Server

To manage the external and internal communications of your organization in a smooth and effective manner, you need to set up an email server. If you have a large number of users and business activity goes on round the clock, it becomes imperative to put an efficient system in place to ensure smooth progress. While some businesses still make use of obsolete methods like setting up an email server hosting on an in-house hardware, this is not an ideal an efficient solution. They can face multiple problems such as poor stability and accessibility, power interruptions and others. Google and Yahoo mail are options that some organizations prefer using as they guarantee 100% online accessibility but you often have to sacrifice flexibility, privacy and security. Besides, there is the hassle of dealing with a whole new interface.

These are the key benefits of using VPS for email server hosting

  • VPS hosting gives you the freedom to install an email client that you are familiar with.
  • You can enjoy absolute control and extended administrative possibilities
  • You can operate your email server without having to depend on an internet connection or your office power source.

VPS For Organizing Projects That Involve Team Work

The biggest casualty of the growth of any organization is the loss of efficiency in team work projects where many professionals have to coordinate and work together on a project simultaneously, often from diverse locations. The problem can be resolved using VPS hosting. Cloud VPS is the ideal option for tasks such as CRM and accounting where coordination is needed to manage tasks efficiently. The cloud repository is a reliable system where information is backed up regularly. You are unlikely to lose data created by your staff members even if hardware malfunctions. The other benefits of using VPS for team work projects are that information can be accessed from any location and you remain in control of the execution. Opinions can be exchanged easily and the right decisions can be taken after extensive discussions.

VPS for team work projects because:

  • It guarantees safety of Information
  • As the VPS is places in a remote data center data cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons
  • Information transmission is conducted through an encrypted channel
  • You need not be concerned about hardware function
  • Easy access to data while on the go

For Setting Up A Virtual Private Network

VPS is the best hosting option if you are planning to set up a private network for transmission of payment data or for sharing information that has strategic importance and is meant for just a chosen few of the organization’s hierarchy. You can avoid critical data from falling into wrong hands and protect the reputation of your organization with the extremely dependable and secure VPS hosting.

Cloud Telephone Exchange On VPS

This is a service that is gaining in popularity. Companies are turning to virtual or cloud-based telephone exchanges because it provides more benefits that physical telephone exchange with its virtual analogue.

The virtual telephone exchange offers flexibility of configuration and enhanced control. You can add features like visual communication and integration with CRM system with VPN. As no hardware network is involved, the cost of running a telephone network can come down significantly. All information about calls is sored securely and digitally in the database. It can be accessed easily for analysis of business or for achieving marketing objectives.

Finally, choose a reliable and well-established VPS hosting service to leverage the entire range of benefits associated with virtual private server hosting.


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How Can VPS Hosting Solutions Benefit CRM?

How Can VPS Hosting Solutions Benefit CRM?

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is an innovative solution for streamlining the interactions between clients and enterprises. CRM aims to improve the relationships between buyers and companies, finds prospective clients and gets back former customers. This system has been translated into effective software called the CRM software which collects, organizes and managed customer data. When you can deploy a CRM solution properly, your sales can improve dramatically. It optimizes marketing efforts and customer services based upon client data which is available from the databases. Implementing the CRM is therefore advantageous for both large and small businesses. CRM can also help you to evaluate work results and then make necessary changes. Companies which have already used this software are aware of its complexities and costs.

The main idea behind the CRM software is to ensure that every participant in this process is satisfied and the system does not need constant attention. Training of staff to work with this software and integration of the CRM are some of the tasks which enterprises must look into. Those who have gone through these adjustments are therefore not willing to change the system even if the situation demands it.

The resources, funds and time required for it are quite a lot; the best way to get it done is to shift the existing CRM system to VPS.

What are the benefits that VPS can offer CRM?

• It is a well known fact that distributors and sales managers must have a high level of mobility in order to get the desired results. When you choose cloud hosting and dedicated servers, you can get this mobility because you can access the software from anywhere. You simply need devices which can provide remote access to data and web connectivity. This will ensure that managers can be in constant contact with their clients, regardless of where they may be located. When you choose VPS server hosting, you can get the same results for lower costs. You get to save both finances and time.

• Moreover, the server is being monitored by a cloud vendor and this frees the administrator to carry out other important tasks. To shift the CRM to a cloud does not demand much work on the part of the businesses; they only have to install the software and move the databases to activate the system.

• There is yet another benefit of shifting the CRM to a VPS environment. You will not be required to train the personnel again; this is because they have prior experiences in working with such a system. The setting is familiar to them even if the infrastructure is distinct. This is a great advantage especially for larger companies which will need to spend a lot more resources and time to train a large number of workers.

• One of the main reasons for shifting the CRM to a VPS setting is because of data security reasons. Businesses will not have to be concerned about equipment malfunctioning and power outages. This is because the cloud vendor will be responsible for ensuring that the software runs smoothly. In emergencies, they can even retrieve data fast which helps to do away with downtimes.

• The servers are ready to work and the implementation speed is high. It hardly takes any time to install the software or get a database connection; once the system is deployed, it is familiar to the users.

• Since you have the control over server configurations, you can suitably change the CRM work options even if you are on the go. The administrator enjoys complete control without any restrictions and can carry out advanced configurations.

• Given the fact that the data is accessible by the clients and this access does not need the host’s approval, the software can be deployed on local servers when needed.

These benefits suggest that shifting Customer Relationship Management to a VPS setting is not a task which faces too many challenges. You will need a lot of funds or man-hours to get the software working in a VPS setting. The shift is intended to make the software more flexible. It becomes more scalable and you do not have to bring about any radical changes in its interfaces and functions. So, without spending a fortune you can streamline your company’s operations and promote sales. You can win your clients’ loyalty and escalate your profits. VPS will guarantee higher data security, 24×7 technical supports when you can get a reliable host.


Things SMEs Ought to Check When Choosing VPS Hosting

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the most benefitted from VPS hosting because this web hosting solution allows them to enjoy almost all the benefits of dedicated hosting minus the high costs. But, at the same time, SMEs need to be careful when choosing a VPS hosting provider. It is natural for businesses to get carried away by low prices of VPS plans. But the truth is that many of the web hosts offering these plans may not be offering good technical supports and the SMEs will find themselves struggling to resolve technical glitches every step of the way. Considering these factors may help them to make a good choice when it comes to Choosing a Good VPS Hosting Provider:

  • To start with, SMEs must look for a provider that can guarantee them stability and reliability. Without a high uptime guarantee, their site is likely to face downtimes which may lead to revenue losses. When the site slows down, visitors are likely to navigate the site and go elsewhere. A good web host will ensure that their technical issues are resolved before the site slows down and visitors abandon it. So, SMEs should ideally review the Service Level Agreements to be sure their host is reliable and trustworthy.
  • Small and medium sized businesses have to check for loading times before they sign up with any web host. The time taken by the web pages to load is a crucial factor for the success of any website. It is also one of the most important factors which Google and other search engines take into account when making website rankings. Therefore, when SMEs choose a web host for VPS hosting, they must consider the page loading times to be sure that their clients have a satisfying site experience.
  • For the SMEs, considering the technical supports offered by the web host is a very important factor before they sign on the dotted line. Regardless of how attractive the hosting features are, they are useless without round-the-clock technical supports through chats, emails and phone calls. So, when there is a technical problem, the host must be available to troubleshoot it as fast as possible. The slightest delay by the web host can spell a disaster for the revenues of the small businesses which work on a limited budget.
  • When the smaller businesses start to expand, they are likely to need more resources than they did earlier. This is when the web hosting provider should step forward to arrange these for them. This means that the VPS hosting plans they choose should be scalable to accommodate additional resources if needed.
  • Finally, besides the costs, all small or medium sized enterprises need to check the experience of the hosting provider. Only when the web host has been in the industry for many years can it be trusted. When they have had a long history of experience, small businesses can expect to get more visitors.

These are some of the important things that SMEs need to verify before they sign up for VPS plans with just any Web Hosting Provider. VPS hosting is supposed to give them root access to the server so that they can tweak its settings to suit their objectives. This implies that VPS hosting works almost like a middle path between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. This also makes it ideally suited for companies which need more resources than what shared hosting can offer, but do not yet have the experience or the funds to afford the costly dedicated hosting plans. It is for this reason that SMEs must choose their VPS hosts with a lot of caution.

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