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Why SMBs should Host Business Emails on VPS Hosting?

Opinion columnists have written “the death of email” quite some time back but it is far from being over. In fact, it has become one of the most sought after official medium for business communication. That’s why a business (no matter what the size is) should take emails seriously, especially when it is the question of establishing, growing or carrying out regular business transactions. If you are still using your free Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL account, the time has come for you to choose server hosted email solutions. When the server hosted emails are considered, VPS email hosting is the best possible solution for SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses). This is mainly because of the fact that they can get privacy without having to shell out a lot of money (as in case of a dedicated server).

Now, let’s check out the reasons why a SMB should choose VPS for hosting emails –

• Privacy

As already pointed out, privacy is the main reason why a growing small business or a medium sized one chooses a VPS hosted mail environment. It can either be domain specific or one that is being provided by the VPS hosting service provider.

In case you are using a free Gmail account, you will find that they change their privacy policy. In fact, you are not aware how much money these free email service providers make by using your email information. Sometimes back you were seeing customised ads over your emails and they were highly targeted ones. How was Google able to give you so targeted email ads until and unless there were certain bots to check emails? Though these ads are not shown now, you can’t be sure. If there any circumventing software privacy setting present for gathering user data then as a user (especially business entity) it certainly feels tacky.

When you use a virtual private server hosted email account, you get rid of all your worries related to privacy intrusion. The VPS hosting solution you are using don’t generally use email for analytics purposes. If you have any doubt, do inquire about it before choosing the service provider. Ask your service provider whether it collects any kind of email data for analytics purposes. Privacy of email data is the main reason why a SMB should choose a VPS for business email hosting.

• Security

If you are a Yahoo mail user then you know how your business data can be in the hands of the cyber criminals in case of security breach. One such massive security breach took place back in 2012 and you must remember if you are a Yahoo mail user. In case this kind of thing takes place to your business then you can lose your important data. If you want more security for your business emails then going for a VPS server hosted email solution is the most secured and at the same time most affordable for you. In addition, if you opt for the fully managed VPS hosting service then you will get 24×7 monitoring facility and they can avoid any kind of cyber attack through pre-emptive solution.

• Downtime

Downtime can be a big issue for businesses. When it hits, it adversely affects business in a big way. That’s why SMBs should choose a VPS solution that provides maximum uptime, which is more than 99.9%. You will not find many large companies going offline. This is because of the fact that they get the best dedicated solution. They have enough capital to spend more money on hosting and get more facility and get their server running without any downtime. When a SMB goes for a VPS hosting solution the first most important thing it gets is dedicated amount of server resources up to a certain limit guaranteed on a daily basis. This solution ensures that their server keeps on running successfully without disruption. Even if there is any malicious attack or any other disruption there are always enough manpower in the data centers who work instantaneously to provide the best solution always. This means that the downtime faced by the SMBs by using VPS is negligible. While signing a contract with a VPS service provider always check the uptime guaranteed in the SLA (Service Level Agreement). This will give a fair idea about the extent of downtime that can be expected throughout a year. Also check whether the service provider is providing DDoS protection or not. This also ensures that you don’t face any downtime other than the one mentioned in the SLA.


VPS Server hosting for email hosting is a great solution for a Small and Medium Businesses mainly because the users get better uptime, enhanced security, and most importantly privacy of their email data as well as business communications.

What is VPS Server?

VPS Guide for Beginners – What, Why, and When?

This blog is meant for the beginners to VPS (Virtual Private Server). There are three aspects that will mainly be discussed in this guide –

• What is VPS?
• Why and when do businesses need them?
• When is the right time to upgrade?

What is VPS Server?

Server, as we all know, is a powerful computer that helps in saving data as well as files of a website. When a person searches for your website then it is the server that serves the data as well as different files of the site to the user in a presentable and user friendly manner. There are mainly two kinds of servers.

• One is machine server, as seen in case of shared servers or dedicated servers.
• The other kind of server is the virtualised ones, where specialised software was used for
creating virtual spaces. This is what VPS is. Virtual servers are created within machine servers and each of these VPSs act as individual units, providing users dedicated-environment like experience. Here, the resources of each VPS are dedicated for particular businesses or individuals. The only thing that is shared in VPS is the underlying hardware of the machine server. Multiple Virtual Servers are present in machine servers and each VPS is completely separated virtually from the other by using software. Whether it is the CPU, RAM, or disk space, all the server resources of a single VPS are dedicated for a particular user or business entity only.

Why and when do businesses need VPSs?

VPS is generally preferred by medium sized businesses or even start-ups with robust growth potential. The basic reason of such presence rests upon two aspects –

1. The first aspect is definitely the fact that each VPS in a machine server acts like a dedicated server by providing a particular user with dedicated disk space, RAM, and CPU.

2. Another reason why small to medium sized businesses opt for VPS is because of the fact that they cost significantly less than the dedicated servers.

Comparing VPS with Other Most Common Forms of Hosting Solutions
To get a comprehensive picture of the hosting solutions are very important so that all the hosting solutions can be compared with VPS. Let’s start with the most popular and the cheapest hosting solution and it is the shared hosting solution.

• Shared Hosting

In this kind of hosting solution, the server resources are shared by the users along with the IP address. Whether it is RAM, CPU, bandwidth, or disk space, all are shared by multiple users or website owners. One of the major advantages of such arrangement is that they are highly affordable because of the fact that the cost of maintenance of the server is being shared by multiple users, thereby driving down price of shared hosting plan of each user. It is similar to the concept of living in dormitory arrangements in rest houses or hotels. That’s why shared hosting plans are available at highly affordable prices. However, these plans are disadvantageous for fast growing small businesses or even the medium sized businesses because spike in one website’s traffic suddenly will adversely affect the proper functioning of other websites. Website owners have least control on shared server resources.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is dedicatedly used by a single business entity. Therefore, all the resources, right from hardware, CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and disk space of a dedicated server are used by a single business organisation only. That’s why the price of dedicated hosting is also significantly high. When it comes to control over server resources, dedicated server hosting types provide customers with the best hosting solution. This solution is best for large companies whose sites get loads of traffic on a daily basis.

• VPS Hosting

VPS fills up the yawning gap between shared server and dedicated server. It provides small to medium sized companies affordable hosting solution, thereby providing dedicated hosting-like experience at best price, much lower than that of dedicated servers but higher than shared servers. The only thing that is shared in VPS hosting solution is the hardware of the machine server in which the VPS is located. What you will not get here when compared with dedicated server are Root Access to MySQL Server and isolated CPU. To put it in simple words, it can be said that VPS provides dedicated hosting like experience but at affordable cost. VPS’s cost is double than the shared hosting solution. But its cost is around 1/10th of the dedicated server.
When is the right time to upgrade?

If you are still using a shared server for your fast growing website then you may need upgrade only if

• you are worrying about security of data
• your site starts getting high volume of traffic
• you site is experiencing downtime repeatedly and also running slowly than normal
• you have a ecommerce website
• you require to install customised software, other than that offered by the shared server generally

• you start getting server errors frequently

These are the factors when a website owner should contemplate about upgrading the server from shared to VPS hosting.

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VPS Hosting India

Can Adopting VPS Solutions Improve Site Page Speed?

The relationship between a website’s page loading speed and the hosting solutions used by the site owner cannot be undermined. Without the right web hosting solutions, your website page speed can be significantly slow which may adversely affect your profits. With the emergence of new technologies, users expect sites to load much faster than before. Studies on this factor have revealed that most users will not visit a certain site if it fails to upload quickly. So, for better profits and higher sales, it is absolutely imperative that the web pages load faster. You can guarantee better customer satisfaction and ensure that they find your content relevant. This means increase rates of conversions and higher profits as there are more recorded sales.

What happens when pages take longer to load?
There have been numerous studies to establish the close relation between user experience and page loading speed. With a low loading website, user experience suffers and this can mean big losses for the business. For instance, surveys undertaken by Gomez.com and Akamia reveal that about 47% of buyers will leave a site after two seconds if the page does not load in that time. When the site fails to load in 3 seconds, they shift elsewhere. So, page loading speed will impact viewership significantly. Other related studies have also proved that when a high number of buyers have experienced a slow loading site while shopping, they are likely to share their experiences with their friends.

It has been site that ecommerce sites like Shopzilla witness a 25% hike in viewership and generated higher revenues when it could upgrade its page loading time. Ecommerce websites which earn huge revenues can lose a huge amount of money even if there are delays of a second. Search engine optimization includes critical factors like page loading speed alongside keywords and relevant back links. Google has reiterated the value of a fast loading website for everyone. When the pages load quickly, users are satisfied and likely to spend more time on the site. But, when pages take long to load, buyers will spend minimal time on that site. With the help of SEO tools like Google Analytics, it is now possible to determine and assess page loading times with a view to improving them.

How can you ensure that page loading is faster?
To enjoy higher rankings in search engines, it is not only enough to have faster page loading times. Along with this, the content should be keyword-rich and there should be relevant back links. However, when you can take care of the page loading time, you can enjoy an advantage over the others. This is because there are thousands of other sites out there seeking to get more clients.

Which hosting plans can offer better page loading times?
When you must upload a web page, there are many codes that will run to respond to different user requests. To generate only a single page, there may be hundreds of database queries being run. Such activities are to take place on the servers where your ecommerce site is getting hosted. When the servers are powerful and reliable, the pages get loaded faster.

When you choose shared hosting, you are expected to share resources with many other sites housed on that same server. So, chances of resources getting over-used by some clients are very high. As a result, your site may slow down. You need to choose the right type of hosting solutions to ensure that this does not happen.

How does VPS hosting help in improving website speed?
With VPS hosting, you can get an adequate amount of memory, CPU, bandwidth which is allotted to your hosting account. Each of the virtual servers housed on a physical server is independent and has its own resources. Users are given root access to servers. So, they can reboot the server is needed and adjust its settings. They can install custom software to satisfy their business requirements. They may even tweak the server settings to improve page loading speeds.

In order to understand how far VPS hosting plans can improve page loading speed, tests have been conducted. They were carried out on the better known content management systems like WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Joomla, on SSD VPS packages and also on shared packages. Marked improvements were noticeable when hosting was upgraded from a shared package to a VPS package. This shows that VPS plans are preferred by businesses which are resource-rich and receive high volumes of traffic.

When you have access to servers and its resources, you are going to have higher processing power and better memory. This implies that the servers will be able to respond to the queries much faster. A VPS SSD or solid state drive will be able to load the files faster compared to a hard drive. This will indirectly guarantee better site performance. When you have your databases and resources on your server, your site performance is automatically upgraded because you do not have to share resources from some other server.


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