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How Hosting Affects Your Website’s Traffic, Engagement, and Profitability

With digital being the order of the day, owning a website has become imperative for entrepreneurs to survive and thrive. If you still don’t have a business website, then it’s high time for you to get a domain name registered and team up with a hosting provider, to ensure growth of your business in the future. Today, there are more than one billion active websites on the Hosting Affects Your Website’s Trafficweb, used by online marketers to perform branding, marketing, and advertising activities. Businesses are learning technical aspects to let their website stand out of the competition. But, the unfortunate part is that sometimes in spite of a website having an appealing look and feel, taglines, color composition, and easy to remember domain name does not achieve the desired results when compared to your digital marketing strategy efforts.

Have you ever wondered why your website is unable to achieve your intended targets?

Most entrepreneurs end up getting a thought that their campaign or content is a barrier to their progression. But, they never really realize that there could be something wrong with their website. In about 50% cases, there is a problem in your website hosting, not the content or theme or design.

Just “a few seconds” to capture your visitors’ attention! 

Hosting Affects Your Website’s Traffic

Delayed Website Response: Page loading time is an important factor that determines user experience. To perform well online, a website should load fast for users on all devices even with sluggish internet connectivity. An average Internet user doesn’t wait for a website that takes more than ideal time to load and turns to some other website. Slow loading time is one of the major reasons behind page abandonment. To avoid the under performance trap, choose a web hosting provider that is equipped with a latency optimized data center facilities and warrants fastest loading speed.

Hosting Affects Your Website’s TrafficPoor Caching: Caching is a temporary storage space that enables websites to load faster. There are a trail of cache location types, such as object caching, database caching, page caching, and OPcache. Caching is completely dependent on the hardware (storage type) – means, the faster the hardware is, the faster the caching mechanism. So, did you ensure the hardware components, including RAM and other configuration when determining a hosting environment for your business-critical website? If not, this could be one of the probable reasons that you’re lagging behind.

Hosting Affects Your Website’s Traffic

Intolerable Uptime:  It’s no secret that organizations across multiple domains are embarking on digital transformation like never before. Therefore, the underlying network must not be overlooked when singing up a hosting contract. Network connectivity should be capable of integrating multiple data center facilities, through a plethora of connectivity options, such as Internet bandwidth, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

Talk about any industry analyst firm, such Gartner, Forester and IDC, all of them estimate how badly a downtime can impact a business’s bottom-line performance. A host of reasons can be held responsible for downtime – DDoS attacks, power sabotage, incompetent network devices, and lack of monitoring. Thus, choose a provider’s facility that is built with N+1 resiliency and offers no less than 99.95% network uptime.

Hosting Affects Your Website’s Traffic 5

Non-friendly Website Design: Businesses are now boosting BYOD to increase collaboration and productivity. End users’ dependency on mobile devices is increasing day by day. They prefer to watch videos, search for information, place orders, and do many other things on their mobile.

According to a research report, around 73% of people always have their mobile device with them.                                                                                               — Facebook

Individuals pick up their mobile devices around 150 to 200 times a day, and 4.8 billion people across the globe will use mobile devices in the year 2016.    — Forrester 

Hosting Affects Your Website’s Traffic

So, did you optimize your website to fit the screen size of different smart devices? No, this could be one of the possible reasons what is killing your sales. Get yourself a mobile-friendly site that loads promptly and is easy to navigate.

Hosting Affects Your Website’s Traffic 5

Fixed or non-scalable Infrastructure: Scalability is a must-have factor when collaborating with a web hosting provider. At times, it is found that businesses fail owing to lack of requite resources to foster dense traffic needs. Therefore, look for a web host that provides flexible computing and other IT resources to seamlessly support simple to quick upgrades. Modular systems, auto-tiering provisions, object storage, including elastic capacity should be in place to adapt to changing market demands.

Hosting Affects Your Website’s Traffic 5

Inadequate Security Provisions: Security and privacy protocols are another reason that can wreck your sales objectives or tarnish your online reputation. Every year a large number of data loss and infringement cases are registered. In order to ensure that your website is secure, hosting provider with competent security protocols, including monitoring tools, firewalls, and other security essentials should only be selected.

Keeping these factors in mind, you can boost your sales funnel, build strong brand presence, and outmaneuver your competitors.

9 Tips for Every Entrepreneur to Promote Their Web Presence

9 Tips for Every Entrepreneur to Promote Their Web PresenceDo you find launching a website stressful and difficult job? Are you facing problem in promoting your website? If yes, you are at the right place.  A well-connected and user-engaging website demands –appealing design, swift navigation, rich content, and quick loading time – right? But, your task doesn’t end here, there’s another major aspect that most of the clients defocus is the way how a website is set off the ground. That’s why it is of dire importance to test the waters and ensure all the requisites beforehand.

This blog attempts to highlight a few of the key pointers that will help you launch your website in the most coherent manner:

  • Benefits of setting up a pre-launch page: Setting up a pre-launch page is a good practice nowadays. It is one of the promotion strategies that help in acquiring loyal customers and generating more interest and enthusiasm among your customers than endorsing it after it is launched. Including a signup box on your pre-launch page will allow your visitors to get intimated when you actually launch. You can also include offers and discounts for first a few signups once you launch. If you use WordPress, you can install the plugins such as EZP Coming Soon Page or Easy Coming Soon. 9 Tips for Every Entrepreneur to Promote Their Web Presence
  • Constructing high-quality content: Any marketing campaign that you consider for your business will be heavily dependent on the content. Therefore, you should not leave a single stone unturned to produce a user-engaging content that is highly valuable for your intended customers. Remember, selection of words, color, and font should complement each other and answers all your customer’s queries in the most proficient manner. Only attractive websites with substandard content cannot gain interest of visitors rather sites with quality content can convince customers to purchase products and services offered by you. 9 Tips for Every Entrepreneur to Promote Their Web Presence

Before launching your website, experts suggest to create multiple copies of your content and get it reviewed by different people. Ask these people to provide you the feedback and comprehend how far your content had proven successful. If the message your content was not clear, rework on it. The best way to rank in search engines is to shoot 1000+ word per page.  Doing some research work, seeking expert advice, reading FAQ’s, and Tutorials can be used as references for content creation.

  • Guide your visitors through a way to sign up for your email list : An email list gives an opportunity to connect with your visitors, even if they do not visit you again. Visitors should be engaged by proffering them incentive to join your webinar, or access to free e-book that parcels valuable information to your target audience for joining your list. You can subscribe to any email marketing service to use their templates to integrate an opt-in box to your website. 9 Tips for Every Entrepreneur to Promote Their Web Presence
  • Join influencers in Your Niche: This strategy proves befitting for non-commercial websites; however, it can also prove fruitful for sites loaded with excellent content. Search for well-acknowledged people in your niche and acquaint them with your new website. If you’re finding difficulties in figuring out whom to contact, you can try tools available online to like Twtrland, Authority Spy, Followerwonk, and BuzzSumo to locate bloggers, social media influencers, journalists, and experts who might be interested in sharing your website with their respective followers. The best way would be to first follow them on social media platforms. Do read their posts and leave thoughtful comments. Once the connection gets little older, you can acquaint them with your business in an email. It would be good to stop yourself to ask them to share your content with their followers. Trust me, if your content has that X factor in it – they’re surely going to share it. 9 Tips for Every Entrepreneur to Promote Their Web Presence
  • Regulate alerts for your blog: It is requisite to stay updated of the activities performed on your blog. You can subscribe Google Alerts to get intimated of any blog or media mention. These alerts will inevitably help you gauge the success of your marketing efforts and emphasizes on the stratagem of working. 9 Tips for Every Entrepreneur to Promote Their Web Presence
  • Get free links and promotion with HARO: How to get traffic for a newly launched website is always a matter of worry for many entrepreneurs. However, help a reporter is one of best ways to get free links for your website without even paying a penny. Once you sign up, you will receive media queries to answer. You can answer the queries with detailed understanding of the question and share the links of a few of your most awesome blog posts that are relevant to their query.
  • Configure a XML sitemap: A sitemap is one of the best ways to inform search engines about the page listing and posts available on your website. According to experts, a website that includes sitemap has greater chances to get quickly indexed.  If your website is based on WordPress, you can directly install the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. If it is other than WordPress, you can try XML sitemap generator to upload it to the root directory of your mission-critical website.9 Tips for Every Entrepreneur to Promote Their Web Presence
  • Search Engine Optimization Matters: It is not necessary that you need to be a SEO ninja to get ranked on the Google’s top pages. However, it is really important to follow the fundamentals, like use of proper keywords that you wish to rank and incorporate it in strategic areas; put navigation bar; build links; title, image, and header tags. The another important aspect that you need to bear in mind is to always upload a user-engaging, plagiarism-free, and best quality content on your site.

If you have a WordPress site, you can configure a plugin like Yoast SEO to ensure that your website meets basic SEO fundamentals. On top of that, it is important that you select a right web hosting provider that has huge computing capacity and security provisions to protect your business against vulnerabilities.

Last but not the most strategic pointer; install Google Analytics as it will help you know about your intended users, track which part of the world your visitors come from; and where these visitors are heading to.

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Was this article helpful to you? Please comment if you have other pointers to share that entrepreneurs should keep in mind when launching a website.

How You Could Leverage YouTube for Your Domains and Web Hosting Business?

YouTube, world’s 2nd largest & captivating search engine can also contribute in taking your business on the top of the world… The online video sharing website, launched in the year 2005 How You Could Leverage YouTube for Your Domains and Web Hosting Businesswas picked up by Google Inc. for around US$1.65 billion in 2006. Facts available reveal that this most ostensible platform of video contents is one of the biggest revenue generation sources for Google.

YouTube Rage: Changing Society                     

This social media platform has changed people in multifold ways – not only keeping them abreast with the emerging trends, however generating sense of awareness across all age groups.  With the passage of time, it has become a lucrative choice for organizations as more and more viewers including advertisers migrated from electronic media to the world of Internet. Perplexing! However true, at present YouTube exhibits around 6 billion hours of video contents that is visited by users each month.

How You Could Leverage YouTube for Your Domains and Web Hosting Business

Right from the domain of film lovers to video aficionados and service industry CEOs to CXOs, it boosts tens of lakhs of users to move from a low cost to no cost marketing hub, and expeditiously conveys better returns on investment. Not to mention, it helps thousands of advertisers to nail out their strong brand presence without cribbing about hefty capital outlays. One viral video could add a value proposition to your business, potentially helping you to take over your competitors.

Best Platform to Endorse Your Brand

Being the most engaging platform, it enables businesses to connect with their prospective and Fpotential customers, which in turn, augments the website traffic, thus leading to more conversions. By making short and customer-oriented videos and uploading it oFn YouTube – clients can reach out to their targeted markets.

Let’s have a look at key takeaways:

  • If you are a domain name or web hosting provider, you can make a video that talks about the various types of domain names, how to buy these domain names, steps to follow, how to seek a reliable provider, how to setup a server, and highlighFt various other important traits of offered product/services in a textual, pictorial, or audio-visual format.
  • You can advertise your brand by undergoing a few simple and user-friendly steps.
  • You can upload testimonials, awards and recognition that your business has achieved in order to engage more clients

Remember, the more relevant videos, the higher the rankings. Relevance and accuracy of data is a critical factor that businesses need to imbibe in their brains when planning to upload a video. It’s no more a hidden truth that Google gives preference to critical videos uploaded on YouTube and improvises search engine rankings of a website.

Getting Started with YouTube

In order to post your content, you need to first create your account on YouTube. For this, you are required to have a Google Gmail account. It is an optimal decision to generate an account austerely for your company that swiftly link services like YouTube and Google+ altogether.

Image 1.1

Click on the Upload Button

How You Could Leverage YouTube for Your Domains and Web Hosting Business

Image 1.2

Select your user name that points toward your business presence. It is advised to refrain from using generic keywords as it may not get required paparazzi. Your user name should be one word with no spaces and special characters.

Image 1.2 Select your user name that points toward your business presence. It is advised to refrain from using generic keywords as it may not get required paparazzi. Your user name should be one word with no spaces and special characters.

Image 1.3

Once you are done with the account setup, you are required to customize your YouTube profile:

How You Could Leverage YouTube for Your Domains and Web Hosting Business

Select Your Channel. Basically, there are two channel types that a client can pick from:

  • A Partner Channel
  • A User Channel

Drive Success by Registering Your Presence on YouTube:


Let’s take a glance at an Informative Wheel:  How You Could Leverage YouTube for Your Domains and Web Hosting Business

Video Increases Time Spent on Web Pages

Video inspires users to spend longer view times, and therefore engaging more site visitors, which will boost your analytics. “Length of visits” is an indication of relevancy. Longer visits via highly engaging video content can yield higher conversions. This varies across industries but the search statistics show that viewers are 64 to 85 percent more likely to buy after watching a product video.

According to ReelSEO’s Video Marketing Survey & Business Trends Report,

  • Marketers Using videos to promote their products/services – 93%
  • Clients using videos for website marketing – 84%
  • Clients using videos for email marketing  – 60%
  • Clients using videos for optimizing search engine rankings – 70%

Around 80% of clients have confessed that by incorporating videos on their website they have experienced a positive impact on their business performance. This is not the end of discussion. According to Forbes Insight, around 65% of the individuals who view a video click through to visit the vendor’s website and 50% of those who viewed an online marketing video turned out to be potential customers.

Well, all the above discussed facts and figures self-encourages businesses to go online and promote their business’s critical websites by posting their videos pertaining to their businesses on a reliable yet popular video platforms, namely YouTube. Keeping close eyes on your user engagement, evaluating the reach of your videos, and ensuring your ROI must be the important factors that users shouldn’t cast-off as it is extremely important part of a successful business journey.

The Bottom Line: If you aren’t yet leveraging the online video platforms (growing end-user community), you’re certainly missing the viral online cruiser. However, do not forget that success can’t be attained with a slapdash effort. To be successful on this viral medium, you need to do proper planning, ensure quality of videos, try to be direct and simple in conveying the information, and optimize your videos to engage more customers.