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9 Tips for Every Entrepreneur to Promote Their Web Presence

9 Tips for Every Entrepreneur to Promote Their Web PresenceDo you find launching a website stressful and difficult job? Are you facing problem in promoting your website? If yes, you are at the right place.  A well-connected and user-engaging website demands –appealing design, swift navigation, rich content, and quick loading time – right? But, your task doesn’t end here, there’s another major aspect that most of the clients defocus is the way how a website is set off the ground. That’s why it is of dire importance to test the waters and ensure all the requisites beforehand.

This blog attempts to highlight a few of the key pointers that will help you launch your website in the most coherent manner:

  • Benefits of setting up a pre-launch page: Setting up a pre-launch page is a good practice nowadays. It is one of the promotion strategies that help in acquiring loyal customers and generating more interest and enthusiasm among your customers than endorsing it after it is launched. Including a signup box on your pre-launch page will allow your visitors to get intimated when you actually launch. You can also include offers and discounts for first a few signups once you launch. If you use WordPress, you can install the plugins such as EZP Coming Soon Page or Easy Coming Soon. 9 Tips for Every Entrepreneur to Promote Their Web Presence
  • Constructing high-quality content: Any marketing campaign that you consider for your business will be heavily dependent on the content. Therefore, you should not leave a single stone unturned to produce a user-engaging content that is highly valuable for your intended customers. Remember, selection of words, color, and font should complement each other and answers all your customer’s queries in the most proficient manner. Only attractive websites with substandard content cannot gain interest of visitors rather sites with quality content can convince customers to purchase products and services offered by you. 9 Tips for Every Entrepreneur to Promote Their Web Presence

Before launching your website, experts suggest to create multiple copies of your content and get it reviewed by different people. Ask these people to provide you the feedback and comprehend how far your content had proven successful. If the message your content was not clear, rework on it. The best way to rank in search engines is to shoot 1000+ word per page.  Doing some research work, seeking expert advice, reading FAQ’s, and Tutorials can be used as references for content creation.

  • Guide your visitors through a way to sign up for your email list : An email list gives an opportunity to connect with your visitors, even if they do not visit you again. Visitors should be engaged by proffering them incentive to join your webinar, or access to free e-book that parcels valuable information to your target audience for joining your list. You can subscribe to any email marketing service to use their templates to integrate an opt-in box to your website. 9 Tips for Every Entrepreneur to Promote Their Web Presence
  • Join influencers in Your Niche: This strategy proves befitting for non-commercial websites; however, it can also prove fruitful for sites loaded with excellent content. Search for well-acknowledged people in your niche and acquaint them with your new website. If you’re finding difficulties in figuring out whom to contact, you can try tools available online to like Twtrland, Authority Spy, Followerwonk, and BuzzSumo to locate bloggers, social media influencers, journalists, and experts who might be interested in sharing your website with their respective followers. The best way would be to first follow them on social media platforms. Do read their posts and leave thoughtful comments. Once the connection gets little older, you can acquaint them with your business in an email. It would be good to stop yourself to ask them to share your content with their followers. Trust me, if your content has that X factor in it – they’re surely going to share it. 9 Tips for Every Entrepreneur to Promote Their Web Presence
  • Regulate alerts for your blog: It is requisite to stay updated of the activities performed on your blog. You can subscribe Google Alerts to get intimated of any blog or media mention. These alerts will inevitably help you gauge the success of your marketing efforts and emphasizes on the stratagem of working. 9 Tips for Every Entrepreneur to Promote Their Web Presence
  • Get free links and promotion with HARO: How to get traffic for a newly launched website is always a matter of worry for many entrepreneurs. However, help a reporter is one of best ways to get free links for your website without even paying a penny. Once you sign up, you will receive media queries to answer. You can answer the queries with detailed understanding of the question and share the links of a few of your most awesome blog posts that are relevant to their query.
  • Configure a XML sitemap: A sitemap is one of the best ways to inform search engines about the page listing and posts available on your website. According to experts, a website that includes sitemap has greater chances to get quickly indexed.  If your website is based on WordPress, you can directly install the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. If it is other than WordPress, you can try XML sitemap generator to upload it to the root directory of your mission-critical website.9 Tips for Every Entrepreneur to Promote Their Web Presence
  • Search Engine Optimization Matters: It is not necessary that you need to be a SEO ninja to get ranked on the Google’s top pages. However, it is really important to follow the fundamentals, like use of proper keywords that you wish to rank and incorporate it in strategic areas; put navigation bar; build links; title, image, and header tags. The another important aspect that you need to bear in mind is to always upload a user-engaging, plagiarism-free, and best quality content on your site.

If you have a WordPress site, you can configure a plugin like Yoast SEO to ensure that your website meets basic SEO fundamentals. On top of that, it is important that you select a right web hosting provider that has huge computing capacity and security provisions to protect your business against vulnerabilities.

Last but not the most strategic pointer; install Google Analytics as it will help you know about your intended users, track which part of the world your visitors come from; and where these visitors are heading to.

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How can Google Analytics help businesses in Building a Strong Web Presence

Google Analytics is an effective tool that allows webmasters to gauge the success of their digital marketing efforts. It allows them to view the amount of traffic their website receives; track which part of the world visitors come from; and where these visitors are heading to. It goes without saying that this analytics tool encompasses simple to complex functionalities. Google Analytics is a broad subject of study that encompasses too many things into it – the more you dig into it, the more you fetch the info. Right tips and understanding is important to make your business’s online presence a success.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the features

Set Your Goals: It is an important feature available in Google Analytics. However, it has the potential to pay off good results. For this, go to Admin ó Select Goals ó Set up your New Goals. Let’s say, if your main goal is conversion, you can choose the goal templates/create custom goals/create smart goals to keep a track of your conversions or page views in the most complacent manner. Once you are done with the goals setup, you can monitor your conversions and page views in a jiffy.

Create Your Dashboards: You can create and customize a new dashboard to gain high definition view of your website account. How efficiently you customize it depend on your prowess and understanding about the tool.

In just a few simple steps you can create it – go to the Dashboards and click on New Dashboard. After you choose your template, you can add widgets as well depending on your requirements. You can add standard (METRIC, TIMELINE, GEOMAP, TABLE, PIE, BAR) and Real-time (COUNTER, TIMELINE, GEOMAP, TABLE) widgets the way you wish to.

Create Custom Notifications: Time is money – every business comprehends the value of time in today’s digital landscape where a single misstep can cause irrecoverable losses. For many, including Google Analytics tour in their everyday to-do-list is not possible. In connection with this, setting up custom alters could be of a great help. These alerts will also notify you about various shortcomings relative to your website so that you can fix it right away.

You can simply setup your alerts – Go to the Admin  ó Select Custom Alerts, and you can create new alert for different actions you wish to get intimated for. Custom Alerts can be applied to your desired traffic segments or to complete traffic. You will be notified when your preset criteria are met.

Use Filters: Google Analytics allows webmasters to view how much traffic there website has received. It enables you to limit and change the data that is included in a view. Let’s say, if you and your team keep on visiting the site, these visits will also get included into your Analytics report, which might not give you the fair idea about the traffic details. In order to avoid such impressions including PPC traffic, Organic traffic, and Subdomain traffic, you can go to the Admin and Select Filters to exclude traffic from coming from your IP addresses and thus concentrate on a specific subdomains or directories.

There are two kinds of filters – predefined filters and custom filters allowing you to exclude/include internal traffic, log file lines, track subdomains in separate views,and convert the contents into all uppercase or all lowercase characters.

Integrate Webmaster Tools: It is observed that Google Webmasters tools have the potential to acquaint you with the insights that an Analytics tool can’t afford to, such as details about the links to your mission-critical website, information of users’ impressions, index errors, crawl errors(404), spamming activities, organic search keyword click details, and much more. Well, complementing your Analytics with Webmaster tools will anyways provide a rich experience to webmasters as they can get their hands on new reports including Landing Pages and Queries, Click through Rate (CTR), and keyword positioning that help in monitoring the health of their critical website.

Measure Page Load Time: A webpage that takes time to load badly impacts AdWords Landing Page and search engine rankings. That’s why experts suggest looking for a data center or web hosting provider that promises faster loading speed and lowest latency rate. Now let’s come to Google Analytics, which provides an access to site speed reportso that you can easily measure the load time across.

The report covers the complete details about: Which landing pages are slow to load? Which campaigns loads faster? How load time varies across different locations? How fast it loads on different browsers?

The best thing about site speed report is you can gauge the speed of your critical pages and fix the issues accordingly. This report can be simply accessed: Go to Behavior ó Select Site Speed ó Select Overview.

Browser Compatibilities: Google Analytics help businesses to check which Internet browsers there users make much use of. This enables them to check out the loading time and bounce rates for each browser (Chrome, Firefox and Safari)visiting their mission-critical website. If the bounce rate from the particular browser comes high, there could be layout or formatting issues.

This you can simply check by clicking on Standard Reporting>Audience>Technology>Browser & OS.

Google Analytics can prove to be an amazing tool and help in improvising your SEO and inbound marketing efforts, provided you dig into its functionalities and execute it at right time and in the right way. To ensure best experience for your end-users, there are two surefire ways – first opt for a really good web hosting service provider and secondly use this analytics tool to make best out of your website.

If you have any query, or looking forward for a leading web hosting solution – feel free to connect our experts at 1800-212-2022.

How your website can deliver value to your business

Website HostingYour website is the external face of your business. For many people, that’s all they know about your company. Therefore a lot of their decision to buy your product/service would depend largely on the experience they encounter on your website. As such, businesses should make all kind of efforts to provide an excellent user experience to visitors of a website. This can be achieved by multiple measures which we will discuss later in this blog, easy navigation being one of them.

In their quest for customer, many organizations, invest in paid advertisements and Search Engine Marketing solutions, forgetting to ensure a good user experience to the visitors arriving at their websites. I fail to understand spending precious resources on paid advertisements to bring visitors to a website wherein customers are unable to even understand or locate your products or services.

Through this blog, I attempt to point out some of the key reasons for the failure of a website. However the list of factors mentioned here is not exhaustive:

Incompetent & Intricate Designing: No matter how big or small your business is, you need to understand who will be your target audience and how your services are going to address their necessities. Once you have gleaned information about your intended customers, ensure that the design of your website and content is at par with the collected demographics. For example, if you are targeting youth, choosing bright colors, catchy headlines followed by some good images will help in generating interest in them to revisit your website. On the other hand, if you are targeting old age group, try to ensure that it has lager font size, soothing color composition, and simple images. Moreover, don’t mess up with the design and ensure easy navigation for them.

Baffling Navigation: Well, it’s obvious that if a visitor is coming to your website he/she is seeking some information, and if that information is not mentioned there or if that is spread across different web pages, then the confusion is obvious. The chances are that they will turn up to your competitor’s website and won’t visit your site again.

That’s why it is essential that your landing page clearly expresses about you and your offered services. You can guide users by placing links to your website that indicate how the users can proceed. Moreover, don’t ever place a dead link to your website because when a user clicks on that link and gets directed to non-existing or empty page, then it not only annoys them but also leaves a bad impression about your business. Ensure that your site doesn’t have any such links at all as the experts believe that this is one of the reasons why a website fails to deliver required throughput.

Increased Page Loading Time:  I have mentioned several time in my blogs that slow website speed not only puts your business out of the search engine rankings, but also raises a question on your credibility. Placing too many images or videos makes your website slow to load. Users do not return to the sites that take more time to load.

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Website Hosting

Abrupt or Unpleasant Call to Action (CTA): According to experts, all web pages of the website should contain a clear call to action. The pages where CTA is not present make users confused about what their next course of action should be. It is recommended never leave your end-users to ponder.

Highly-Intricate Checkout Process: It’s good that your website has convinced your users to buy your offered product/service. Once they click on the buy button and get stuck in between owing to complex checkout process, what will they do? In this case, they will abandon your site and move to your rival’s platform. Thus, it is important that your website has simple yet reliable checkout process which is free from all the technical gotchas.

Non-engaging or low quality content: Your responsibility doesn’t get over with designing and website hosting. These are the basics that you cannot skip to start your online journey. You can’t overlook relevance of content. Content is the king and one of the biggest driving factors behind impressive page rankings. It is important that you put rich, engaging, and simple content on your website. Plus, don’t ever copy the content from anywhere and slap it on your website as it will have negative impact on your website.

Read what Wikipedia says: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Panda

Responsive Web Design: Last but not the least, a website that is not mobile-friendly has lesser chances to deliver in today’s digital climate as a lot of people are using their smart-phones for transactions. If you website doesn’t open well on mobile devices, you can’t think making most of your business.

A report by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. predicts that retail mobile commerce sales will increase 39.1% to $415 billion in 2016. Moreover, it will rise 24.4% to $516 billion in the year 2017, and reach approximately $626 billion in 2018.

Don’t you think that having an online presence has become a mandate for all – right from mega-cap companies to small scale ventures?  If you are looking out for any website hosting solution or have queries, feel free to connect.

A Right Web Host Can Help Accentuate Business Growth

In today’s high-pressure environment, every organization needs to have a website that can speak volumes about their authenticity and differentiated value. A website provides an organization an ideal platform to showcase its products and offerings to prospective clients globally. A lot of aspects float in the minds of decision makers wanting to launch a website; marketing being the top priority. An efficiently created website can help in growing your business significantly by bringing more and more customers to you; enable product/service seeker to locate you; explain how embracing your business offerings can leverage them; and it can generate interest of investors, industry-biggies, and media in your service area.

Going forward, with any marketing material that your organization produces, the excellence of your offerings is arbitrated by multiple factors – right from the web security to fast, reliable, and low-latency connections. Regardless of whether you are planning to index your online presence for the first time, or update your existing one, there is a multiple parameters that you need to pay heed to, ranging from website designing to content posted and search engine optimization (SEO) amongst others. Unfortunately, some of the organizations need to face the failure even when they put all aforementioned endeavors, reason – they forget to ensure whether the website hosting provider they have selected is compatible and competent to support their proposed business agenda. Overlooking this aspect can have serious consequences. How serious? It can throw your business out of the market realm–that is how serious repercussion it can cause.

This blog attempts to throw a light on valuable insight that makes running your organization a breeze:

Remember, your business’ website is one of the most powerful assets as it will help you capitalize on ample amount of opportunities, augment revenue cycle and generate customer leads. However, all your entrepreneurial endeavors will prove fruitful, if only you know where to start and with whom to connect to host your website?

It goes without saying that doing proper research and asking smart question to the service provider candidly will keep your business at bay from the forged or incompetent vendors. Getting stuck to a provider who provides expensive services and poor performance, you know what it can lead to…No one wants to experience horrific business association, right? But, for that it is important to table right hosting roadmap that illustrates web traffic, conversions, and other important details.

There is a host of web hosting providers in India, thus there are smorgasbord of options to select from. This can have dual-effect – good and bad. Good in the sense that you have multiple options to compare, and select from; and bad in the sense it is impossible to compare every solution, which is a mix of genuine and fake providers both. Never ever associate with a partner that lacks security, performance and doesn’t provide flexibility to foster your future growth.

Before you sign up for a web hosting plan, make sure that you ask following questions to your service provider:

How Secure Our Websites Will Be on Your Servers?

Security is one of the most important attributes that comes into mind when partnering with a web host. In the cyber-influenced business scenario, feeble security measures can cause serious consequences. It is inevitable to ensure that the provider has a hand-on experience in taking complete responsibility of your hosted website. Not only, protecting your mission-critical website against unethical attempts is important, but also your end-users or clients that have showed interest in your offerings. A vendor that employs up-to-the-minute security techniques including vulnerability and spam detectors, power-packed monitoring systems and environmental controllers is a good to go option.

What is the Uptime Guarantee?

If your website fails to remain available to your end-users, the core purpose behind launching a website gets vanished. According to Google, a website that loads slowly or often experiences downtime issue has an adverse impact on its search engine ranking results. Website downtime can switch your potential customers to your rival’s website, which leads to loss of revenue, repute, and credibility. Ensure that the vendor provides no less than 99.95% network uptime for your business website(s).

Web Hosting

In this regard, you can read about the various web hosting aspects important for smooth business functionality: Web Hosting Issues that Can Kill your SEO.

How Data Backup process will be rendered?

Most of the web hosting providers in India often charge for data backup, but when it comes to implement it they don’t stand by their made claims. Look for a vendor that offers automated backups, which is taken on a daily basis. You might delete some files unintentionally or encounter hacking issues. Therefore, it is necessary that you take your data backup and its protection seriously.

Apart from this, ensure that the provider has right disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place so that business goals do not get compromised.

How Scalable the Data Center Is?

The other important trait that you need to give heed to is scalability factor. It is not necessary that if a business is capable of supporting your current business growth, it will continue to support when your website gains popularity. Choose a data center provider that provides portfolio of services so that when you need to upgrade your existing platform to the new one, you can easily do so. On top of it, also look if the vendor provides you the flexibility to switch to the required plans with ease and without levying exit fees or contract cancellation costs. Herein, a scalable data center allows you to handle spikes in traffic without leading to any downtime. You can add computing resources such as bandwidth, and storage when you need it and cutback when the need gets over.

Last but not the least, you should always ask your web host about the kind of support they are going to provide. Go for a vendor that employs certified professions and provides round the clock technical support.

Don’t fall victim to mistakes that can put you out of the business, instead be smart to conquer challenges.

Why Good Server Speed is Important for Search Engine Ranking

It has been officially confirmed on the Webmaster central official blog of Google that the performance of your website in terms of the speed of page loading is an aspect that algorithms take into account. This means that the speed at which your page loads can impact your website ranking. That’s why it becomes important to choose a hosting service that offers impressive server speeds if you want to achieve high SEO ranking for your website. Also remember, that a good host may not be able to do great things to your website rankings but a bad hosting service can bring your website ranking plunging down on top search engines.

Dedicated Server Hosting

The Connection Between Your Hosting Service And Business Prospect

Websites that are quick to load and are highly responsive are far more likely to scale search rankings than the lethargic, slow moving ones because slow loading times can negatively impact user experience. For most search engines, speed of your website loading is a major deal-breaker. Not using the services of a hosting company that provides high quality and fast servers can impact your business prospects in more ways than you think.

Every hosting service provider makes use of different hardware, server code versions, configurations and networks. The quality of these components can make a difference to the way your website and applications load. Reliable hosting services that use sophisticated server systems and hardware can make loading of pages faster. This will ensure an enhanced end-user experience and will give your website rankings a major boost.

Fast Server Speeds Can Enhance User Experience Significantly

Apart from being the key for improved search engine rankings, your server also plays a major role in enhancing user experience. As it helps websites and pages load faster, users will enjoy browsing through the various pages and content and are likely to remain on these pages for an extended period of time. Creating a better experience for users often leads to increased conversions which in turn can be a great revenue earner for your business.

If your website offers content and generates revenue through advertising, a faster loading page can easily help visitors navigate to various pages effortlessly without having to wait for long. This can help in increasing total page views per user and thus boost your SEO quotient.

Choose your hosting service provider with care and also make sure you choose the right website hosting option and plan. If you choose shared hosting, you will be sharing bandwidth with many other websites. This can impact server speed. Dedicated servers are the best as they are available for your exclusive use and hence guarantee highest server speed. However, this option is also the most expensive one. Depending on the specific requirements of your business, you can make the best choice or ask an expert to guide you.

Are your Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Exposed to Threats & Attacks?

Today’s generation of development experts are willing to integrate new strategies and technologies to deliver solutions that can deliver both business growth and value. To flourish as a leader in the current competitive ecosystem, it is indispensable to extend your quality metrics (faster deployment times and streamlined workloads) with respect to high-end applications, so that it can be delivered to the end-users at a blazing speed.

Application Programming Interface (API): Unlock Many Markets with a Single Key

API helps integrate multiple applications through a web technique. To expand its definition a little more – it is an interface that comprises set of protocols, routines, and tools for developing software programs. It defines how software components should interact and APIs are used, when graphical user interface (GUI) components are programmed.

In the current market scenario, this technology is gaining traction because of two major factors:


2Gone are the days when APIs were only confined to allowing applications to communicate with each other. Today, the role of this programming interface has undergone radical changes, allowing businesses to monetize digital components, derive value proposition, and establish seamless collaboration across different channels and devices. Just to add, conventional API approach that was limited to development technique has been plunged to business model initiator and CIOs boardroom consideration.

Opening APIs to Boost Returns on Investment

When companies create an API, they give its access to developers within and outside the organization to make use of their offerings in order to develop new applications, extend their customer base in an attempt to navigate new heights.

Let’s take a look at the job responsibilities of both onsite/internal and public APIs:

  • Onsite/Internal APIs boost re-usability while enforcing uniformity in all the new applications, which ostensibly improvises the work efficiency of the developers.
  • On the other hand, public APIs can leverage your organization by enabling third-party developers to add sizable potential or add customers into your kitty.

Recently, I have read somewhere that application programming interface also plays a pivotal role in user traffic and innovation owing to the growing adoption of mobile devices by users today.

Facts that boast API influence:


Mediocre APIs Act As a Performance Barrier

Inadequate consideration while building an API will sojourn your company to standby the set growth parameters, as it may not fit the requirements of its users. APIs that do not match up its users’ needs are expensive and encounter limited adoption by developers, ostensibly, failing to meet business priorities. Well, I don’t think that it’s a good idea to do rework on APIs once they get completely designed as it may be intricate and will eat up your precious time.

Moving to the second point, building an API on conventional systems or processes that are accompanied by limitations is also not a good to go alternative as such programs are difficult to understand and developers do not show interest in the same. Of all these reasons, it is important to ensure that API should be designed in a way that they are easy to understand and use, and developers can access the functionality of the created APIs in no time.

Let’s have a look at how open APIs can help you cut the mustard:

Being straight forward, conventional business alliances, small online ventures and product integrations are not only expensive but also consume too much time as compared to open APIs that are designed considering users’ convenience.

Businesses building a niche and spanning across diverse portfolio such as online marketing, financial services, e-commerce, web hosting and entertainment can draw maximum benefits by sticking to a seamless API platform On the top of it, publishing APIs on portals enable developers to find your business’s API so that they can evaluate and make best out of it.

A robust API simply boosts developers to use it and share it with other users. This, in turn, helps in creating a dense network where each positive implementation means more engagement and more assistance from developers who add value proposition to your offerings.


Protecting APIs against Threats

Today, CEOs have become increasingly dependent on APIs to give access to their data, application, and functionality to external users. The involvement of external users sometimes entails security threats. Here, best practice that businesses can adopt when ensuring API security architecture is – they should efficiently segregate API implementation and API security into two separate tiers. This approach will help an API developer to concretely focus onto the application domain, so that each API gets designed intuitively and supports integration among various applications. Moreover, there is a host of API security benefactors who provide complete access and control over your deployed environment, threat detection, privacy control, and perform rigorous audit across every API the business publishes.

In the nutshell, APIs are the smartest way opted by organizations to cost effectively improve business’s bottom-line. Most of the CEOs believe that revenue generation and traffic acceleration are the two major and real benefits associated with open APIs. The open application programming interfaces can open a room of opportunities for businesses spanning across diverse portfolio while aiding them to tap on the resourcefulness of a great partner ecosystem.  More to add, API programs that achieve set business objectives are not difficult to create, provided systematic approach to its designing plus management is applied.

Are you facing difficulties in integrating an API, or have any other related queries? Connect to our experts right away at 1800-212-2022 or e-mail us at [email protected].

What the New gTLDs mean for Search Engine Optimization

With the launch of several new Top Level Domains (TLDs), SEO managers are grappling with multiple questions. Will it affect prevalent SEO mechanisms? Do SEO managers need to get ready with new skillsets? Should SEO managers create a new website? This blog attempts to answer a few of such queries

 What do the new gTLDs mean?     

 Till now, you must be surely aware of some of the Top Level Domain Names, i.e. .com, .net and .org. People other than SEO and online marketers; have most probably seen those three TLDs, as well as .info, .biz, and .tv. Additionally, the country code Top Level Domain names, including, co.uk(United Kingdom), .com.au(Australia), .es(Spain), .ca(Canada), and .it(Italy), are widely accepted now.

Depending on the geographic location of your business, a ccTLD makes perfect sense as an alternative to .com domain. In the forthcoming time, there will be hundreds of new generic Top Level Domain names (gTLDs) available for registration, affirmed by ICANN. In order to throw a beam of light on this concept, I am going to introduce the new gTLDs concept in tandem to SEO.

New gTLD market share


List of new gTLD’s reserved by many domain name investors and trademark owners

image 2

Will new gTLDs rank in the Search Engines?

With the launch of new gTLDs, there comes myriad of branding opportunities for online marketers as they can now choose a web address that best represents their business identity. By keeping SEO trend in mind, I am explaining what really matters. According to Matt Cutts and Duane Forrester of Google, any TLD, whether it’s an old or a new one, can rank in the search results. This proclamation implies that there is no extra search engine ranking weight given to a specific domain name, whether it is a TLD or gTLD.  With all marketing efforts, it is expected that they will rank well. But, whatever they stated, the main thing is you and I completely believe on the proof.  Right…?


If I were selling diamond jewelry online, there are several options available here:

www. diamondjewelry.com
www. diamond. jewelry
www.yourbrand.com/ diamond jewelry /

In this scenario, one of the most valued ranking factors still exists in links. If considering the link parameter to gain search engine ranking, then it is better to go with www.diamond.jewelry since each keyword is technically “separated” and doesn’t run as a whole. As you put glance over the two address diamondjewelry.com and diamond. Jewelry, you would get a better chance to get a “keyword” anchor text link directly to the home page. Apparently, it is the same reason why all SEO and online marketers tend to see companies rank for their brand name. Most of the links pointing to their website include the brand name (primary keyword), and in fact, it is natural to do so.

Significance of new gTLDs on your SEO rankings

  • With a choice of new gTLD, every character in your brand url adds coherence and add to search engine ranking value
  • With the help of contextual new gTLD, urls can now be shorter without losing the sense of your business identity

Here is a compilation of some domain names that comes under the ICANN approved new gTLDs implementation program and have good Alexa Ranking as well.


This table indicates that new gTLDs not only steadily but significantly gaining momentum in the internet industry. However, this table and Google’s statement clearly signify that while a domain name extension alone cannot do wonders for a website search engine ranking, if confined by relevant content, excellent on-page and off-page optimization efforts can definitely help in ranking a website high on the search engine ranking.

If you are seeking to buy and move your business website to a new gTLD, it becomes inevitable to opt for a right web hosting platform among dedicated server, VPS, and cloud hosting supported by astute SEO practices for expected results.


Whether or not businesses should adopt new gTLDs – is still a question that is highly debatable. However, the emergence of new gTLDs is transforming the way marketers represent their business on the World Wide Web.  Apparently, it will definitely boost the search engine rankings with impending Google algorithm updates.

How You Could Leverage YouTube for Your Domains and Web Hosting Business?

YouTube, world’s 2nd largest & captivating search engine can also contribute in taking your business on the top of the world… The online video sharing website, launched in the year 2005 How You Could Leverage YouTube for Your Domains and Web Hosting Businesswas picked up by Google Inc. for around US$1.65 billion in 2006. Facts available reveal that this most ostensible platform of video contents is one of the biggest revenue generation sources for Google.

YouTube Rage: Changing Society                     

This social media platform has changed people in multifold ways – not only keeping them abreast with the emerging trends, however generating sense of awareness across all age groups.  With the passage of time, it has become a lucrative choice for organizations as more and more viewers including advertisers migrated from electronic media to the world of Internet. Perplexing! However true, at present YouTube exhibits around 6 billion hours of video contents that is visited by users each month.

How You Could Leverage YouTube for Your Domains and Web Hosting Business

Right from the domain of film lovers to video aficionados and service industry CEOs to CXOs, it boosts tens of lakhs of users to move from a low cost to no cost marketing hub, and expeditiously conveys better returns on investment. Not to mention, it helps thousands of advertisers to nail out their strong brand presence without cribbing about hefty capital outlays. One viral video could add a value proposition to your business, potentially helping you to take over your competitors.

Best Platform to Endorse Your Brand

Being the most engaging platform, it enables businesses to connect with their prospective and Fpotential customers, which in turn, augments the website traffic, thus leading to more conversions. By making short and customer-oriented videos and uploading it oFn YouTube – clients can reach out to their targeted markets.

Let’s have a look at key takeaways:

  • If you are a domain name or web hosting provider, you can make a video that talks about the various types of domain names, how to buy these domain names, steps to follow, how to seek a reliable provider, how to setup a server, and highlighFt various other important traits of offered product/services in a textual, pictorial, or audio-visual format.
  • You can advertise your brand by undergoing a few simple and user-friendly steps.
  • You can upload testimonials, awards and recognition that your business has achieved in order to engage more clients

Remember, the more relevant videos, the higher the rankings. Relevance and accuracy of data is a critical factor that businesses need to imbibe in their brains when planning to upload a video. It’s no more a hidden truth that Google gives preference to critical videos uploaded on YouTube and improvises search engine rankings of a website.

Getting Started with YouTube

In order to post your content, you need to first create your account on YouTube. For this, you are required to have a Google Gmail account. It is an optimal decision to generate an account austerely for your company that swiftly link services like YouTube and Google+ altogether.

Image 1.1

Click on the Upload Button

How You Could Leverage YouTube for Your Domains and Web Hosting Business

Image 1.2

Select your user name that points toward your business presence. It is advised to refrain from using generic keywords as it may not get required paparazzi. Your user name should be one word with no spaces and special characters.

Image 1.2 Select your user name that points toward your business presence. It is advised to refrain from using generic keywords as it may not get required paparazzi. Your user name should be one word with no spaces and special characters.

Image 1.3

Once you are done with the account setup, you are required to customize your YouTube profile:

How You Could Leverage YouTube for Your Domains and Web Hosting Business

Select Your Channel. Basically, there are two channel types that a client can pick from:

  • A Partner Channel
  • A User Channel

Drive Success by Registering Your Presence on YouTube:


Let’s take a glance at an Informative Wheel:  How You Could Leverage YouTube for Your Domains and Web Hosting Business

Video Increases Time Spent on Web Pages

Video inspires users to spend longer view times, and therefore engaging more site visitors, which will boost your analytics. “Length of visits” is an indication of relevancy. Longer visits via highly engaging video content can yield higher conversions. This varies across industries but the search statistics show that viewers are 64 to 85 percent more likely to buy after watching a product video.

According to ReelSEO’s Video Marketing Survey & Business Trends Report,

  • Marketers Using videos to promote their products/services – 93%
  • Clients using videos for website marketing – 84%
  • Clients using videos for email marketing  – 60%
  • Clients using videos for optimizing search engine rankings – 70%

Around 80% of clients have confessed that by incorporating videos on their website they have experienced a positive impact on their business performance. This is not the end of discussion. According to Forbes Insight, around 65% of the individuals who view a video click through to visit the vendor’s website and 50% of those who viewed an online marketing video turned out to be potential customers.

Well, all the above discussed facts and figures self-encourages businesses to go online and promote their business’s critical websites by posting their videos pertaining to their businesses on a reliable yet popular video platforms, namely YouTube. Keeping close eyes on your user engagement, evaluating the reach of your videos, and ensuring your ROI must be the important factors that users shouldn’t cast-off as it is extremely important part of a successful business journey.

The Bottom Line: If you aren’t yet leveraging the online video platforms (growing end-user community), you’re certainly missing the viral online cruiser. However, do not forget that success can’t be attained with a slapdash effort. To be successful on this viral medium, you need to do proper planning, ensure quality of videos, try to be direct and simple in conveying the information, and optimize your videos to engage more customers.

Should You Choose Windows or Linux Hosting?

In a fast-paced economic arena – one single investment slip-up can entail irretrievable losses to a business, taking a toll on its standing, productivity, and outwardly capping the revenue streams. Leading technocrats, CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs always go through a process of understanding, researching, and comparing before heading forth. Remember -the success mantra lies in these steps only. As we all know that setting up a connection with masses has become a mandate for organizations focused on sustainability. Here, web hosting plays a critical role in edging this business’ objective by enabling them to host their applications, and websites on the Information Servers.  Now the question arises – whether to go with Windows or Linux loaded web hosting.

Without getting biased to any one of the operating system based hosting platforms and putting my perception forward – I have tried to explain the pros and cons of both the alternatives:

Windows Web Hosting:

Developed and marketed by Microsoft Windows, it is a meta-family of graphical operating systems. Being the oldest OS, Windows has largest market share with respect to prevailing operating systems. My ip Since its very inception till today – it has released a number of versions of its OS series that includes Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows 7, Windows 8, and the recently launched Windows 10.

Windows or Linux Hosting


Positive Lens

Windows Web hosting offers ease of usage, customization and multi-fold features that make it a standalone alternative for most of the online hosting aspirants, thriving companies, small ventures, and IT behemoths.  A host of applications (See the image 5.1 for clarity) are bound to opt for Windows to function or written predominantly for Windows – in all probability one of the reasons behind worldwide popularity.

Exceptional Features

Windows offers some of the features that no other operating system offers, such as

  •  Windows programmer has the ability to integrate COM objects into web based applications.
  •  With Windows, MSSQL customization & management is swift
  •  Windows Servers are not case sensitive and accept file names in any case

Windows or Linux HostingThought Spectrum

Well, Windows Operating Systems come with exorbitant licensing fee.

Linux Web Hosting – Evolved from UNIX, Linux is also one of the most sought after operating systems, picked by tens of thousands of individuals across various business segments. In line with Windows, some of the applications demand Linux platform to get installed (See image 5.2). Linux offers a host of benefits right from cost-efficiency and flexibility to excellent packages including spreadsheets, word processing, and more.Windows or Linux Hosting

Apart from this, Linux has a centralized location wherein a user can search for, add, or deleted applications.

Exceptional Features

  • Rigorous security checks are executed by NetFronts to ensure security
  • Best platform for PHP, Perl, MySQL, WordPress and all other open source software applications.
  • Easy to customize, fast, & efficient
  • Linux is compatible with POSIX and with an array of application programming interfaces(APIs), great options are available for Linux

    Windows or Linux Hosting

Thought Spectrum

Linux Operating Systems are case sensitive, for example – ‘File XYZ.htlml’ and ‘File xyz.html’ are the two different files in Linux.

Let’s draw a quick comparison between the Linux & Windows based hosting platform 

Windows or Linux Hosting

Moving ahead, both Linux and Windows operating systems provide a graphical user interface and a command line interface.

Conclude with peace of mind – Listed are a few of the mentioned strengths and use cases of the operating systems that will help you to plunge to an operating system that best suits your core business projects.  Discuss your business specifications in details along with the future applications and support that you might require in approaching years to the technical experts and then only cling to a service provider.

Tips that will certainly help you make sage decision for your business:

According to me, it is really not apposite to quote that Windows based Web hosting is better than Linux web hosting platform as both of them share some strengths followed by some ambiguities. All depends on the applications and the priorities that you have charted out for your business standing. On the top of it, it depends on the competency of a web hosting provider whom you are going to partner with.

Perform insight research about the host, its offerings, networking architecture, security, and technical support to draw full-fledged benefits without compromising on any of the requisite factors.

How to Pick the Best Website Host for SEO and Page Speed

One of the primary reasons you want to host your site is to get score high on SEO rankings.

This is understandable.

Every successful business today is having a SEO strategy that is aimed at increasing traffic, and improving conversion funnel optimization.  So there is no reason why you must lag behind.

In spite of what some gurus may say SEO is still alive.

No wonder we are seeing far too many companies making strong commitments to invest in stable Search Engine Optimized web infrastructure, given that search engines are continually improving their algorithms all the time.

How to Pick the Best Website Host for SEO and Page Speed

Here are a few solid reasons why investing in SEO is good for your business.

SEO is still relevant

Agreed that keyword based search is seeing lean times, but we are now witnessing reappearance of long tailed keywords. This means SEO will transform but will never conk out.

Site speed matters

Yes, user experience matters a great deal to Google. This is the reason webmasters make a lot of effort on How to pick the best website host for SEO and page speed.

For experts, it is a foregone conclusion that sites that load speedily rank far higher than sites that lag.

Google is no longer working on formulas to find the most relevant site on the web. Rather what the search giant is doing these days is focusing on delivering users, the exact results they are looking for.

Onsite content still matters

By now every enterprise knows that for sustained SEO rankings it is essential to have continuous content output.

Rise of mobile has put up new challenges

The amount of traffic delivered to mobiles is likely to surpass that delivered on desktops, if it has not done already. The phenomenal increase in mobile usage has opened up new opportunities to develop innovative SEO techniques that specifically focus on local search.

The need for a strong business profile is increasing

Google and other major search engines are transforming the way they evaluate websites. Social media visibility, never thought of earlier, is now given a high level of importance in rankings.

Without any doubt, your business needs a robust SEO strategy in place if you want to succeed in the arena of online marketing.

But the question is does the quality of web hosting affect SEO?

Yes it does.

Speed and uptime are two factors that can significantly affect SEO.


This is an extremely important component for success. Google crawls its way through your website frequently to record updates, if any. That means if your website is down for any reason, the crawlers will not be able to access your website, thereby negatively affecting your SEO rankings.

For best results, the website hosting provider must deliver an up-time that is at least 99.5%.


The majority of users is impatient and has low attention span. According to an expert, “Users typically wait for just 3 seconds for a site to load”. This means if your site does not load they will visit your competitor’s site.

It is the cumulative effect of slow speed that matters in the long run.

An Information Technology manager rightly put it, “a one second delay in each load can potentially cost a business millions of Rupees each year”.

Studies have also revealed that for every one second site visitors are kept waiting for a page to load, 20% drop out. https://www.go4hosting.in/blog/hosting/how-to-pick-the-best-website-host-for-seo-and-page-speed https://www.go4hosting.in/blog/hosting/how-to-pick-the-best-website-host-for-seo-and-page-speed https://www.go4hosting.in/blog/hosting/how-to-pick-the-best-website-host-for-seo-and-page-speed https://www.go4hosting.in/blog/hosting/how-to-pick-the-best-website-host-for-seo-and-page-speed This can translate into substantially loss of potential customers.

You have tools that can check your website’s speed.  For example, PageSpeed Insights is a free application by Google that not only analyses a website but also provides comprehensive information on issues that are preventing pages from loading as fast as it could.

What does all this point to?

Businesses want a solid performance from web hosts with average speed loads as good as or better than industry standards.

To summarize, if speed and uptimes are important for you – and it should be for achieving acceptable SEO rankings, consider the following factors before choosing a hosting provider.

  • Geographical distance – Distance has significant effect on page load speed. Find a web host that is close to you and your target audience.
  • Infrastructure – Network infrastructure of your provider plays a key role in delivering speed. It must have a network having low latency, and direct connectivity to all major global data center.
  • Server hardware – A hosting provider that has a powerful server configured with a strong CPU can boost a website’s performance. But most hosting providers do not disclose server specs that are applicable to their hosting plans.  Therefore a good policy is to ask questions before you go ahead.

Go4hosting is a India based leading hosting service provider offering an impeccable range of services to its diversified clientele across the globe.

Some Tricks To Boost The Performance Of Your WordPress Website

Squished images, minified CSS, plug-in caches and squatted JavaScript, you have tried them all. I can picture it and I assume that your WordPress website just doesn’t seem to speed up!

If that’s the case, then it’s high time you had signed up for a good CDN service. CDN is the short form for content delivery network.

A brief look at WordPress websites

As we all know, WordPress is a popular CMS (Content Management System) platform. Bloggers across the globe publish their write-ups with the help of this handy tool. Both WordPress website owners and writers know that speed is really important when it comes to delivering a decent user experience. In order to do so, they generally make a few tweaks on the WordPress Website. These tweaks might as well effect their speed. But for a visible increase of your WordPress website’s speed, you need to get it optimized by a professional.

Factors which can enhance the speed of a WordPress website are as follows:

  • Select and invest in a reliable web hosting and DNS (Domain Name Service) provider. Such a service provider helps to increase the website’s speed as well as boosts performance metrics. A right hosting package could be costly but in the long run, you end up paying for industry-grade services. As a result, you are saved from irksome issues such as recurrent downtimes, low quality servers, poor customer support etc. In case you own a high-traffic blog, switching to VPS hosting or Managed hosting services is advisable.
  • If you are looking for nothing short of blazing fast speed and a quick website response time, Content Delivery Network (CDN) is your answer. A Cloud CDN service will ensure that your website loads speedily irrespective of the user’s time-zone and geographical coordinates.
  • Basically a CDN is a server setup which enables fast and efficient delivery of the website’s content. It comprises of a large distributed system of servers which are deployed across multiple data centers over the Internet. As a result, CDN obtains static files of any website which include CSS, JavaScript and images. These are served to the visitor from a server which is closest to his location and these files get downloaded instantly.
  • WordPress itself offers some speed optimization tweaks on its dashboard. So you can create smart plug-ins in just a few clicks. Ensure that the images that you upload are light weight and optimized.
  • Check the performance of your WordPress theme. Try to go with a simple theme for your website.
  • Limit your HTTP request numbers to obtain website files of smaller sizes.

Thus, by sticking to the above steps, and by carefully selecting a legitimate Cloud CDN service, you can boost your WordPress website’s performance.

How to Save Your Blog from a Bad Web Hosting?

It hardly matters how much knowledge you have about web hosting or how much you do research before purchasing the right web hosting. Chances are there that you may end up selecting the wrong web hosting provider and wrong web hosting. Sometimes it happens that once you hired the hosting service, then you get to know about the bad management or their degraded services. Thus, do you think that a perfect web hosting is a myth? This blog discusses some of the easy ways to save your website from your hired web hosting provider and switch into other compatible web hosting plan.

The question arises that how can you do that. WordPress is a CMS that is supported and used by all the web hosting providers. The migration of a WordPress blog in a website is easier and you can do it on your own. Some steps to follow while you switch your WordPress blog in a website.

First, you should take up the backup of all documents of the existing site which include; Theme files, Uploads, Plugins, Database and more. Next, you should copy the database to the new site. It depends upon you whether you do this manually or you use a program like phpMyAdmin to import it into the new site.

Have a look into these steps how you can get started with a new WordPress blog site.

  • First, you need to install WordPress on the new site
  • Once you configure WordPress CMS then you should use the database you have
  • Then you make should copy theme files, uploads and plugins
  • Be sure that everything is working fine and nothing is missing.

Finally Some Important Notes about WordPress:

WordPress is one of the CMS which have export/import tool built in. You should try these tools instead of doing manually. But, you should copy your upload manually for safety measures.

You need to be sure that you have downloaded the latest version of WordPress. It may cause error when you are shifting your database from one version of WordPress. Thus, you should feel free to take all the technical assistance.

Finally, a bad quality web hosting can be a nightmare, but one should not be bothered about that. All you need to do is to find another quality web hosting and move your blog as soon as possible.