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A comprehensive guide to VPS Hosting Server

What is meant by Virtual Private Server hosting?

VPS or say virtual private server or it can also be referred to as a virtual server. Fully managed VPS Hosting is technically a hosting solution for various websites as well as applications. These server resources are separated for specific customers. Go4hosting as a leading VPS hosting provider and provides persistent performance that translates to highly flexible and quicker websites.

Why clients should opt for Virtual Private Servers for their business?

Virtual Private Server hosting falls between the junctions of web hosting as well as dedicated servers. Virtual Private Server is a secluded model with several dedicated resources that implies customers have extra operating power and the concerned site loads more rapidly. Virtual Private Server is ideally fit for all the applications which have recurrent traffic or RAM/CPU-driven applications. If clients are creating the latest application which possesses a complicated database and they are not pretty sure about the visits they can attain, Virtual Private Server hosting is a reasonable feature, to begin with, once they update to a respective dedicated server.

Experience the best Windows VPS Hosting service with us

We have the desired resources which are dedicated to clients.
Each and every VPS plan assigns resources which merely their website will utilize. This implies to unparalleled power, lower latency as well as peak performance.
We provide simple Setup and Management
Performance is not much of a deal if the setup has been tough. Our customized control panel is easy but robust. Customers will get their sites in just a few minutes.
We provide enhanced Virtual Servers
As the customer’s business rises, they can have faith that their host can rise with the customer. We enable updates RAM and storage in just a few seconds.
We provide the complete Package
Customers just have to pay once and use it. Services are provided with all Virtual Private Server plans which are SSDs, 1 click SSL, email, privacy, unlimited domains and several robust options.

Understanding the difference- Shared hosting and Virtual Private Server hosting

Three major things are involved when differences regarding shared and Virtual Private Server hosting are concerned which are resources, performance and price.

  • Resources: Easy and clear, in shared hosting, sharing of a server is done with various websites, where Virtual Private Server hosting offers server resources committed to them.
  • Pricing: Shared hosting is typically affordable since resources are distributed with several customers. Virtual Servers on the contrary, usually have lesser websites, however, are extremely costly.
  • Performance: The biggest reason several clients select Virtual Private Server in comparison to shared hosting is due to its performance. The concerned website or the application has loads of resource requirements and they have a greater hope of performance. Virtual Private Server-driven websites, if managed rightly, are highly quicker and flexible as well.

Substantial components for quicker performance

Additional Network

With absolutely zero points of failure, the additional network can offer persistent strength and durability when they have a significant timeline. Client’s server is usually available anytime clients require it.

Comprehensive Monitoring of System

Fully managed Linux VPS entails real-time performance monitoring to assure their server is usually getting executed ideally. Our experts are consistently monitoring such that they don’t need to.

Immediate Scalability

We will combine their Virtual Private Server or reduce it at any instant of time is hardly a few seconds. It is quick, easy, and it even provides customers with the needed management they wish.

Required Backups

Customers will receive regular needed backups. In addition to this, maintain and manage their own detention periods.

Industrial Hardware

We outline their server management with highly efficient technology. Our model is ideal and flexible from top to bottom.
Virtual Private Server Hosting based Uses


Clients can simply launch a ‘traffic-ready’ eCommerce-driven site. They can even install Magento, Prestashop and OpenCart, with just a click.

Numerous sites

Host several sites without influencing the response time of any specific customer, due to the insulated environment.

Web or database server

No matter it is MySQL database, Apache web server or Linux our Virtual Private Server allows the customer to configure up a web/database server immediately.

Email server

Configure up and completely manage the email server. Execute infinite mailboxes as well as addresses for the business along with potential clients.

Test environments

Check for test servers immediately globally to verify for the response times of the concerned applications or the site.

Windows VPS Hosting

Which is better: Managed Windows VPS or Unmanaged Windows VPS?

When you run an ecommerce site or an individual site, choosing Windows VPS hosting makes sense because of the many benefits it offers. Microsoft has been in this industry for many years and Windows hosting offers enterprise-grade solutions to all types of businesses, large and small. When you have made up your mind about Windows VPS, the next task is to decide whether to opt for managed Windows VPS or unmanaged Windows VPS.

How to choose between managed Windows VPS and unmanaged Windows VPS?

To make a choice between managed and unmanaged Windows VPS, you need to assess your business needs and budget constraints. These are some of the factors which you will need to take into account when making this decision:

To start with, setting up and managing VPS server on-site needs dedicated IT staff. They should be highly qualified and experienced to troubleshoot server related problems. When you are choosing unmanaged solutions, you have to be prepared to give staffing for managing the virtual servers. Otherwise, you will need to pay more to get support from the host for every incident which is beyond your control. This payment may be quite steep as most hosting companies charge nearly $200 for every hour of tech support.

When you choose managed Windows VPS, you will need to pay more. This is because here the host will take care of server management for you. So, when you are planning to pay more for managed solutions, you need to calculate and compare costs that you would have to otherwise bear to get additional staff to handle technical issues. In the end, you will probably find managed Windows VPS to be more pocket-friendly than keeping additional staff.

To choose between unmanaged and managed Windows VPS, the most important factor to consider is how experienced your staff is. When your IT personnel possess thorough knowledge of Windows OS and Microsoft products, you can safely choose unmanaged solutions. The staff should have enough expertise that allows them to manage the servers in such a manner that clients can get a consistently high uptime, high reliability and unmatched stability.

Differences between managed Windows VPS and unmanaged Windows VPS:

When you have unmanaged Windows VPS, the host will simply install the server for its client. Client will enjoy complete control over the server, having full freedom to install applications, and custom security measures. With managed hosting however, these will be provided by the host. So, all applications, installations and maintenance will be taken care of by your provider. The host will also deal with operational issues of the servers.

Unmanaged Windows VPS is cheaper because you will not get technical supports and regular maintenance benefits. Managed plans are costlier as the host will look into day-to-day management of the servers and offer customer support.

Unmanaged VPS plans make the client responsible for monitoring resource allocations, and the client alone decides when to scale up resources. But with managed solutions, the host monitors the virtual server on a day-to-day basis. It advises you on when to scale up or scale down resources.

When you have quality in-house staff which is equipped to deal with technical issues, unmanaged solutions work just fine for you. But, if you do not have this advantage, it is best to pay more to get the host to do it for you. The host will offer maintenance and round-the-clock support.

Some hosts will insist on clients buying control panels when they choose managed solutions. However, when you opt for unmanaged Windows VPS, your server will be customized to cater to your specific business needs only.

Unmanaged hosting will give you autonomy regarding memory, bandwidth, space and software. This flexibility is not available in managed Windows VPS. When you need unlimited access to your server, unmanaged solutions are the best. With managed Windows VPS, you will only get limited access.

For businesses that need more bandwidth unmanaged servers are ideal because they can cater to your needs promptly.

When you decide in favor of unmanaged Windows VPS, you will not get support from your hosting provider. The host will continue to offer support for hardware or networking problems. So, when you have experienced staff, it is best to choose unmanaged Windows VPS.

When you have signed up for unmanaged hosting, you will be expected to take care of third party installations and configure these. You must configure firewalls for security, maintain regular backups, deal with email hosting and site issues, and troubleshoot all technical problems, install OS updates routinely and handle security provisions. Most businesses prefer unmanaged Windows VPS because of the freedom and flexibility it offers. With managed Windows VPS, your host becomes responsible for routine maintenance of the servers, configuring these, carrying out routine software updates, updates of OS etc. These may give you peace of mind and you can focus better on your business matters. But “managed” services are tricky as the degree of management varies from one provider to another.

When you have a limited budget or run a small business, unmanaged hosting works best because you can save money on technical supports. But if you decide to choose managed Windows VPS, you should ideally enter into a contract only after consulting the hosting company sales personnel. You need to know which tasks your host will not do for you.

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Windows VPS Hosting

Which is Better: Windows VPS or Linux VPS?

When you have decided to sign up for VPS server hosting, your next task is to make a decision between Linux and Windows operating systems. In VPS hosting, an entire server is compartmentalized to produce multiple virtual servers. Every such virtual server functions independently and runs its own operating system, Linux or Windows. VPS hosting is preferred by companies because it offers almost all benefits of dedicated hosting at much lower rates.

What are the benefits you will get with Linux virtual private servers?

As Linux is an open source platform, Linux hosting plans are likely to be cheaper compared to Windows plans. Linux servers are also known for their reliability, high uptimes and continuous execution. They are also simple to run and adjust. However, you will need to have a bit of technical expertise in running these servers because they are not as intuitive as the Windows VPS servers.

Linux is free and it is an open source OS. So, businesses which run PHP and other open source applications will find Linux VPS servers useful. They are also compatible with multiple OS options like CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian. However, for businesses that run applications involving .Net technologies, Windows servers are indispensable because these will only run in a Windows setting.

Linux is known for its stability, innovation and high end performance. There are no licensing fees and you will not need to buy specialized software in order to use Linux OS. When you are comfortable working with the cPanel, you should sign up for Linux VPS hosting. Because of it’s SSH access, server loads are lesser compared to the Windows counterparts. This guarantees users better control of the servers.

What benefits will you get with Windows virtual private servers?

When you choose Windows VPS plans, you will find that it is very easy to use because of your familiarity with its tools. Windows is a popular operating system and may be used by both amateurs and experienced web developers with equal aplomb. As expected, Windows VPS servers will be compatible with all other Microsoft products and Windows-based scripts and programs.

Windows servers are highly easy to run and you do not need a lot of technical know how to get started. There are excellent graphical interfaces which make the users’ task much simpler. You can even work with scripts like ASP and ASP.Net and databases like the MS SQL database. There are applications involving .Net technologies which will however only run in a Windows environment.

While Linux may be the cheaper of the two, because it is an open source system, Windows need licensing fees. Moreover, Linux is found to offer robust protection against viruses and malware while Windows plans will make you introduce many security programs to combat the SQL attacks.

Which should you choose?

Both Windows and Linux VPS hosting plans have their own sets of advantages and shortcomings. Clients will make a choice depending on the kind of applications they run on their websites. They will also take into account their own expertise and comfort factor. When the business greatly relies on Microsoft products Windows servers are recommended for obvious reasons. So, Windows VPS hosting is ideally suited for users who want an operating system which is easy to use. Secondly, when you run applications using the .Net framework, you do not have a choice but to use Windows. And finally, when you are not keen for a lot of customization, Windows virtual servers are right for you.

What OS you choose in the end will greatly depend on how you will be able to interact with it, whether you are opting for a dedicated server or a virtual server. This explains why you should not take this decision too lightly. Most people would recommend signing up for Linux VPS hosting because it is cheaper, open source, secure and highly customizable. Windows servers however are not to be left behind because these are almost as popular today. Their ease of use and people’s familiarity with Microsoft products works in its favor. There are also many handy tutorials and video guides available on the Internet which can teach you the nuances of hosting with Windows virtual servers. You can count of support from Microsoft for any technical problem that you may face, Microsoft has been in this business for a fairly long period of time and has invested much talent and money into coming up with solutions to ensure customer convenience and user satisfaction.

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Upgrade VPS to Windows Server

Is there any Reason to Upgrade VPS to Windows Server 2016 OS?

Windows Server 2016 is Microsoft’s latest server operating system (OS). On September 24th 2016, it was released. Wide array of prominent as well as new features have been introduced here. This is the reason why you should upgrade your VPS to the latest operating system – Windows Server 2016. Now, let’s check out what are so special about Windows Server 2016?

1. Internet Information Services 10.0

When you buy Windows Server 2016, the first thing that gets shipped with it is the Internet Information Services 10.0 or IIS 10.0, in short. There are multiple other features that come with the Windows’ latest OS, which can make your website lot faster. It will ultimately have far better user experience, thereby enhancing your business prospects.

2. HTTP/2 Protocol Support

When compared with the HTTP protocol of last decade, HTTP/2 Protocol is a major update. Connection reusability is one of the best things that the new Windows OS brings with itself. The new protocol helps in improving the load time of a web page. Now, let’s have a lok at the amazing features and facilities that this protocol brings with itself –

• Multiple requests can now be handled by a single connection. In case of older and more popular HTTP protocol, a request had to wait until and unless a new connection is being established. In fact, new requests could also had to wait till the existing connection gets idle. However, when you use HTTP/2 protocol, the waiting time for the request gets reduced. This ultimately lessens the page load time and opens a web page faster.

• Data compression is a normal thing in case of older HTTP protocol. However, the header is not sent in a compressed manner. This is the reason why redundancy can be seen between requests. That’s why the browser is required to send smaller packets that will include headers. With the use of the newer HTTP/2 protocol, reduced redundancy between requests can be witnessed. This ensures that the first connection remains faster. This is yet another reason why you should upgrade to HTTP/2 protocol or upgrade to Windows Server 2016 OS.

• One important feature that you can get with the new and improved OS from Microsoft is the concept of PUSH. Let’s suppose that there are over hundred requests. In case, you browse some web page, you will get just a few (say, twenty) requests. When PUSH is available, all cache (which can be one hundred cache) can be stored because it is supposed that all cache will be requested. Therefore, latency benefits can be enjoyed by the users. With the stored cache, the owner can also reuse them on other web pages.

3. IIS 10.0 On Nano Server

When you buy Windows Server 2017, there will be the optional instalment requirement of the lightweight Nano Server. This also means that only a very small space is required by the hardware resources.

IIS 10.0 On Nano Server supports multiple technologies, thereby making it easier for users to work. Some of the workload supports available include PHP, Apache Tomcat, and ASP.NET Core.

4. Supports Wildcard Host Headers

Internet Information Services 10.0 now supports Wildcard Host Headers, which allows the former in supporting and serving a single site’s subdomain requests. An example will make it easier to understand.

Suppose, there is a website called XYZ.com. Now, let us assume that there are three subdomains of that site. The subdomains can be subdomain1.xyz.com, subdomain2.xyz.com, and subdomain3.xyz.com. Once Wildcard Host Header is supported by IIS 10.0, all these subdomains will be valid hosts for xyz.com.

While you are setting up the site in Internet Information Services manager, you can add the wildcard host header of *.xyz.com.

5. Windows Defender

By upgrading your VPS to Windows Server 2016, you will now get Windows Defender, which is a built-in anti-malware application. This application helps your system by protecting the same from all kinds of known malwares. It is also being kept updated through Windows.

One of the important aspects to note here is that the Windows Defender in Windows Server 2016 runs without any Graphical User Interface or GUI. This is a very essential trait because it comes with many benefits. Without the GUI, there is no excess consumption of server resources, which can be utilised elsewhere. Without any GUI, the chances of security vulnerabilities also decrease.

In case, a user needs Graphical User Interface, it can be installed in an easier manner through the use of Windows powershell by issuing some commands. However, for doing that the user must be the Administrator User.

What are the New features of Windows Server 2016’s Web Application Proxy?

There are many new features including HTTP Publishing, pre-authentication for HTTP Basic Application Publishing, HTTP to HTTPS Redirection, and other features that include RDP gateway apps publication, improved error handling facility, improved service log, and many more.

These are the reasons why you should upgrade your VPS to Windows Server 2016 OS.