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What Are the Exact Versions of Your Current Unix/Linux Offerings?

What are the exact versions of my Unix/Linux offerings is a query commonly asked in hosting related forums but it will rarely get you a satisfactory answer.

System administrators unfamiliar with operating systems that have been forced upon them will find this one tough to answer, especially if you are changing from a proprietary UNIX operating system to a Linux-based distribution.

Linux distributions are constructed with what are commonly called standard kernels. However, the packaging and bundling is done differently. A few distributions are Debian-based while others use Red Hat. The uniqueness of Linux is defined by the collection of packages and how they are compiled and delivered.

Most UNIX and Linux operating systems make use of a system called release file. It contains details of the operating system version and release information. It is a simple text file usually found in the /etc directory. You will have to look up the list of operating systems, related commands, and their release files to know the exact versions of your Unix/Linux offerings.

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