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What Business Model Must the GSP Adopt?

The GSPs have the freedom to adopt any of the business models to recover the huge expenditure they are incurring on the operations. They can call for commercial advertisements.

Some of the GSPs are charging a fixed fee for a year and providing services that include uploading of invoices and returns, handling management services. They are also accepting per transaction fee.

Some GSPs plan to keep plan specific invoice model fixing a price for each service. However, the interaction between the GSP and GST system will not be costing anything in the first year of operation but will be charged from the next year onwards.

The cost recovery model in the coming years will depend on the API call being made to the GST Administration and a decision will be taken in an unbiased and open manner with complete transparency. It may be calculated based upon the operational costs divided by the number of APIs. It is important to mention here that the GSTN is a non-profit organization and these methods are being adopted to meet the operational expenditure.

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