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Where are telco companies on the spectrum of need for IPV6 implementation?

The telecommunication sector is going through a great phase of evolution, with the cellular services providers at the root of huge expansion. Since the last couple of years, the sector is witnessing slower growth revenue collection from voice services, the prime focus has now turned to data services. This has leaded the sector welcoming new version of IP address system, i.e. IPv6 that extends the number of network address bit 128 bits. The previous version IPv4 supports only 32 bits, capable of storing around 4 billion addresses only, which has already got exhausted in 2011.

The major telco companies have already adopted IPv6, and the rest are poised to change by investing heavily in the procuring spectrum and bandwidth. They think that delay in adopting IPv6 may hit the ROI heavily.

IPv6 protocol can also help curbing fraud and cybercrime that are on the rise for quite some time. 

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