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How To Reset Joomla Admin Password

It is possible to make changes to password from the backend user manager but that's possible only if you are logged in as Super Administrator member. You can change your Jhoomla admin password through the email address used for admin. Use the lost password function to generate a new password and change the existing one.

You have two other options which require working with MySQL database. If you have access to MYSQL database, you can change the password using phpMyAdmin if the admin user is defined. To do this, navigate to the phpMyAdmin and choose the database for Jhoomla. You will get the database tables. Click on jos_users and browse for user. Click on edit on the password field. You will get a self-generated password which can be changed to a convenient one later.

Another option is to navigate to the phpMyAdmin and choose the database for Jhoomla. Press the SQL button and run an SQL query on 'your database'. Delete the text visible in the field and copy paste and use the 1.6 query version. Press the Go button and execute the query and add a new Administrator user to the table.

You should be able to log in into the backend of Jhoomla with the username of admin 2 and password generated.

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