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Mention what is the difference between Nginx and Apache?

Nginx and Apache are two most popular open-source HTTP servers, serving over 50 percent of traffic globally. But they vary in so many ways:

- Nginx is an event-based web server, while Apache is a process based.
- Nginx escapes the idea of child processes, whereas Apache is based on child processes.
- Nginx is good from connection and memory consumption perspectives, whereas Apache is not so good in the areas.
- In Nginx all requests are managed by a single thread, but in Apache, a single thread handles a single thread.
- Nginx resembles speed, but Apache resembles power.
- Nginx is better in the context of load-balancing, but Apache refuses new connection after it reaches the maximum limit.
- As Nginx supports PHP internally, it can be a good choice for PHP, but Apache is mostly preferred is application is based on Python or Ruby. However, by making use of plugins Apache supports PHP, Python, Perl and other languages.
- Nginx comes with the core features only whereas Apache comes with a host of features.

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