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How to connect FTP over SSL/TLS in FileZilla?

You can achieve a secure FTP connection via FTP over SSL in Windows 7 and above. The process is rather simple and can be done without having to engage the services of an expert.

Start by clicking on 'File and then go to Site Manager'. Click on the 'New Site' tab and fill all the fields for which information has been sought. Make sure you amend the Logon Type to 'Normal'. In the Host field, you will have to enter the domain name or the secondary FTP address which can be found in the section named Site Info in the Control Panel. You will also find your specific FTP address and FTP login information here.

In the Username space, type your FTP username and enter the relevant password.  The encryption must be changed to 'Require Explicit FTP Over TLS' and then click on the connect tab. In the certificate message check 'Always trust certificate in future sessions' and click OK to proceed ahead.

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