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Migration Services

Proficient Cloud Migration Services

Your migration to the cloud takes watchful arranging, planning and inclusion from all territories of your organization. Over 10 years in the cloud computing industry, Go4Hosting has manufactured the main cloud migration software and have wrapped up master services and a proprietary solutions for progress. From disclosure to continuous administration and support, Go4Hosting gives end-to-end cloud migration services for each need – from small private company to big business migrations. Cloud migration is embraced to move data in different structures starting with one area then onto the next. Commonly, this includes migration of every one of your data - email, applications, file server and other data - from your onsite servers or other hosted platforms - over to our data centers.

Why Should One Be Engaged With The Cloud Migration Process?

Cloud migration is a very technical and arranged process that includes working with outside vendors, onsite staff - both IT and non-IT; therefore different substances as important. Here and there we even liaise with managed services providers or other cloud providers.

At Go4Hosting, Our Objectives For Each Cloud Migration Are

  • To decrease, limit or have zero downtime for customers
  • To function however much as could we reasonably be – even on weekends

Administrations We Offer

  • Platform Migration

    Go4Hosting has hands-on-involvement in creating and migrating applications on a few driving platforms.

  • Data Migration

    Go4Hosting's unified data migration framework is a standardized, repeatable, and reusable platform to empower end to end data migrations.

  • Infrastructure Migration

    Go4Hosting offers services to migrate their infrastructure to cloud in a joint effort with driving cloud providers of this industry.

  • Application Migration

    Go4Hosting has a demonstrated framework for exact, predictable, and quickened move to the cloud. The framework is upheld with factory model usage for repeatable and unsurprising execution.

We have a six stage migration process with a well-defined arrangement of artifacts utilized at each stage. We use in-house software – which we have developed for our tailor-made utilization and industry popular tools to mechanize the migration stages with the goal that enterprise application migration is done well the first run through, without fail.

Business Benefits

  • Quicken time to value and ROI realization.
  • 40% lessening in operational costs.
  • Demonstrated framework and execution approach.
  • 30% reduction in migration cycle.
  • Toolset based migration with up to 70% automation.

Go4hosting's Professional Services Team Is Your Cloud Migration Service Custodian

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